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[img]http://k.min.us/icOO7dU8v.png[/img] [b]IP:[/b] [release] [b]What kind of server is this?[/b] CivilQuest is a lag-free server that gives you the freedom to do anything you want. You will be able to build in peace without having to worry about your base being gone the next time you log in. But wait, this doesn't mean that this is a build server is it? No. I assure you this is still a survival server, there is no chest protection mods. You are allowed to [b]minimally[/b] break into a base to gain access. PVP combat is allowed to make things fair. To make everybody a little closer, I have set up a border of 3000 x 3000 blocks. [/release] [release] [b]Rules[/b] Use common sense. Griefing is only allowed [b]minimally[/b] to get access into a base. Stealing is allowed. Homophobia and Racism is not allowed. You may not use any custom clients such as Alias without permission from me. Be mature. Try to be respectful to all players. [/release] [release] [b]Starting Guide[/b] When you first join you will spawn in a bedrock fort. There are gates that go North, East, South, and West. Pick any and begin your quest. [img]http://k.min.us/idQf19NJ.png[/img] [/release] [release] [b]Whitelist[/b] Whitelisting is currently off, feel free to join. [/release]
I presume the server is located in the U.S?
It is located in Europe, however it is still lag free everywhere.
God, I'm getting raped. [editline]21st August 2011[/editline] I reached the border :D
Good job. :)
Sure is assuring that you have a bedrock fort at spawn when assuring players shit won't be destroyed, yes.
I'm getting 'end of stream' now when trying to reconnect. I got massive block lag and disconnected, now it won't let me rejoin.
[QUOTE=Profanwolf;31877359]Sure is assuring that you have a bedrock fort at spawn when assuring players shit won't be destroyed, yes.[/QUOTE] I made that as the only safe-haven for new players.
Also, look closely in the window of the logo. Who is that :v:? [editline]22nd August 2011[/editline] OH GOD WHAT The fucking herobrines. I almost died and lost all of my stuff, so insta-quit.
Ryan decided to set the chance about 10x more than it's normally supposed to spawn. I removed it.
Everytime I disconnect and try to rejoin it doesn't let me rejoin for ages.
Hold on, restarting server.
Im going to join this seems like a nice modest server
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