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… [release] [img]http://img838.imageshack.us/img838/6215/pflogoz.png[/img] Welcome to Paraflux. [/release] [release] [b]About[/b] Paraflux is a public community that is made up of active and friendly members. We are continuously looking to gain more members and branch out to appeal to different people’s server type preferences on CSS. The clan was established on May 16th 2011 by Shougunner, since then there are now several administrators and over 100 members! We started with a Minigames server, but through generosity and loyalty of our members we have been able to expand on this and now have: Minigames, Jail Break, Surf and Rotational War Server. The aims of this community are not for profit or personal benefits but to deliver great gaming experience to you and give suit all members needs. If you do not feel satisfied then speak to one of our Administrators and they will do their best to help you. When you join please be sure to sign up to the Paraflux website: [url]www.Paraflux.co.uk[/url]. Here you can keep up to date with the latest forums on current topics and have YOUR say in discussions that can alter your gaming experience with Paraflux. Also watch out for awesome competitions such as the surfing competition, where you can win great prizes! [/release] [release] [b]Server #1 - Minigames -[/b] This server runs a variety of fun minigames map that range from multigame maps to obstacle maps and even buses from hell, whatever you look for in a Counter Strike Source Server you would more than likely find something you would enjoy in this server. [url=steam://connect/][img]http://sixfigurementorsinsider.com/wp-content/uploads/join_now_button(1).gif[/img][/url] [/release] [release] [b]Server #2 - Jailbreak -[/b] With friendly players and well built maps, I'm sure anyone that joins will have a good time. Jailbreak is a gamemode where the T's (Terrorists) or "Rebels" start inside jail cells, the CT's (Counter-Terrorists) or "Wardens" have to give orders to the T's, if they fail to follow these orders the CT's can kill them, but the T's also have the choice to Rebel. They can knife the CT's, find guns and shoot the CT's or just run into the Armory where CT's get their weapons from but all at the risk of being killed. If you haven't played this gamemode before, It's reccomended you play T (Terrorist) to see what's going on, and how to properly play CT (Counter Terrorist). [url=steam://connect/][img]http://sixfigurementorsinsider.com/wp-content/uploads/join_now_button(1).gif[/img][/url] [/release] [release] [b]Server #3 - Surf -[/b] Paraflux Surf server is just plain ol' Surf, no deathmatch, no WCSmod, no RPGmod, just the plain old simple Surf with a good variety of maps for entertainment. Although we have realised that some people aren't amazing at Surf, and want to learn how to become better, or mabye just instantly get fragged at the start of the round by better and more experience players, so for this reason we added the /redie command in which you can come back to life as a ghost. As a ghost you can only surf, you cannot pick up weapons, you cannot attack other players, you may only surf. [url=steam://connect/][img]http://sixfigurementorsinsider.com/wp-content/uploads/join_now_button(1).gif[/img][/url] [/release] [release] [b]HL2:DM Server -[/b] Our HL2:DM runs Valve maps, mainly dm_runoff. The server is running vanilla with the exception of an admin mod, we found too many servers have hundreds of skins, models, sounds and other various un-needed resources players had to download in order to simply play. We got rid of this by keeping the custom resources to a bare minimum, so we hope you enjoy the fast loading times [url=steam://connect/][img]http://sixfigurementorsinsider.com/wp-content/uploads/join_now_button(1).gif[/img][/url] [/release] [release] You can also check out our forums at: [url=http://www.paraflux.co.uk/forum/]Paraflux.co.uk[/url] We are also looking for a lot of regular members since our servers aren't always fully populated [/release]
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