• Doritos Islands
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[b][u]What We Offer:[/u][/b] [list][*]No Griefing [*] The satisfaction that you actually might get to complete a building [*] 10 Player slots [*] No Kits or Hacks (Use what you find or get) [*] Treasure Rooms (Wood building with a chest inside) [/list] [B][U] Please Post your Minecraft Name here to be added to whitelist[/U][/B] [B][U]Whitelist:[/U][/B] DoritosMan ithae Chezhead Jollyroger123 Riterew [B][U]Banned People:[/U][/B] [b][u]Rules:[/u][/b] [list][*] Any Griefing will result in an IP Ban. [*] Starting unnecessary fires will result in a kick, or ban ( Based on amount ) [*] Be respectful staff and other members [*] No hacking [/list] [b][u]Staff List[/u][/b]: DoritosMan [B][U]Server:[/U][/B] [list][*] IP - [*] Server Located in Dallas, TX [/list] [url=http://minecraft.abyssal-legion.com/serverstatus/index.php?action=view&id=579][img]http://minecraft.abyssal-legion.com/serverstatus/statimg.php?id=579[/img][/url] [url=http://img713.imageshack.us/my.php?image=minecraftworldscreenie.png][img]http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/8592/minecraftworldscreenie.th.png[/img][/url] [b]Link to picture of Map:[/b] [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?9jltz5pjnmho6k0[/url] (Its only 18MB!) [editline]5th November 2010[/editline] I forgot to add minecraft to the title.
Whitelist? Add me I guess, ithae
This reminds me of that Metalocalypse episode.
[QUOTE=Defacont;25880984]Whitelist? Add me I guess, ithae[/QUOTE] Added you to the whitelist
Add me, please.
[QUOTE=Chezhead;25881011]Add me, please.[/QUOTE] What is your Minecraft user
[QUOTE=Chezhead;25881031]Chezhead[/QUOTE] Added you to whitelist
Already claimed an island, and am working on establishing a national anthem. Just to let you know, it's booby trapped. None may enter.
I am restarting the server due to lag It should be back up in 2 minutes
Attempted 3 times, can't connect [editline]5th November 2010[/editline] Oh, ninjad
Server is back up Hopefully no lag
Add me plox, Jollyroger123
I like what I see, please add me to the list.
[QUOTE=crazyjames;25881854]Add me plox, Jollyroger123[/QUOTE] Added you to whitelist [editline]5th November 2010[/editline] [QUOTE=TheSoupNazi;25881868]I like what I see, please add me to the list.[/QUOTE] Is "I Like What I See" your minecraft name?
Add me plox? Riterew
[QUOTE=limewire;25882133]Add me plox? Riterew[/QUOTE] Added you
Might I ask how you got that map, looks nifty!
[QUOTE=Ghostballs;25885852]Might I ask how you got that map, looks nifty![/QUOTE] It was off the minecraft forums, it was a singleplayer map
Add Cyberfish.
[QUOTE=Doritos_Man;25881894]Added you to whitelist [editline]5th November 2010[/editline] Is "I Like What I See" your minecraft name?[/QUOTE] No, I was commenting on you using skylands as the server map. my Minecraft id is The Soup Nazi
iamtidal - whitelist me up brah.
Can you add Refridgerator?
White list me. Minecraft name is Kevinseven
Can you add me please :3 MC name: swiftmus
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