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I'm really wondering how a door made with a mithological being's bone would look like.
[QUOTE=CaioLugia;37676825]I'm really wondering how a door made with a mithological being's bone would look like.[/QUOTE] awesome
I actually went ahead, instead of playing winter tomorrow, I've done half of it today. I should have the report up early tomorrow, and I plan to figure out how to do the df repository map storage thing so that I can upload the virtual map for everyone to see it in their browser. to save me taking a few dozen screenshots of different layers. Bone door decorated in bone, with helmet snake bones. How many bones do helmet snakes even have? Oh yeah, and winter is pretty uneventful so far. It consisted of mining, ordering a hundred rock doors or so and that's about it, so unless Obsidian contains a steel FB, I don't know if it'll be worth reading :v:
Oh my, I can't wait for my turn.
I hope I'll be able to manage everything once it eventually gets to my turn ;-;
[B]Winter[/B] 14th Moonstone: Well, a mysterious construction begins! Calling that it'll be a goat bone barrel or something useless. 24th Moonstone: Well, I was wrong with my barrel guess, that would have been a useful artifact. Is a cow bone amulet any good to anyone? [t]http://puu.sh/15jlk[/t] [t]http://puu.sh/15jmd[/t] 2nd Opal: I'd love to say that I've done something, but there's really not much going on. I've changed the underground fort a bit, neatening it out and ordering a few gold walls due to the abundance of gold, but all dwarves are busy pretty much 24/7, and there's not been any disturbance for a while. We've got 111 gold nuggets, 165 bars, and a whole load more if we wanted to go mining. Dug out a farm room deep down, there's a room on the left and right, the large one on the right will be the farm, the left one will contain water for irrigation. To fill the irrigation room, there's a screw pump a few levels up, we just need to wire up some floodgates and it'll be good to go. [t]http://puu.sh/15jA3[/t] The pump's here, the irrigation room a few tiles below, though floodgates still need to be added. 9th Opal: WEll, one level of the deep bedrooms is dug out, and the dining hall is dug out. The bedroom wing also has a barracks for two squads and a separate firing range, the trenches catch bolts, so that some can be recovered. [t]http://puu.sh/15m0F[/t] 15th Opal: I designated a lever to be built in the underforts dining hall. It will control the two bridges into the underfort. 26th Opal: Gave orders for the lever in the lower fort to be linked to the bridge. 12th Obsidian: Building is going on as planned, not much major happening, so I give a drawing of a marksdwarf putting bolts downrange. [t]http://puu.sh/15ALr[/t] 28th Obsidian: A child was found, completely out of blood. Fuck whatever the king demands, I'm getting my stuff and getting the hell out of here! [t]http://puu.sh/15B0j[/t] 29th Obsidian: Mules packed, booze and meals packed, rope, beard comb... 30th Obsidian: Left a note to the next overseer to focus on getting industry in the underfort, shouldn't be too much of a threat in the caverns, smelters are slow as hell. Don't know why. --- Sorry, very little happened in this season, I think we are in a place where goblin santa can't come to give us presents. I'm trying to figure out the DF map archive, but I'm not sure if it works with this vers of DF, or else I have 1.6Gb of .bmps :v: Here it is, 1st of whatever the first month, 257 is: [url]http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?1t4tnj4tjky8kxs[/url] View on DF Map Archive: [url]http://mkv25.net/dfma/map-11390-treatywhispers[/url] Underfort is 111, I think surface is around 54. I probably should have deleted the middle of the map images that mean you need to hammer your mouse to go down any decent number of levels.
Updated OP, also replaced some titles with DF-themed banners. Let me know what you think. Also, pretty good turn, Terminutter.
DORF MODE ON. I don't know if you guys have taken to the habit of naming dwarfs after yourself yet, but you really should. Well, I'll take a look at what needs to get done. [editline]16th September 2012[/editline] Oh this is just a silly mess. I'm going to be in dwarf therapist for at least an hour getting all these labours sorted out.
If the idler count is low, they can do what they want when I am managing :v: Also, you all know I set the child cap to 30? They were still breeding in december with 95 kids.
Where the fuck are the levers oh god we're all going to die.
I believe that the microcline levers are safe... at least I think so. I know that the one in the new dining hall is linked to the two bridges controlling the underfort, and I think that I linked the microcline lever in the old dining hall to the caverns entrance staircase bridge. Only issue is that it might not have been the microcline lever, and might have been that grey one. As for the others, I was too scared to check :v: After a quick reread of the thread, I can conclude that of the levers in the upper dining hall, 2 should be safe and one should activate the deathtrap that I never did find. (despite help from images, I am not a clever man) Any additional levers could unleash a horde of rabid badgers for all we know.
Well this should be a FUN moment of discovery. For SCIENCE! (Screenshots incoming)
Oh, darn It. I'm on the next round. I'll download the previous save to become familiar with Meinhammar.
Might I suggest adding [N]otes?
[QUOTE=Twistshock;37696733]Might I suggest adding [N]otes?[/QUOTE] But part of the Fun is having no idea what any levers do!
Anyway, tried to play, buuuuuut... [QUOTE]Missing Item Definition: ITEM_AMMO_BOLTS[/QUOTE] What's that?
Just redownload your copy of DF
[QUOTE=Twistshock;37696733]Might I suggest adding [N]otes?[/QUOTE] I might, when I get around to taking a look at the save again. How's the fort going, wally?
Well I'm trying to get some organization going, and working with the stockpiles and etc. This fort is an unorganized mess, the sooner we can get into the underfort the better.
Downloaded the new version and the save file. oh god my can't words even this describe FUCK :suicide:
[QUOTE=CaioLugia;37709390]Downloaded the new version and the save file. oh god my can't words even this describe FUCK :suicide:[/QUOTE] Haven't played the latest version? :D
What's the haps people?
yeh was goin on
Sweet dwarven magics, obviously. [editline]Within a minute[/editline] That's beard&stone magic btw.
I think wally pulled the wrong lever.
He probably died from an epiletic nerological attack trying to fathom the chaos on that fortress.
He's still posting on the forum, so he hasn't been eaten by a grue. Yet.
Oh shit I forgot about this. AHHHH [editline]24th September 2012[/editline] If my time has run out at least let me upload my save since I renamed and reorganized labours, it will make someone's work easier.
Oh, dammit... This means I'm soon going In. Let's clusterfuck that fortress a bit. :v:
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