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[I][b]Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.[/b][/I] [b]Nova Orbis: Anno Domini 1556[/b] [img_thumb]http://www.niggaupload.com/images/EUTb8.png[/img_thumb] Players: Mr Face - England (Crown Colony) - (Red, Northeast North America, Perurvia, Manilla) * Mountainwatcher – Portugal (Private Colony) – (Green, Greater Brazil, Northern Peru) * Ruskie – France (Crown Colony) - (Dark blue, Uruguay, Northern Argentina) Canuhear – Spain (Private Colony) – (Dark Yellow, Cuba, Eastern Mexico, Florida, Jamaica, Bermuda, Western Borneo) * Dr Insy - Portugal (Private Colony) – (Dark Green, Baja California, Costa Rica, Nicaragua) * Van Keao – Denmark (Private Colony) – (Dark Orange, Lampung, Sunda Isles) (Players marked by an * indicates this is a state supported by/helped strongly by slavery) Players are represented by a variant of the base colour of their motherland. Original base colour means this is the oldest/main colony of their nation. Portugal (Green) (Catholic) France (Blue) (Catholic) England (Red) (Protestant) Spain (Yellow) (Catholic) Denmark (Orange) (Protestant) [b]Trade and some interaction with areas and Kingdoms/nations outside the existing map is permitted.[/b] EVENTS OF 1552-1556 -Shanghai and Beijing have their fortifications updated extensively, with the latter now being a city covering 4662 hectares. -Michael Servetus publishes Christianismi Restitutio, including an account of the circulation of the blood. -Giambattista Benedetti publishes Resolutio omnium Euclidis problematum, proposing a new doctrine of the speed of bodies in free fall. -Charles Estienne publishes a collection of tracts on agriculture, Praedium Rusticum. -Completion of the Church of Sant'Andrea in Via Flaminia, Rome, the first church to have an elliptical dome. –The Peace of Augsburg is signed between Charles 5th, Holy Roman Emperor, and the Lutheran Schmalkaldic League establishing the principle Cuius regio, eius religio, that is, rulers within the Empire can choose the religion of their realm. With this, many religious tensions have been temporarily cooled. -The Holy Roman Empire, a monstrosity of 2200 towns and 150,000 villages slowly lumbers onwards. The kings of Poland, France and Denmark may damage it, or the Sultan bash it, but it does little to halt its slow lumbering progress propelled by millions of peasants driving it towards an uncertain future. -Charles 5th abdicates from the Holy Roman Empire and Spain, the stress of the Reformation getting to him. The division of both crowns marks a change in the Habsburgs. One branch is concerned with Germany, the other with Spain and her possessions. -Russia invades Finland, pissing off the Swedish whom had a truce with them for 60 years. -The word Negro (Referring to a black person) is coined in the Spanish colonies. -Akbar ascends to the throne of the Mughal Empire at age 13, there will probably be little to emerge of note from this boys. -Ivan the Terrible conquers Astrakhan, opening the Volga River to Russian traffic and trade. -The first printing press in India is introduced by Jesuits at Saint Paul's College, Goa. -Publication of Georgius Agricola's textbook on metal mining and processing, De re metallica. -Publication in Rome of Juan Valverde de Amusco's Historia de la composicion del cuerpo humano, including Realdo Colombo's discovery of pulmonary circulation. [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2b/Flag_of_Milan.svg/300px-Flag_of_Milan.svg.png[/img] [b]Kingdom of England and Ireland – Mr Face[/b] -Edward 6th dies, is shortly replaced by Lady Jane Grey, who in turn is kicked out by Mary 1st. She then sets about executing Protestant dissenters, and trying to restore Catholicism. -These changes are met with approval and dismay by many, and it is hard to restore the damage that her father and brother did to Catholicism. -She sets about desperately trying to fix problems England is suffering. The rebellion of the colonies does not help. Not one bit. -Richard Chancellor reaches Arkhangelsk, and opens trade with Russia. -A rebellion led by Thomas Wyatt is brutally crushed. -The English crown declares that the rebels of the New World are committing the utmost horror and heresy. Much of the population agrees with only some Protestants disagreeing, citing the removal of Protestantism being the cause. -The wrecked economy makes England an insufferable place to be at this time. [b][I]New England – Mr Face[/I][/b] -The colonies rebel, and break links with the English crown. Immediately a large proportion of the colonists are split on what to do. The colony is justified in doing such to break relations with a Catholic usurper, but some themselves are divided over this being the best action, the main consensus is that once a legitimate Protestant monarch is restored the colonies will return to English control. There barely exists any infrastructure or military capable of