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[url=http://truidia.net][img]http://truidia.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Baennor.png[/img][/url] [quote=Zivhayr]We don't have a specific theme, no heavy rules, and don't really care what you do. Come in, start a project, or just check out what others are doing. Respect other players, and do not do anything that will affect them negatively. [/quote] [release][b]Name:[/b] Truidia-SMP [b]Status:[/b] [img]http://res.public-craft.com/hb.pyc?ip=server.truidia.net[/img](Thanks to AndrewPH) [b]IP:[/b] [url]server.truidia.net[/url] [b]Cropped Carto:[/b] [url]server.truidia.net[/url][/release] [highlight]Don't be afraid to talk to yourself in the server if you want attention from an admin, chances are one of us will check the log and respond, helps if you leave some form of contact detail.[/highlight] [b]Rules[/b]: (AKA the stuff everyone skips over resulting in people asking why they got banned) [release][list]Don't be a griefer [*]Don't use minecarts, they may be fixed but they're still broken. [*]Avoid saddles as well, it's annoying sifting through server spam. [*]Don't run around like an idiot spamming blocks everywhere. [*]Don't pose as an OP, it's just stupid. Anything else should be part of your common sense, which ironically isn't very common.[/list][/release] [highlight]OPs, Mods, Admins as well as anyone else with power will have a coloured name[/highlight] [img]http://truidia.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/2010-11-28_08.56.49.png[/img] [tab]I have no life[/tab] And there goes my lurking spree
A server that in which talking to yourself is GOOD? I think I have a new hot-spot.
Props to the greifers for reminding my the anti grief was off :v:, apologies to the people who played after this thread was posted. Map has been reset to the state it was the moment this thread was made.
It's funny that I pay $44 a month for this server and hardly build anything.
[QUOTE=Zivhayr;26402791]It's funny that I pay $44 a month for this server and hardly build anything.[/QUOTE] It's always me
hey brO
Why is the server offline?
I haven't been home these past days and it seems someone did something to upset the server while I was away.
Server is currently offline. Working on bringing it back up, sit tight. (If anyones actually reading this you have to connect with atm)
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