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multiplayer planes isnt out yet so bukkit planes is EVEN LESS OUT for fucks sake watch THIS to know when the mod is out and THEN pester me about updating [url]http://mcportcentral.co.za/wiki/index.php?title=CraftBukkit_Ported_Mods[/url]
Hey since niw there are content packs and they are so easy to install, lets have ALL the mods! It would be so kick-ass!!!
Don't tell me this server is slowly dissolving?
Yeah, it kinda is. I got bored of my projects a bit. I might get back on sometime, but it would be nice to actually have something to do. I love building things like what I have been building, but I'd like to actually be able to do that for others, not just for myself. No-one else has really wanted anything built. Anyway, I might get back on sometime.
Did the IP change?
yay servers updated... but spawn is soooooooooo screwed up and it dont have planessss
server is on anarchy mode for now, because planes isnt updated.
Yeah well fix spawn k? It's like super screwed and ADD CLANS [editline]20th April 2012[/editline] Cale I want a lovely castle :P
Wow I havent played in forever
Flan updated inacio, we can bring the server back!
Wait... its not multiplayer yet is it?
ballsacks, ima check now OK. ima hac a suggestion (btw the 1.2.5 map is si fucking retarded) WHO CARES ABOUT 1.2.5 ATM! seriously flan is on vacation and has asked if people would like to make it smp, no ones taken it up yet, grr. but who gives a shit man? lets just do it 1.1 style, just like tekkit is 1.1 too, HEY I GOT DA BEST IDEA! downlaod the tekkit launcher, and install tekkit, adn on appdata go into tekkitlauncher instead of .minecraft then into tekkit, and install planes mod so we can have tekkit AND planes mod! that would be totally epically awesome
Ok, the servers IP is now turned on, tho im not sure its Inacio's anymore
waaats goin on :(
Yeah this would be awesome to start back up
We need more minecraft servers like this.
What is the latest version the Flans Planes that works with multiplayer?
It's for like Minecraft 1.1 or something. The server is running Tekkit now, if any of you are interested
Im gonna play on the tekkit server [editline]22nd July 2012[/editline] AND IM GONNA BUILD ANOTHER FUCKING TOWN!
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