even defending the colonies against enemy colonies, let alone the crown. -The rest of the Peruvian colonies are lost to the Portuguese and French. This, along with the loss of Manilla and New Orleans proves to be a crushing blow to English prestige and economic power. -Many argue over the best way to implement the old Greek and Roman idea of “Democracy”. -The rebellion spreads out from Boston, but many are divided over the issue. There is little joining these colonies together, but with the removal of the head of state, dissent is rapidly rising. -These colonies are litte more than an ad hoc collection of theocratic puritan castaways, exiles, traders, fishermen and some farmers. [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/4d/Flag_Portugal_%281495%29.svg/320px-Flag_Portugal_%281495%29.svg.png[/img] [b]Kingdom of Portugal – Mountainwatcher. Dr Insy.[/b] -Explorers from Zanzibar trek again to the East African mainland, and manage to shoot down a strange local beast. They note that the skin can be of good use, along with the meat and bones. -Killing it is hard however, due to the thickness of the skin, the size of the creature, and the fact none of the explorers have seen this terrifying thing, spoken only of in legends before. -The Portuguese crown, due to spending and inflation, is on the verge of bankruptcy. [img]http://www.niggaupload.com/images/n0EQb.png[/img] [b][I]Companhia das Quinas Americanas - Mountainwatcher[/I][/b] -The colonial army and navy is extended in size once more, and for some reason, the Portuguese army marches further south into Peru, taking over the former Incan empire. Potosi is captured, giving it control over the silver trade. It kickstarts again, and money begins to flow to Lisbon. -Exploration proceeds inland slowly, but some explorers are killed by maroons. Others by disease, and some more simply drop down dead for unknown reasons. -The war with English Peruvia continues, and manages to capture the rest of the land before the native rebellion calms down and establishes a small rump kingdom within itself. -More colonists and slaves are brought to Peru, and slowly push north to claim more land in the name of profit and the glory of god. -8 men, marching in a 2x4 formation, arrive in the French capital. There they call the French “Infuriated Idas”. Another festival takes place. The drinking of hot chocolate with milk and sugar mixed in, served in porcelain cups between two cultures in Argentina just goes to show how things have moved. -A colony is set up in the Northern Philippines, where spice plantations are planted and the Portuguese desire for a curried cabbage is realised. -An truce is established between the Incans and Portuguese, allowing them to retain a small state within themselves. Some native peoples begin to emigrate to here to free themselves from European rule, but life was still much the same now as it was before, only the rulers have changed. [img]http://www.niggaupload.com/images/YnSlx.jpg[/img] [b][I]Cienia of Niesmiertelni - Dr Insy[/I][/b] -As investors seek to invest into this alternate Portuguese colony, the increased number of ships and some colonists coming over results in some push to the north into California. -Cotton is planted in the colonies, but processing the cotton into a usable format is slow and costly. -Slaves do help the matter slightly, but it is quite uneconomical. Only the demand for paper and some clothes by numerous persons keeps these plantations on the edge in small numbers. -There is an exploration attempt to find the mythical island of “Hawaii”, invented by a ship captain most likely. The explorers end up landing in Japan, selling a few guns, and coming back with some silk and tea. The Japanese enjoy these new guns, which are becoming increasing used in warfare there. (Fucking Ashigaru kills Samurai with smoke and fire, this is a SHAMFUR DISPRAY.) -The company promises neutrality in all conflicts, minus that with the rebellious English colony. [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/dd/Flag_of_New_Spain.svg/200px-Flag_of_New_Spain.svg.png[/img] [b]Kingdom of Spain – Canuhearme[/b] -Spain ends the war with England, and allies with it by marrying the monarchs Mary 1st and Phillip the 2nd. -The truce with France collapses, and they end up going to war. -The Spanish crown, due to spending and inflation, is on the verge of bankruptcy. [img]http://www.niggaupload.com/images/EKPGT.png[/img] [b][i]El gremio de comerciantes en el Nuevo Mundo – Canuhearme[/i][/b] -Further deals are offered to the poor and desperate. The colonies are painted as a land of hope and freedom, which many take up the offer of. Voyages and land is given out freely, which results in an population boom. In turn, although being costly for the company, it helps to invigorate trade in their own colonies which is of course, taxable. -Requests to use Spanish military is denied, due to it being constantly busy. The company