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Mini update tonight, larger one tomorrow. So, the UFO Power Source is done. Power armor is follwoing, and Flying armor will be next (after all the prerequisites are fulfilled) [IMG]http://ooft.net/upload/57141841.png[/IMG] OH MY GOD POWER ARMOR *glisten* [IMG]http://ooft.net/upload/55221361.png[/IMG]
It's time to stomp some ass with a powered-up foot.
That can be arranged with a glitch.
Okay, Imageshack is the shits now, so I'm using Ooft. I can't upload multiple files at once though. Equipment and Stats for Base 2 soldiers on a mission: [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/82112541.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/6431662.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/3522563.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/9124134.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/8315395.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/91211516.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/763197.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/12251148.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/1341449.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/9562241.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/854221.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/8218211.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/7931521.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/1922161.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/21181641.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/9517851.png[/IMG_thumb] Well, it's right there. This shouldn't be hard. [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/1752391.png[/IMG_thumb] 8BitLord gets the first kill! [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/6412061.png[/IMG_thumb] Steelhawk is caught without enough TUs to shoot at the Snakeman, so he retreats from the monster. [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/8781381.png[/IMG_thumb] Next turn, he heads back inside to find TWO Snakemen! [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/63161412.png[/IMG_thumb] Finger BANG Finger BANG! [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/1124112.png[/IMG_thumb] Good job! [IMG_thumb]http://ooft.net/upload/27182332.png[/IMG_thumb] Results: [IMG]http://ooft.net/upload/12221132.png[/IMG] Also, three suits of power armor are finished! [IMG]http://ooft.net/upload/818661.png[/IMG]
Two kills? :D I can live with that.
that was a pretty good mission right there.
:ohdear: Has 40kplayer fallen victim to a nightly terror mission?
No, I'm sneezing my sinuses onto my keyboard and working on Summer Reading Questions. Also, I'm only going to be able to work on this during the weekends this school year.
Alright, I hope you get better soon :)
Thanks Gregah.
I didn't notice I was black before :nyd:
I don't fiddle with your races, just the genders. If you do want to be a female, then say so and I'll edit your race.
I'm not female already? Armour is obscuring as hell. So yeah, if it's not a hassle, but I don't mind if it is :v:
Well, junker is perma'd, and Gregah got banned, but I'm keeping them. Update is being edited into this post now. Small update, yeah, but I've been busy. And scared to continue the game, with this bad news. [IMG]http://imgur.com/VZdHW.png[/IMG] FUCK FUCKFUCKFUCK [IMG]http://imgur.com/UD08p.png[/IMG] Well at least it's the first base. OH SHIT WHAT AM I GOING TO DO [IMG]http://imgur.com/fKtlr.png[/IMG] FUCK YOU INDIA! [highlight]FUCK. YOU.[/highlight] [IMG]http://imgur.com/9dglb.png[/IMG] NO ONE EVEN LIKES YOUR TECH SUPPORT COMPANIES. [editline]09:24PM[/editline] Give me hearts, I need some moral support.
Crap son, is that red and bold announce at the opening post still valid? If so I want in. Don't give me no fancy Star Wars hi-tech crap though. I want an human 5.56 milimeter rifle and some hand grenades. Let's punch some aliens in the dick.
Which armor, and name? You'll be in base 3.
The heaviest armor, the shittiest rifle and the raddest name: Sir Monoxx von Thunderdong (if that don't fit, just go with "Monoxx Enormowang").
So that explains why the curry sucked lately.
If you go raiding that base, strip the mentally weakest (the guy that gets psiattacked always and everywhere) from any equipment. Bring a full squad. Lasers are most costeffective weapons. If I can, I'll join up the Base 3. :buddy: I'll grab any armor you can spare, and a Heavy Plasma. (as you are using them pretty frequently.)
Found the last base. [IMG]http://imgur.com/8fu9p.png[/IMG] Usually when a country signs a pact, it lets the alien's build there.
Hell yeah let's do this, I want to punch some commie aliens!
In my prep for the alien bases, I got a terror mission. SHIT. Well, this will be a large update here, editing it in.
[QUOTE=40kplayer;24561245] Usually when a country signs a pact, it lets the alien's build there.[/QUOTE] Or you simply haven't found it. :v:
Sorry for the delay, this mission is stressful. Also, I'm trying to have a life.
Okay, here are the stats and equipment of you maggots. [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/742Ny.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/gW2HF.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/LdsjW.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/McfsU.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/qVsMI.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/Ti49v.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/AAZsE.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/TVT4S.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/J8lCY.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/m09MA.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/cnYaU.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/esR8h.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/E58Ck.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/r5sfo.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/F1sNM.png[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/udpDN.png[/IMG_thumb] Alright. So we are heading to GLORIOUS MOTHER RUSSIA [IMG]http://imgur.com/4CE1h.png[/IMG] Smoke's thrown, just showing you all off in your Power Armor. Also, I'm out of Elerium-115 thanks to you fucks. [IMG]http://imgur.com/gOSE0.png[/IMG] So, we've got Sectoids. [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/GPdhc.png[/IMG_thumb] Treelor takes a hit! [IMG]http://imgur.com/dDNx8.png[/IMG] And he makes the kill! [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/JTZe8.png[/IMG_thumb] Health status. [IMG]http://imgur.com/ZY2xv.png[/IMG] Oh shit! [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/rxVfl.png[/IMG_thumb] gufu nooooooooooooo [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/GEzxu.png[/IMG_thumb] scout1 gets shot at [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/AJ3o1.png[/IMG_thumb] That little bitch [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/UyPAU.png[/IMG_thumb] Ouch, that will sting [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/jfq7w.png[/IMG_thumb] Floating Disk of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/PKOFZ.png[/IMG_thumb] THIS IS FOR GUFU [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/9aGiY.png[/IMG_thumb] The dying alien is right behind the window [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/wxQX5.png[/IMG_thumb] Rockets galore! [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/euuZd.png[/IMG_thumb] The bullet maggot is actually a good shield with power armor. [IMG]http://imgur.com/Tz6WZ.png[/IMG] Oh that durn alien! :v: [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/885zT.png[/IMG_thumb] He couldn't hit the broad side of the moon with that thing [IMG_thumb]http://imgur.com/UqpnC.png[/IMG_thumb] Killed them all! [IMG]http://imgur.com/CXHWb.png[/IMG]
"ooooooooo" [img]http://i.imgur.com/hAvhY.jpg[/img]
Looks like a crazy battle. Loads of action.
Looks like we got plenty of decent men around now :)
... I haven't been following this really at all, but my character is still alive? This is amazing
I got a request actually : Remove the img_thumbs, the pictures are not large and you're not taking a lot of pictures so it doesn't really hinder the LP itself.
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