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[quote][video=youtube;ljvZ928YGrQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljvZ928YGrQ[/video][/quote] [t]http://i.imgur.com/agKMXoI.png[/t] [B]"There is in me an anarchy and frightful disorder." -Albert Camus[/B] For those who take to the stars, be warned: there is no law which extends indefinitely. Beyond the edge of the each solar system is a vast inky sea awash with evil and fear; this is simply the time in which we live. It is 2385, and the institutions we once relied upon to do business out there, to travel peacefully and to coexist with the innumerable lifeforms which occupy the galaxy's reaches, they have failed completely. Pirates and zealots, soldiers of fortune and the petty kings of industry, slave drivers- they are out there in greater numbers than ever before, and it happened so quickly. Just over two years ago, it seemed so different, before the HarkArk Privateers slaughtered the Crimus at Zeruel, and the United Galactic Community began to unravel. That war which destroyed Odenia and drove the humans into isolationism invited the kanads, bloodthirsty little goblins they are, to invade and subjugate their neighbors at will. Well, nearly- the khergians of Rigel will have something to say about that... The Sanghvi Mantle, once thought to be extinguished by civil war, has risen from the ashes and seeks revenge for lands stolen from them 15 years ago. Religious fanatics are mounting a historic offensive against the godless leaders of Sol, and democracy is in retreat almost everywhere... There is a ship called the Muramasa, owned by the obscure Terika-Belladonna Company. Its business is hard to describe; its crew has recently taken part in some mob warfare, spoiling a well-fixed sporting event while they were at it. They've also gone out east, to the warzone, to steal some strange and mysterious technology from the anemic remains of the UGC. In the process they destroyed a massive armored train, killed a lot of unsuspecting soldiers, and backed up some toilets. What no one knows is that this crew is up to something big, something that could change everything when no one expects it. Their seemingly random pattern of lawless acts are being orchestrated by forces of order in a chaotic world. Could it be that they're just the heroes the galaxy needs? Welcome to Starpath. Should you choose to fly with the Muramasa, be prepared to lay everything on the line. [B]Scoundrels of the Interstellar Highway is the sequel to Starpath: Jouney Across the Galaxy (Originally called Spaceship Crew RP), originally started by Doomevil in March of 2015.[/B] [B]Previous Threads:[/B] [URL="http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1457037"]Starpath I, V1[/URL] [URL="https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1493383"]Starpath I, V2[/URL] [URL="https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1505836"]Starpath II, V1[/URL] [B]Available Positions:[/B] [quote]Pilot- You enjoy having your hand wrapped around a nice stick. Aim for the black stuff between the stars and you'll be alright. Gunner- You see that thing that's following our ship? Make it unfollow us. Navigator- You prevent the crew from getting lost in space. If you’re bad at your job, everyone starves to death, but at least you don’t get fired. Mercenary- You shoot things for money. You also take bullets for money, but you like the first part better. Security- You keep the peace by cracking heads. You're who the crew runs to instead of the cops. Warden- You make sure prisoners stay in their cells, and secrets stay outside of prisoners. Engineer- You show up with gadgets when things break on the ship. You also show up with gadgets when things need to break off the ship. Biologist- You poke things with needles and write stuff down. Occasionally, it’s because we ask you to. Physician- You make sure no one slacks off by dying on the clock. Cook- You slave over a hot stove all day and lecture people about starving orphans in the northwest quadrant. Bartender- You serve drinks and are the least suspicious member of the crew.[/quote] The position of Captain is currently held by Taylor Caine (Infab), who was previously a mercenary. To become captain, the crew must vote in mutiny, ejecting the previous captain from the position. This has already happened once, removing Yuga Shuur (Radley) from the position. The new captain is then elected by the crew, and continues serving the position he/she/it previous occupied. Yes, we have a genderless crewmember. Check your privilege and respect our pronouns please. [B]Character Template:[/B] [quote]Name: Picture or Physical Description: Birthdate: Race: Profession: Bio: Special Skills or Attributes:[/quote] [B]Chance:[/B] Any time you do an action that’s not guaranteed to work (“X shoots the lights out!”) it requires a roll. The odds are arbitrary, aka, I set them however I feel is appropriate for the situation. In the above scenario, let’s say I call it a 2/3 chance. I then roll using a number generator, and if you roll a 2 or 3 out of 3, the action succeeds. [B]Combat:[/B] All characters have HP. The players’ HP is displayed, whereas the enemies’ is not. Combat follows this basic pattern- if the player is attacking an enemy, a D10 is rolled to find a base value, which is then modified by feats and tech. The final damage is applied to the enemy. That enemy may then respond with an attack of their own, which follows the same pattern. Players who run out of HP or run into the negative are only incapacitated, and if the absolute value of the negative number is smaller than the chapter number of the mission, they can be revived after the fight. [I]Otherwise, they are sent back to the ship until the end of the chapter.