• Need alittle help with our server!!!
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We have a server up and running but the DarkRP chap we put into suck. We need help with ideas, how to make it better normal stuff like that. Please add me on steam for more details or join our team speak or server. TeamSpeak: freshrp.ts.nfoservers.com Server: If you do help it would be awesome! Just the little things that would help will make a big difference. [editline]31st July 2012[/editline] I forgot to say, My Steam Id is "theawesomeadam" Or add "Nibbles"
Here's an idea. [I]Don't use DarkRP.[/I]
Haha, Well I want a custom DarkRP. Hey if you have an idea to me please add me on steam. Control panel is like mind blowing to me haha.
dark rp cant be custom. they are all the same.
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