must recruit their own. -Trading posts are set up along the Blåtand Floden, pushing Spanish claims further north. Land is freely given out to colonists along the river too, the settlements being almost anarchist in their running as little influence of the state exists here. -Food production is heavily focused on, with farmers being taught how to grow the best crops and the methods for doing so. Loans, which are very expensive, also help these farmers get off the ground. Food production noticeably improves, with exports and imports flowing along the river increasingly and turning New Orleans from an English fort into a Spanish shantytown. -The military in New Orleans pushes out natives, and begin regular river patrols to prevent attacks. -The natives respond by hiding in the forests to make attacks, and staying inland. Few can travel inland. -Freedom of Speech is subtly decriminalised. Nobody realises this until the most radical views appear. Although there has been an extension of this, individuals can still be harassed and attacked by angry persons or even lynched. -Manufactories and plantation begin to be extended throughout the colonies, to help make it more self-sufficient. -Lumbermills, powered by water or wind, are set up and make use of managed forests. Charcoal production likewise begins. Unfortunately metal production is limited by the distance between charcoal and iron production areas, and charcoal proves to be costly in terms of wood consumption. -Taxes on education and paper/textile production have been removed. Many bookbinders, printers, paper-makers, teachers and the such move to these colonies to work in these fields due to the low costs. -The naval wharves in New Orleans are extended and built up, to provide access to colonists and the increasing number and sizes of vessels. -Peace with the English colonies is declared, and the military/navy returns to assuming a defensive position. [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/92/Pavillon_royal_de_la_France.svg/200px-Pavillon_royal_de_la_France.svg.png[/img] [b]Kingdom of France – Ruskie[/b] -The truce with Spain collapses, and they end up going to war. [b][i]New France – Ruskie[/i][/b] -The crown colony has bought a fair number of shares in the opposing company. Unfortunately, due to that company still being highly commercially successful, the other shareholders see through this ploy to gain control. -There is further colonization inland, pushing into Argentina as more land is claimed. The population grows steadily by an extra 3000, most of whom settle in this new land. However, the population is still thinly spread, with a few concentrations in coastal towns. Most people support themselves by livestock and some basic manufacturing of goods. There is a severe lack of iron however due to the geology. -The Californian colony begins to be supplied extensively, and focused on in terms of colonial matters at the present moment. The good farmland means wine and other crops grow well here, allowing for good population growth. -The army of Dragoons (Rreerr) are extended massively. The slow introduction of carbines over muskets has resulted in slightly increased mobility, reload time and the such as gun designs improve. -The slave trade, immensely profitable has resulted in this colony becoming the biggest single buyer of slaves, yet ironically barely uses any themselves. -The rest of English Peruvia is conquered by the colonial army, and manages to barely take down English and native excursions. It is difficult to hold onto this new land. -A statue is built to commemorate the men who called the Portuguese governor an “Irate Irene”. [img]http://blog.justlanded.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/denmark-flag-300x200.gif[/img] [b]Kingdom of Denmark and Norway – Van Keao[/b] -Arla Culinary is taken over by new management, whom seek to make improvements to the company. [img]http://change-production.s3.amazonaws.com/photos/wordpress_copies/uspoverty/2010/10/dcCarrotmobFlag-250x150.jpg[/img] [b]Arla Culinary – Van Kaeo[/b] -Spice exports continue, and begin to be extensively expanded into by the company in order to make peppered potatoes. -A convoy is sent to the other company’s Greenland colony to resupply in for a short while, before heading down the St Patrick river to an abandoned Irish colony, where it sets up a small colony on top of the ruins of the old. After wintering, it sets about clearing the land and re-establishing farms with new agricultural techniques. Tobacco is still largely unsuitable for growing here unfortuately. -The existing colonies in the Malays have new agricultural techniques introduced, and have been noted to improve agricultural production. -More trading posts, forts and some towns are taken over, established or set up throughout the Malays. Mainland colonisation is slightly too risky for the moment, and is slow in its progress. -Trade begins with the Spanish in