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I like infiltration too. I guess I'll keep certing between Tanks and Cloaking depending whats going on. Maybe we should make a infil squad.
I am trying all the solo stuff, hence dropping Gal Gunship last night for MAX certs. I just don't think I am good enough to be flying/driving other people around. I have tried Maxes (don't like NC ones, AA is ok but AV feels weak and I have some "glitches" with the Splattermax) and air (AA fucking everywhere, seriously, flying against the Terran Republic is just painful). I did some sniping in the VR but my mouse is stuck on a grid which I hear other people have as well. The most luck I have had so far is cloaking in the middle of fights, flanking enemies, and shooting injured agiles in the back with my shotgun pistol. Also got 2 ranks and picked up Expert Hacking, 1 more point and I can get Data Corruption and upload viruses into the enemy empires porn databases.
yeah we did try doing that with a phantasm and i think it could work if we did it properly
just bought a 30 day game card, I'll be playing this tonight. That is, if I can activate the code.
We should definitely rock the phantasm
I'm in Teamspeak waiting for people to play. :frown:
I'll be on later tonight, that is if I don't get distracted playing minecraft or Silent hunter 5.
Tidying my room, will be on later
I'm still trying to figure out how to subscribe, the site(s) are a mess. I've got a 30-day game card for SOE, but I can't activate it unless I'm subscribed. I'd subscribe (again) anyway if I could find where to do so. Any help? Most of the answers in the support site are either useless or outdated. [b]EDIT:[/b] fuck it, this isn't the first game where I need to open a support ticket to be able to play it.
Did you try through the launcher? Have a look int he first post, there's a link to it and a guide on how to subscribe
[QUOTE=AtomiC0l;28136295][hd]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=besxpYW3e0k[/hd][/QUOTE] "em cabbagepatch" "ur a cabbagepatch" "we're basement dwelling nerds" "EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT"
Yeah, I tried through the launcher. All that gives me is a redirect to an account.station.sony.com page which is blank. The site doesn't otherwise give much information, the only buy Planetside here link that works is $20 and out of stock. I'll just wait until the support replies, either I'm still being dumb or sony's sites are malfunctioning.
Sounds like they aren't doing a good job of taking our money. Pretty incredible when companies have such a critical failure like that.
I'm playing. Not in the outfit, though, keep trying to /tell everyone but they've been offline. It's not that hard to subscribe either, you just goto the website and goto the account page.
[QUOTE=Shadaez;28153061]I'm playing. Not in the outfit, though, keep trying to /tell everyone but they've been offline. It's not that hard to subscribe either, you just goto the website and goto the account page.[/QUOTE] Best way to reach the team is through teamspeak. I'm in the lobby right now just waiting for people to log on. Hopefully we can get a good squad going this evening.
I finally got a hold of a live chat with someone, you can't actually use game cards to activate a subscription. Though the support pages make it seem like you can. I'd need to shell out another 20 dollars to play this as far as I'm concerned, serves me right for not having a credit card. I'll sell this game card for 7 euros to the first person who PMs me for it, it's a 30-day game card (worth $15) and I have no use for it. Remember you have to have an existing subscription, as far as I'm concerned.
Playing my VS Master Race. I have 4 term award and get free certs, pretty awesome.
ALERT: Don't update to Windows 7 SP1, Planetside has ceased functioning since I did. I will see if I can get it to work. [editline]20th February 2011[/editline] False alarm. It's working, but no longer can launch with the Steam overlay.
I just got on, hope some people hop in TS soon. I'll be dicking around on whatever planet they need me on for NC until then.
Downloading now, is there a free trial? On that video on the front page it says there is, but I'm not sure... [editline]20th February 2011[/editline] Ah I guess there isn't a trial. Anyone got something like a trial pass or something? I'm not sure if I'd want to subscribe without trying it out first...
unfortunately we can't give you a trial pass, but it's only about £7 for a subscription and i'm sure you'll have a lot of fun if you hop on TS and play with us. i'm on now gents with roscoh and tinhead
What's the learning curve like?
easy to learn, not too difficult to master
One final question. How essential is a microphone?
Its really useful, since we are all in TS, but you don't need to talk, just listen.
I can't even figure out how to subscribe... On Subscription Info there is no option to actually subscribe. [editline]20th February 2011[/editline] Ok now I'm really confused, on the Station Launcher, it's asking for a CD key. I thought the game was free but you had to subscribe? [editline]20th February 2011[/editline] Subscribing to this is like and idiot test and I've failed.
Sorry for missing the call bros, I had already been playing for a couple hours, NC are getting their asses kicked.
Haha, NC was doing pretty well earlier today when I was playing. I love playing MAX armor, but I want to adapt to what the outfit needs. I'll see all about that tomorrow evening.
Vanu maxes are so fucking annoying. Flying and jumping around everywhere.
wow i started using the phoenix instead of the decimator and that thing rocks in 15 minutes i took down 3 MAX, a magrider, a skyguard and a mosquito
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