• Facepunch M&B Warband COOP INVASION Server!
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server host emerged from the ashes, it's starting uup right now, i'll tell you when the server is up [editline]14th October 2010[/editline] scratch that its still being a dick
profan fix faster and better i have 4-hours long night to waste
-jesus im so dumb- Give me some boxes.
I will do for a small fee.
It works and is going up now! [editline]14th October 2010[/editline] Back up! Join you hoes [editline]14th October 2010[/editline] join :(
joining now
I didn't know there was a Facepunch M&B server, pretty. Gonna join when shit gets downloaded.
Well this was short
The server just went back up, and it was late so i had to go, we will play more tomorrow.
Lucky because I was doing some homework Btw I'm Sir_Hitler_von_Juden ingame, with the jew-star banner ingame
Goin on now, join! [editline]15th October 2010[/editline] [media]http://thepointofbuilding.net/uploads/mb_warband%202010-10-15%2019-26-43-59.jpg[/media] [media]http://thepointofbuilding.net/uploads/mb_warband%202010-10-05%2021-39-19-87.png[/media] [media]http://thepointofbuilding.net/uploads/mb_warband%202010-10-08%2016-58-10-43.png[/media] [editline]15th October 2010[/editline] [media]http://thepointofbuilding.net/uploads/mb_warband%202010-10-15%2019-35-07-26.jpg[/media]
profan can you start banning idiots spamming votemap, because they die at the first wave and bitch about the fact that they can't play I can't enjoy this game with map changing every goddamn minute 1 pls xdd [editline]15th October 2010[/editline] also something with these goddamn rocks, -1/4 of your hp bar on hit [editline]15th October 2010[/editline] okay people just want to change map for no reason now, there is no wave without nextmap vote spam
Anyone playing?
Downloading now.
Lets get on! come on troots [editline]16th October 2010[/editline] actually ill be on in a few not right now
Good times just now. Goddamn Gobblyns. :arghfist::v:
is anybody on no nobody is on start spamming when it's min 5 players, and they better be fpers
I haven't played Warband in ages, got tired of cRPG, downloading and joining.
come play its lonely
I'm coming to play, I just need to download the mod.
Here I come! [editline]16th October 2010[/editline] No ones on :(
I'm going on now, get on hoes
[QUOTE=Profanwolf;25512187]I'm going on now, get on hoes[/QUOTE] su- [quote]1 Day Ago[/quote] -re let's revive this stuff tomorrow okay
im gona join soon
I wish I had this game now...
Is the server still up? Might join tomorrow if there are any players (if I find the time between MoW and LP2).
[QUOTE=acds;25641177]Is the server still up? Might join tomorrow if there are any players (if I find the time between MoW and LP2).[/QUOTE] Yeah it is, i might get on then, i'm too deep into mapping for mow right now though :v: but i might
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