Indonesia, and natives in Canada. The Spanish are keen on trading various common goods and essentials. The natives however offer much in the way of animal pelts in return for manufactured goods and weapons. [b]Ecological/Economic/Social/etc events[/b] -The Shaanxi Earthquake, the deadliest earthquake in history, occurs with its epicenter in Shaanxi province, China; 830,000 people may have been killed. -Spanish population growth is slowing down noticeably, leading to the economy also slowing in growth as most focus is overseas. Growth of the economy is also hampered by a system of cartels, the merchants using silver receipts to fund consumption (Due to increasing food supply problems) and lack of production of useful goods for export. -Roughly 5000 slaves a year are exported from Africa. -An increasing disparity is now noted. Plantations, and areas with large numbers of them have little in the way of local infrastructure and development beyond extracting raw materials. Meanwhile areas based off other industries or agriculture, do start to actually develop these as they become required by the local population. -Ships are becoming bigger and better. Grande Carracks and Galleons are now increasingly common on the seas. -Native populations through disease and other matters have reached their lowest possible peak. -Likewise the same is true for extension of forest cover and the global temperature. From here on out, due to human activities starting to have an influence, all of them look set to gradually change. -Four field rotation has spread throughout the Netherlands, and is starting to make an appearance in France and Germany. -Potatoes, turnips and maize are becoming increasingly common in European agriculture. Tomatoes grow in Italy for the first time. The use of turnips to feed livestock over winter, combined with four field rotation, is a godsend to people. Winter is becoming less of a danger, and diets are improving gradually. [b]Music of 1552-1556 - Recercadas del Trattado de Glossas – Diego Ortiz[/b] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5HaUrH0dp0&feature=related[/media] Send in new turns please. Use this format for commands. [Quote] Motherland actions: (Try to get investors, colonists, royal support, etc) Exploration actions: (Where to explore, how to explore, etc) Colony actions: (Establishment, expansion, economic focus, etc) Foreign affairs: (Interacting with native groups, criminals, pirates, foreign governments, etc.) [/quote] If a new player, use this in additon. [quote] Kingdom/Nation: Headquarters: Company name: Company flag: (Only private companies may have flags/names, crown colonies fly the flag of the Motherland) [/quote] Send this to me via PM. Please send in all turns titled as "Kingdom/Company name - Turn 15 – Playername" Playable NPC colonies already existing. 1. New Spain. (Base Yellow) 2. French Company (Base Blue) 3. Danish Company (Base Orange) 4. Portuguese crown colonies. (Light Green)
Goddamnit! That's what you get for listening to your people. "Hawaii" how ridiculous!
Goddamnit, now Ruskie is justified in his usage of Poortuguese.
We ain't doing too hot either, I'm burning through money in an effort to build a strong foundation. Not too long until I start hitting a deficit.
Who here wants to help me demolish England and create a new nation in which to trade with? I'll only expand into areas that are reasonable and will ask of others' opinions on the matter of expansion. AKA, I won't be an overarching dominant dickhole. [editline]2nd May 2012[/editline] If I have any help I'd prefer it to be militarily so that I can actually defend myself.
IRL the USA had more than 50,000 people when it became independent.
How many do I have?
[QUOTE=Mr. Face;35798727]How many do I have?[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=Sobotnik;35798611]IRL the USA had more than [b]50,000 people[/b] when it became independent.[/QUOTE] Plus the fact that like half of them are still loyal to the crown.
That won't last long. The crown will need to do something to gain money, that'll probably involve regaining their lost colonies by force if need be. If anything "bad" happened to a group of colonists that would mean that anger would become widespread. Likewise England would probably hike up taxes in an effort to get out of the huge deficit it is currently in. This would cause widespread dissent in the colonies. I've possibly got an idea for the next turn now.
Jeez Ruskie, give up on Nouvelle-France already. I don't think you're ever going to get your grubby little hands on it.
I don't know, looks like he's doing a pretty good job of it so far.
Ruskie trying to take over Nouvelle France is like Apple trying to take over Microsoft.
The hell is this? 3 turns in? Why are people so inactive? ;_;
Face I'll help you rebel if you give me New York like in our original deal
I'm actually about to pull out for a bit. I have to attend to other things for awhile.
