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[release] [IMG]http://www.fellowsgame.net/uploads/bannerprofan.png[/IMG] Server Name:[B] Profans Humble Abode[/B] Max Players:[B] 75[/B] Started:[B]4th August 2010[/B] Server IP: [B]fellowsgame.net[/B] [B]SURVIVAL SERVER[/B] [B]Server Site!:[/B] [URL]http://minecraft.fedorafellows.com/[/URL] [B]Teamspeak3[/B] IP: fellowsgame.net [/release] [quote] [B]Server Overviewer:[/B] [URL]http://www.fellowsgame.net/overview//[/URL] [B]Current Admins and Moderators!:[/B] [url]http://minecraft.fedorafellows.com/the-server/moderators/[/url] [B]Donators![/b] [url]http://minecraft.fedorafellows.com/the-server/donate/list/[/url] The [B]Overviewer[/B] has [IMG]http://www.fellowsgame.net/overview/town.png[/IMG] • Towns, [IMG]http://www.fellowsgame.net/overview/village.png[/IMG] • Villages, [IMG]http://www.fellowsgame.net/overview/cabin.png[/IMG] • Small Villages and Underground Settlements These are all marked out on the map, if you want yours added, post here: [URL]http://forum.fedorafellows.com/showthread.php?tid=19[/URL] and make a wiki article for your town! Places marked as town are big enough and have defensive fortifications strong enough to be called a town, villages are medium sized settlements and small villages are small ones, underground is simply a underground settlement. [/quote] [highlight][B]Attention! We have a wiki here![/B] [URL]http://www.fedorafellows.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page[/URL][/highlight] You can specify if the town/village/underground settlement has a marker on the [URL=""]Overview[/URL], but do not specify any coordinates on the wiki, this is to promote people making roads/better means of transportation. [B]Welcome [/B]to checking out my minecraft smp server, play here and you will have a good time if you enjoy making towns, helping with the large projects that usually happen underground or the fortresses for the town center, almost everything here is centered around the towns, so roads, subways and monorails are made to them. It's basically minecraft SP with other people, and no pvp. So if you want to play minecraft with other people, have fun and not be afraid of your shit getting stolen, fucked up or burned down? Then you should play here. Most towns usually have lots that you can get to build there, just ask the owner for permission and what rules there are for that specific town. Of course you don't have to join a town, you can always start a fortress somewhere with your friends, or make a house just like you would in SP, then trade and such with the other players around you, whatever you do i will try to make your experience the best i can. When you join you will appear at the spawn, which most likely has signs, roads and railways to other towns, if you can't find anything? Just ask! [highlight]How to get whitelisted for the server :[/highlight] Just fill out the below form, and you'll be playing in no time! [URL]http://forum.fedorafellows.com/request.php[/URL] Remember, this server is by no means exclusive! It is out there for everyone who wants in on it, bring your friends! Brought to you by... [B][URL]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fedorafellows[/URL][/B] [B][URL="http://www.fedorafellows.com/"]www.fedorafellows.com[/URL][/B] [B]Server Info[/B] The server is now hosted at a german datacenter, and with renting this box comes great stability, but also great cost, so all donations will be accepted, as they all help. [URL="http://www.hetzner.de/en/hosting/produkte_rootserver/ex5"][IMG]http://www.hetzner.de/images/logo.gif[/IMG][/URL] is the box I'm renting, currently the cost is 85 € per month, which is alot of money for a poor student like me, so any contributions are helpful. The same box except it has 1.5 TB of storage and a i7 950, and half the RAM. [B]Rules![/b] [url]http://minecraft.fedorafellows.com/the-server/rules/[/url] [B]Server Things to Know:[/B] How to keep check on what I'm doing with the server if it is down? Look here! [URL="http://twitter.com/Profanwolf"][IMG]http://a0.twimg.com/a/1296525272/images/twitter_logo_header.png[/IMG][/URL] and this group: [URL]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fedorafellows[/URL] [B]Memorable Old Maps[/B] • Map with [URL="http://www.fedorafellows.comt/wiki/index.php?title=Crampture"]Crampture[/URL],[URL="http://www.fedorafellows.com/wiki/index.php?title=Flintridge"]Flintridge[/URL], [URL="http://www.fedorafellows.com/wiki/index.php?title=Cliffside"]Cliffside[/URL] and many others: [URL="http://www.fedorafellows.com/uploads/world13.rar"]www.fedorafellows.com/uploads/world13.rar[/URL] • Map with [URL="http://www.fedorafellows.com/wiki/index.php?title=Stormhaven"]Stormhaven[/URL] and [URL="http://www.fedorafellows.com/wiki/index.php?title=New_Vennice"]New Vennice[/URL], and various settlements: [URL]http://www.fedorafellows.com/uploads/worldbiome3.rar[/URL] • Best map ever, shadowmarsh, bobville, bunkerville, sulsamburgh, skitgaard, and many others you can find info about on the wiki. [URL]http://www.fedorafellows.com/uploads/biomeTest.7z[/URL] - It's there! [B]Old Server Threads!:(v1,v2)[/B] [URL="http://www.facepunch.com/threads/980571-Profans-Minecraft-SMP-FP-Server"]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/980...-SMP-FP-Server[/URL]! [URL]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1053694-Profans-Minecraft-SMP-FP-Server-V2[/URL]! [B]NOSTALGIA:[/B] [URL]http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=973272[/URL] [B]Currently Whitelisted[/B] ~ 1565 People!
