• Business Simulation Game In Development
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Due to my love for simulation games I have decided to work on one of my own its in the early stages of development but its a business simulator that allows the player to be their own television network president where you ultimately make the decision on how you want to program your shows and decision making in terms of firing and hiring staff and talent to marketing & advertising. I am still uncertain whether if it would be an online game or a game in which you can download and play offline (similar to Hollywood Mogul) but if you like games like these and want to keep updated on it - please feel free to join the fan pages and jolt over to [url]http://www.tvnetworkgame.com[/url] Thanks. [highlight](User was permabanned for this post ("Joined to advertise" - verynicelady))[/highlight]
This game looks to easy. Cancel all the good shows then keep all the shit reality ones.
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