Face, I'll take your place.
As long as I can take it back later I'm fine with that.
I'll try not to fuck anything up
In that case, hail leader of the United States of America/England.
Did Face already send in a turn?
In that case, I need Vens and Mountains turns in now. Otherwise, a turn this evening.
Did my colony break off from the crown?
Indeed it has, along with only 1% or less of the total population of the Colonies in 1776, a poor economy, and a heavily divided citizenry.
[I][b]The Reformation: A burning issue[/b][/I] [b]Nova Orbis: Anno Domini 1560[/b] [img_thumb]http://i.imgur.com/w5L0G.png[/img_thumb] Players: Liem - England (Crown Colony) - (Red, Northeast North America) * Mountainwatcher – Portugal (Private Colony) – (Green, Greater Brazil, Peru) * Ruskie – France (Crown Colony) - (Dark blue, Southern Half of South America) Canuhear – Spain (Private Colony) – (Dark Yellow, Cuba, Eastern Mexico, Florida, Jamaica, Bermuda, Western Borneo) * Dr Insy - Portugal (Private Colony) – (Dark Green, Baja California, Costa Rica, Nicaragua) * Van Keao – Denmark (Private Colony) – (Dark Orange, Lampung, Sunda Isles) (Players marked by an * indicates this is a state supported by/helped strongly by slavery) Players are represented by a variant of the base colour of their motherland. Original base colour means this is the oldest/main colony of their nation. Portugal (Green) (Catholic) France (Blue) (Catholic) England (Red) (Protestant) Spain (Yellow) (Catholic) Denmark (Orange) (Protestant) [b]Trade and some interaction with areas and Kingdoms/nations outside the existing map is permitted.[/b] EVENTS OF 1556-1560 -China is forced to reopen trade to the outside world due to compounded economic problems. -Platinum is described for the first time. -The Livonian war begins, and soon results in people dying. -Gresham's law is developed, which explains how debased coinage will drive out the more “valuable” coinage over time as people will use the debased currency in favour of the old one, which will drift out of circulation. -The Scottish reformation begins. The auld alliance is shattered, and the Scots expel the French. -Oda Nobunga wins control of Owari, and sets about -Tulips are introduced to Europe. -The first scientific society, the Academia Secretorum Naturae, is founded in Naples by Giambattista della Porta. -The violin is introduced. [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2b/Flag_of_Milan.svg/300px-Flag_of_Milan.svg.png[/img] [b]Kingdom of England and Ireland – Mr Face[/b] -The English join the Spanish in their war against the French for a short bit. -Calais is lost, and with it, the last scrap of land on the continent. The shocked queen soon dies from a stomach cancer and Elizabeth ascends to the throne. -The act of supremacy and act of uniformity are both passed. The church of England has been now formally created, and Protestantism is now strong once more. Catholic persecution begins likewise. -As many problems occurred over the past 12 years, the new government seeks to reform existing problems and rebuild the country. -After the treaty of Edinburgh is signed, England and Scotland are now finally cooling relations. Border raids and battles are dying down as their hatred of Catholics unites them. [b][I]New England – Liem[/I][/b] -The colonies begin to splinter apart due to lack of effective rule. With the return of a Protestant monarch, most people are demanding the right to be part of England again. They see little reason to split from a country that many of them were born in during the Reformation. -The company quickly returns to the rule of the crown, going “Oh we certainly don't hate you, your majesty!”. The move goes swimmingly, and favour is quickly restored when it becomes apparent they rebelled against Catholic rule. -With the loss of many money-making colonies, economic focus gradually shifts onto industries, fishing and agriculture. (As opposed to plantations or precious metals). -Tobacco however is grown in sufficient numbers in Virginia for export, along with some other goods. -The ideas of democracy become interesting, and some colonies start to elect representatives amongst themselves and hold assemblies. Others remain as religious theocracies, and some are directly run by a governor. -The colony recovers, but with heavy losses. It will take some years to recover, and the English crown sees to focus in it now, with the loss of Calais and Peruvia now. [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/4d/Flag_Portugal_%281495%29.svg/320px-Flag_Portugal_%281495%29.svg.png[/img] [b]Kingdom of Portugal – Mountainwatcher. Dr Insy.