Update the server please. :unsmith: Also, first! :sax:
[QUOTE=Smoky Valle;30125539]Update the server please. :unsmith: Also, first! :sax:[/QUOTE] Use this to downgrade your game: :v: [url]http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/106402-tool-cyborgs-tools-mcnostalgia-101-released/[/url] [editline]29th May 2011[/editline] Also with me getting a decent job over the summer, this is not too far off! [url]http://www.hetzner.de/en/hosting/produkte_rootserver/eq10[/url] and to everyone downgrading, downgrade to 1.5_01!
I am Still not one of the awesome People Ie Regulars :v:.anyway look like the lava Mob trap does not work anymore with new update.have to fix it.
[QUOTE=Grahul1;30125917]I am Still not one of the awesome People Ie Regulars :v:.anyway look like the lava Mob trap does not anymore with new update.have to fix it.[/QUOTE] IT DOES NOT ANYMORE yes you should
damn, I can't seem to get the hang of downgrading. Its way to vague. I think I'll just play some other game. Hope you all have fun.
It's simple, there is this file with a bunch of patches: [URL]http://bit.ly/mpuxMn[/URL] Then there is the downgrade program: [URL]http://bit.ly/kZYZWj[/URL] Extract the program anywhere on your computer then open the patch zip file. In there find the folder for 1.5.1 and copy the files within that folder to the bin folder of the downgrade program. Run the program and press option 1. that is it. Done.
I couldn't find a download with the patches. Thanks. I'll try and come on but I'm tired so I might just head to bed.
Yay! new thread. We can be the cool kids in this one now! [editline]30th May 2011[/editline] Is the old map back up if we downgrade?
1.5 is fun, I can reinstall the horde of mods again!
Somebody in Lakeside is cutting down the trees. I think I found the culprits house an left him a message. If you plan on coming to Lakeside DON'T CUT DOWN ANY TREES ANYWHERE NEAR IT. Cut them down at spawn or something if you need wood. OR you better use the dirt trick so you get saplings in return and either PLANT THEM or put them in the Community house near the Church.
Yay new thread.
What big constructions are going on at the moment? And is the Netherrail finished?
[QUOTE=Mortson;30135800]What big constructions are going on at the moment? And is the Netherrail finished?[/QUOTE] I think there is Direforge. Not sure about that. You'd be mining out tons of stone for an underground city. Or there is Lakeside. We have plenty of room around the lake for your to build. Al Goth might be needing some terraformers.
Oh look, a new thread. Is the server working properly? [editline]30th May 2011[/editline] Downgrading when I can.
Mock-up for the Palace is like 90% complete. [editline]30th May 2011[/editline] [QUOTE=Mortson;30135800]What big constructions are going on at the moment? And is the Netherrail finished?[/QUOTE] Netherrail was abandoned, there is now a railroad under construction, currently though there is a road to Al Gothein.
Nice new thread!
How do you un-downgrade? Redownloading the client doesn't work.
I explained how a few posts up.
I did that, but I want to get it back to 1.6.5 (the newest version).
Selection Option 2. To unpatch. Or I guess stick patch 1.6.5 from the patch zip into the bin folder and then patch again.
Ah ok, thanks.
Or just delete the bin folder?
Or that :v:
[img]http://i.imgur.com/FZ5Hl.png[/img] LAKESIDE Also, DICK. We found your noteblock loop! hahaha at least it wasn't an annoying sound though. [img]http://i.imgur.com/hCTWC.png[/img]
Wow that is a beautiful place Mr. Sun. Anyhow I finished the palace mockup, its more of a blueprint because it is to scale (relatively), each 16x16 pixels is 2 blocks. I used Photoshop for this and John Smith's texture pack (easier to differentiate materials). It is 56 blocks across and 55 blocks high. Here is a scaled down image: [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/3x66w.png[/IMG] Here is the link to the full-sized version: [URL]http://i54.tinypic.com/33vp1yp.png[/URL] Bare in mind because I'm using 16x16 pixels to illustrate 2 blocks in-game the palace would be wider, the blueprint looks squashed by comparison. I had to approximate the width of the palace (server was down), using the specifications of the Market lots, the Royal District is roughly 60 blocks wide. Anyway here is a list of references and suggestions I used: [code] Mr.Sun: -The Hotel Abu Dhabi Palace (the squared huts & leveled design) ([URL]http://tiny.cc/4n0y9[/URL]) -The Dubai Royal Mirage Palace (the canopy and overhang design) ([URL]http://tiny.cc/x3cup[/URL]) -Fountain stream connected to the river idea. Ir1ishfox: -The Sheikh Zayed Mosque (general design, theme and tower idea) ([URL]http://tiny.cc/lexmy[/URL]) -The Taj Mahal (general design, theme and tower idea) ([URL]http://tiny.cc/bagp9[/URL]) ForestRaptor: -Artificial palm tree idea. -General concept ideas, towers, structure etc. -Dye & sandstone dome-roof idea. My References: -Lut Gholein Palace (primary base concept) ([URL]http://tiny.cc/01f5s[/URL]) -The Badshahi Mosque (front entrance, arches and tower concepts) ([URL]http://tiny.cc/7ebss[/URL]) -The Pearl Mosque (front entrance and tower concepts) ([URL]http://tiny.cc/y4jv0[/URL]) [/code]
[QUOTE=Drax-Quin;30140030]Palace[/QUOTE] Looks Hawt.
[QUOTE=Drax-Quin;30140030]-The Hotel Abu Dhabi Palace (the squared huts & leveled design) [/QUOTE] Heh, I've seen the building live. World's most expensive hotel btw.
Damn the royal district is two blocks out :v:. Oh well I can extend it I guess. Its also 41 blocks long which should be sufficient. Also I removed some wooden cube thing while terraforming the beach past the Market District. If the person wants his wood just ask me.
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