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[QUOTE=jamo98000;34416842]humm i need to be white listed like sound of your server can you add jamie98000[/QUOTE] 1st post 2012er No punctuation Bad grammar Seems legit
I need whitelist. Matthew7434.
[QUOTE=DarkCisco;34424170]I need whitelist. Matthew7434.[/QUOTE] Yeah. Make sure this guy doesn't start a militia. He won't last long.
[QUOTE=VitaminAG;34364189]Can you think about adding some more planes? These plane skins look terrible though... [url=http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/859479-110-billys-plane-pack-for-flans-planes/]Clicky[/url][/QUOTE] i have this :)
Think I saw a tumbleweed go by. This place is empty.
I'm waiting for the BukkitModLoaderMP's Planes to get ported. Then I hope more people will get in, without whitelist and stuff.
Would it be possible for something like warfare to go on? Guns included? Later.
Yeah well that depends if people want it
I think something that would be fun is making countries, possibly with the factions mod. Everything that isn't claimed is PvP enabled Also, my house: [img]http://puu.sh/eVjK[/img] CBA to fix the wood colors
I gots me a mustang now! Fastest plane available.
How do I install this? Do I just run that installer?
Oh snap, this looks good. Whitelist me, please. IGN is Karahaut.
Whitelist me too, I'm matthew7434
hey the server is white listed can i join my IGN is :Alex_Grebyonkin
can you please unban me
Whats up with the 1st posting 12'ers?
[QUOTE=VitaminAG;34457923]Whats up with the 1st posting 12'ers?[/QUOTE] Minecraft servers attract lurkers.
I noticed u need to be whitelisted i would love to join your server my Minecraft user name is Daarkara44
Yo, Inace, since the odds are that you won't be on the same time I will be, I'm complaining that my MC client crashed while flying and lost a biplane. Did hear you'd refund a plane in cases like that. Could you?
hey my ign is Alex_Grebyonkin please let me join!
[QUOTE=ALex_Grebyonk;34486009]hey my ign is Alex_Grebyonkin please let me join![/QUOTE] [QUOTE=MeowMix44;34469157]I noticed u need to be whitelisted i would love to join your server my Minecraft user name is Daarkara44[/QUOTE] I've got a bad feeling....
I used to play on hang's planes server. My ign is "TehMojopo". Also, could you maybe whitelist booyah711 and tehsosterone? They're hardcore bros of mine.
Sounds good, whitelist "AWarGuy" (my ign)
whitelisted. and yes, you can break planes, mojopo and matthew. use a pick
8 cylinder engine like a bau5.
[QUOTE=VitaminAG;34486932]I've got a bad feeling....[/QUOTE] whats you bad feeling
hey can you whitelist me? im not a griefer and i really want to do a planes server!!
Man, this server is awesome. Just flew around my base in my new sopwith camel.
Server's now running Bukkit - which means no whitelist! If something gets griefed let me know :)
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