[/b] -Macau is now owned by Portugal, China having been forced to realise that trade is needed to keep their country strong. -The wars end, and Portugal is eventually forced to declare bankruptcy. A short economic recession ensues, and some unrest follows before order is finally restored. -Relations with England begin to sour as the alliance is not renewed, and opposing religions help deepen the divide. [img]http://www.niggaupload.com/images/n0EQb.png[/img] [b][I]Companhia das Quinas Americanas - Mountainwatcher[/I][/b] -The colonial army and navy gradually reduces in size, in order to save cash. -A statue is built to honour the “Infuriated Idas”. -Internal colonialism begins, with the focus now on populating empty lands rather than spreading outwards. There is some minor expansion encouraged in Peru, but little else. -Monasteries start popping up like mushrooms. The reformation having passed and Catholicism becoming more militant, has resulted in many men of the cloth seeking to further the work of Christ. This incidentally results in land clearing and population growth as monasteries traditionally aid in this. -Silver, mercury and foodstuff production is focused into, and soon there is a noted increase in food production over time. Increasing inflation however helps to balance this out as prices rise. -Trade routes with the French improve, and eventually favourable trade tariffs and customs appear. [img]http://www.niggaupload.com/images/YnSlx.jpg[/img] [b][I]Cienia of Niesmiertelni - Dr Insy[/I][/b] -Colonists increase in numbers in California, given the good relations with the French, trade is able to succeed admirably here. -Gold is searched for, and is found sparingly. The low numbers of people in the area and lack of effective prospecting means finding a big source is hard however. -Explorers crawl along the Pacific coastline, and note the interesting new sights they see, such as the local people who like to buy their beads and bowls. -Wine becomes a popular thing to produce here, for the climate is good in this area for production of it. Grain, maize and tobacco likewise. -Trade with the Japanese go well, who enjoy buying the intricate European devices such as guns, plate armour, navigational instruments and pictures of octopuses. -An alliance is proposed with the forces led by Oda Nobunga. In return for Oda having a monopoly over what the Portuguese sell him, they will agree to some Europeans coming over and establishing a trading quarter. [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/dd/Flag_of_New_Spain.svg/200px-Flag_of_New_Spain.svg.png[/img] [b]Kingdom of Spain – Canuhearme[/b] -Discontent in the Netherlands continues to rise. Petitions by the high nobility in the Netherlands is mostly ignored as the religious tension in the land becomes more and more intolerable. [img]http://www.niggaupload.com/images/EKPGT.png[/img] [b][i]El gremio de comerciantes en el Nuevo Mundo – Canuhearme[/i][/b] -Dye plantations begin to be set up, and indigo is especially profitable. -The colonies spread into the American interior, focusing on food production. -New Orleans begins to be renovated, with fortifications, massive ports, and laid out roads. The low lying city in the swamp however is still not the best of places to live though, but is rapidly becoming an important port. -Schools and universities are becoming secular, and the Spanish crown is unable to do much about it minus some basic laws. The colonial government enforces these laws weakly, and only punishes the most radical of speakers. The only execution so far is of a man claiming there is no god. -Courthouses begin to be built throughout the colonies, to help enforce secular law, and undermine the power and authority of the church. Company governors realise that the crown can do little here. -Trade links open with an Indian prince, where he grants the Europeans trading rights, ownership of an office and some attached manufactories. In return he gets goods such as silver and tobacco. -A guerilla war proceeds with the natives to the north, fighting for control of the Missippi river. The natives have begun to recover in population, having their numbers sometimes dented by smallpox outbreaks. Nonetheless they have begun to burn away forests again, and on open plains they have begun to use the full potential of the horse. -Military advisers are sent to the English colonies. There they are bizarrely taken into English employment and set about helping to reform and create a semi-permament colonial army. -Cattle and horse ranching starts to be utilised in the Texan lands. -Four field crop rotation is introduced. [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/92/Pavillon_royal_de_la_France.svg/200px-Pavillon_royal_de_la_France.svg.png[/img] [b]Kingdom of France – Ruskie[/b] -Francis the second is crowned. -The Italian wars, after 70 years of on and off warfare, come to a final conclusion. France gives up most of their claims in return for places such as Calais. -Peace breaks out between France and England. [b][i]New France – Ruskie[/i][/b] -As the colony makes good progress, there is now a clearly defined trade triangle, a significant corner of which is held up by the sale of slaves. -Shipyards have begun to appear in Uruguay, and