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[img]http://gyazo.com/4cfe78004167299a7bf6ad65dac77c5d.png[/img] Yeah, so.. This is my server. I have no idea how to maintain it. If you do, please PM me and I'll let you on the server page.. file.. thing. Yeah, it's also brohosted. [b]Features[/b] -100% vanilla -Bukkit Essentials -No anti-grief plugins -PVP coming soon -Stealing allowed if within reason. [b]How do I get on?[/b] PM me with your minecraft name and I will give you the IP.
No whitelist but they need to PM you for the IP? That's sort of... odd.
Yeah, I can't figure whitelisting out :saddowns:
[QUOTE=milkandcooki;29092519]Yeah, I can't figure whitelisting out :saddowns:[/QUOTE] There's a txt file called white-list.txt in the server folder. Put the username of the person you want to whitelist there. Done.
why do you even need whitelist for a server like this?
[QUOTE=GM0D;29094380]why do you even need whitelist for a server like this?[/QUOTE] It allows small groups of people to enjoy themselves without some random ass-hat hopping on and wrecking everything. Even then a white-list is no guarantee, my server has a white-list and has been minorly griefed a time or two. Anyhoo, Milk gave me admin access to see if I could fix shit. I got the whitelist working and made some tweaks, so lemme know if it still crashes constantly.
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