• Lets Play: Sven Bømwøllen - The Sheep F*ck Game
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Sven Bømwøllen is about a little black sheep whos job in life is one thing: the happyness of all the white sheep. Your main objective is to fuck as many sheep as you can in a set time limit. They came out with quite a few games: -Sven Bømwøllen (2002) -Sven Bømwøllen is the first game of the series and at the same time the most simple one. The game is set on a simple meadow with some trees, bushes, some puddles and a river. All levels look the same and are only distinguished by the number of sheep, the possibility to engage in sexual conduct with the dog (on higher levels) and the occasional presence of the flying saucer (on even higher levels). -Sven Zwo (2003) In the second game, there are different-looking and bigger levels for the first time. The game offers many new animals such as pigs and chickens to become Sven's love interests. In this game, Brømse appears for the first time. There are also some levels set inside a flying saucer. -Sven XXX (2004) Sven XXX adds multiplayer and bonus levels where you play as Alien or Lars. -Sven 004 (2004) -Sven 004 offers new features, such as levels spanning multiple screens, new enemies such as the short-sighted hunters, cars whom Sven needs to avoid when crossing a street, and a lawnmower he can use as a transport vehicle. You can also play as Brømse, Wøtan, Lars or Aliens, each of them (except for Wøtan) having their own vehicle. -Sven Kommt (2005) Sven Kommt is a departure from the other games in the fact that the game is more of a platformer than a normal Sven game (Despite the fact that the objective is still the same: giving the white sheep plenty of happiness.) and replaces the 2-D sprites with 3-D characters and scenery. -Mach’s noch einmal, Sven (2007) In Mach’s noch einmal, Sven , the 3-D style is incorporated back into the original non-platformer approach. Here is a video of the first game: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pkm1qJQLo8o[/media] And a link to download it: [url]http://www.fileplanet.com/181115/180000/fileinfo/Sven-Bollen-Sheep-game[/url] Sven XXX: [url]http://www.das-download-archiv.de/software_997_download_sven-xxx.html[/url] Also for links to all games see this: [url]http://forum.iranproud.com/sven-all-games-t196364.html?amp;t=196364[/url]
The arcade versions are pretty fun
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