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i am making a game in unity its's going to be way better than carnivors 2 its called bloodbeast's based on singleplayer hunting dinsours and multiplayer combat with dinsours the game will have weapons alot of them and no worrying about ammo anymore and vehicle's heli's and plane's a very good graphic game with a huge map and 4 maps all four maps will be patched together so there will be no end to the map it will go around and around and around like the world or a circle and i need some people to do stuff i cant model code i can do a good amount of code not alot audio and sound footsteps stuff like that and textures and material makers email me with your intersist's i need coder modeler sound/audioer and someone who makes textures skins and materials these are gift's that noone can get unless given very talented gifts that i cant do!. i need atleast 1 of each or 1 person who can do all of that!
Ideas guy much?
Wow another one? This is the 2nd thread this dude made with the same wants.
Gahahaha, 100% vote for 'THIS IS RETARDED GET A LIFE'
"Kill yourself, unfunny troll faggot" should be an option in the poll
He's trolling.
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