planted forests manage to help alleviate some of the problems associated with ship maintenance. -The Californian colony has begun to extend along the coast, and maintains frequent trade with Portuguese colonists. -Production of goods reaches its profitable high, meaning investment is returning smaller and smaller returns each time. Nonetheless, as demand increases and production becomes more efficient, the cost of production does slowly decline. -9 men are sent in a 3x3 formation to the Poortuguese, calling the governor a “Tumultuous Tim”. -Hot chocolate and fireworks are used to celebrate the event, but the marshmallow, along with the medical marshmallow plant. -Ports in Chile are expanded, and the area slowly converted to reflect French administration and infrastructure. -The main focus now is on California, as most colonist ships seem to travel here now to support the growing industries and agriculture. Wine growing is understandably popular with the French. [img]http://blog.justlanded.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/denmark-flag-300x200.gif[/img] [b]Kingdom of Denmark and Norway – Van Keao[/b] -Denmark buys the island of Saaremaa. [img]http://change-production.s3.amazonaws.com/photos/wordpress_copies/uspoverty/2010/10/dcCarrotmobFlag-250x150.jpg[/img] [b]Arla Culinary – Van Kaeo[/b] -Minus existing facilities expanding, the company does very little this time. The Canadian colony has begun to increasingly base itself off the growing fur trade, and has become a trading post for fur trappers to travel to. [b]Ecological/Economic/Social/etc events[/b] -An influenza epidemic ravages Europe. -China, after loosening trading laws and fixing famine issues, is now starting to recover. Silver inflation is still a big problem. -Snuff, a powdered tobacco product that is inhaled through the nose, is introduced to European courts, and begins to spread. -Piracy has become enough of a problem in the seas that finally now it can be said to be the start of the age of piracy. High unemployment, poor wages and bad living and working conditions is what drives many of them to crime. -In response, trading ships have begun to form into convoys and be built bigger. Throughout is increasing gradually as a large number of trading ships can protect themselves easily. Smaller ships such as brigs, sloops and merchantmen don't stand a chance however. -Countries which base their franchise off the value of land, (England being an example) have begun to see a gradual increase in their electorate as the set price for the right to vote decreases. -Assemblies for monarchs have also begun to slowly grow in size, with representatives from various estates advising the monarch and trying to push forward an agenda. Although these assemblies are weak, they become more notably powerful when the monarch is weak or young. -Mercantile polices begin to be increasingly enacted by European states. The rising inflation and rapid change of production of goods scares people into passing edicts to protect home industries. -The production of purple dye from snails begins to dye out as it is replaced by indigo instead. -Around 500,000 Europeans, or those of European descent, now live in the New World. -Silver has reduced by 20% of its value since 1500. [b]Music of 1556-1560 - Adrian Willaert - Vecchie letrose[/b] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NBII2K1YnU[/media] Send in new turns please. Use this format for commands. [Quote] Motherland actions: (Try to get investors, colonists, royal support, etc) Exploration actions: (Where to explore, how to explore, etc) Colony actions: (Establishment, expansion, economic focus, etc) Foreign affairs: (Interacting with native groups, criminals, pirates, foreign governments, etc.) [/quote] If a new player, use this in additon. [quote] Kingdom/Nation: Headquarters: Company name: Company flag: (Only private companies may have flags/names, crown colonies fly the flag of the Motherland) [/quote] Send this to me via PM. Please send in all turns titled as "Kingdom/Company name - Turn 16 – Playername" Playable NPC colonies already existing. 1. New Spain. (Base Yellow) 2. French Company (Base Blue) 3. Danish Company (Base Orange) 4. Portuguese crown colonies. (Light Green)
Goddamnit and I was just about to write my turn [editline]4th May 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=Sobotnik;35829622]Elizabeth ascends to the throne.[/QUOTE] [video=youtube;dwike5VXojk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwike5VXojk[/video]
Thank God, I had a feeling that resorting to hiring criminals to my army would not end well [editline]4th May 2012[/editline] I have NovaScotia right?
Yah. Red bits on de map are yours. Maybe you could colonise the area the original 13 colonies covered.
First the east coast, Then the world er well, North America
When I said crops, I actually meant the cash crops :v:
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