[/I] Try to stay alive out there! [B]Feats:[/B] You get two feats. The first is determined by your race, while the second is assigned based on the “special skills or attributes” section of your character sheet. Don’t worry about the physical mechanics; just tell me what you’d like (“He fights better when he’s drunk!”) and I translate it into a feat which modifies your combat stats. Racial Feats (these are just a few options. If you create a new race, you determine the racial feat.): [quote]Humans - Willpower (100HP instead of 50, immune to enemy CH crit rolls) Androids - Durability (DEF Tech base value 8 instead of 5) Ayr - Telepathy (CH roll each turn for enemy mind read, 1/3 chance for dodge) Kanads - Malevolence (All combat CH rolls twice as likely, surprise attacks deal x2 DMG) Khergians - Bloodfury (DMG roll occurs on D20 instead of D10, consecutive 10+ rolls result in +2DMG per turn during streak) Sanghvi - Dismemberment (1/2 CH roll results in x2 melee damage, automatically incapacitate enemies under a quarter of their base HP) Vak'r - Psionics (1.5x DMG when using energy-based weapons)[/quote] [B]Tech:[/B] Your character's base stats are modified by tech stats. Each chapter, everyone levels up and gets a stat point to apply toward their character in one of three categories: HP, ATK, or DEF. The first increases your overall stamina. The second increases the multiplier of your combat rolls (and stacks with feat effects!). The third effects a value which is subtracted from the damage you take from enemies. Late-entry characters automatically get the same number of stat points as early-joiners. So, if you join the game or create a new character in Chapter 3, you will immediately get three stat points to spend. Try to tailor them to your character's strengths! [B]General Rules:[/B] 1. Be cool with one another. Nobody likes giant, out of character arguments. 2. You aren’t a demigod, so if you want something to happen, roll for it. 3. PVP is fine, but both parties have to agree to it. 4. Be active. If you don’t post in a while, your character will become an NPC. 5. If you post out of character, use double parentheses ((like this.)) 6. Creating new races is allowed and encouraged, but don't create anything which breaks the game. 7. Please don't submit characters or races which are references to existing media. [B]Useful Diagrams:[/B] [t]http://i.imgur.com/ye7cwne.png[/t] [t]http://i.imgur.com/sJEnoja.png[/t] [B]Current Active Players:[/B] Damian0358 F T Infab jugerbro Kilerabv Otterman Radley The Rifleman Viper123_SWE
Jason was firing the MAWS at the DV mercs like it was no tomorrow, trying to take them down as soon as possible for the crew, however he reaches the final kinetic projectile and goes back to cover. "I need some extra ammo here! This thing is dried out!"
((A note on the Death Vigil's faction feat: I had previously agreed with Kilerabv to boost their ATK tech by 1.0 for each third of their health lost, but I had misremembered this when I made the last post. I accidentally listed it as a 0.25 boost (one tech level as opposed to 1.0 tech). This obviously has major implications for the fight and since I cannot go back and edit the previous posts now, I'll have to simply begin applying it now. Sorry for the confusion.)) Jag rebounded from the previous attacks and targeted the Heavy Vulture's joints with the same sort of scrambling devices it had previously employed in the battle. The Vultures were well protected by their shields, however, and so it would take a lucky throw to catch them unguarded, especially since they've seen Jag use this attack before. CH Estimate: 1/5 [B]Actual: {3, 3, 2}[/B] 3 Rolls Failed. Each of the three devices were blocked by the shields. Jag then attempted to attack directly, but was simply thrown back by the combined strength of the Heavy Vultures thrusting their barrier into it, and the sanghvi was sent tumbling backward without landing a blow. [I]Action Invalidated.[/I] Having blocked the assault, the Vultures discarded their shields at Archangel's orders and advanced, their goal being a direct and all-out assault to break the stalemate. The two heavy vultures broke out stun batons and set upon Jag as the latter was rising from the ground. While they hammered away, Archangel took direct aim on his enemies' leader, Taylor. Heavy Vultures 1 and 2: [B]{2, 7}[/B] x 0.5(Suppression) = {1, 3.5... 4} Jag: DEF Roll = 1 [B]4 DMG[/B] Jag HP: 55/50 (Nanosurgeon) Jag fought back against the armored Vultures, blocking their shots as they came in. The sanghvi's resistance prevented it any serious harm. Meanwhile, Archangel had decided to taunt Taylor. "You wanted me captain," he said. "Now I'm here." As he pulled the trigger, Maddox leaped from his position to take the shot. CH Estimate: 3/5 [B]Actual: 2[/B] Roll Failed. Maddox flew through the air, crashing to the ground between Archangel and Taylor before the former had actually fired his shot- [I]mediocre.[/I] Confused, Archangel simply fired at Taylor anyway while Maddox was left looking up at him. Archangel: [B]3[/B] x .5(Suppression) = 1.5... 2 Taylor: DEF Roll = 1 [B]1 DMG[/B] Taylor HP: 124/125 Taylor jerked to the side at the correct moment and took barely a scuffing shot to her armor. Better yet, she was now in position to counterattack and did so without hesitation. Taylor: [B]8[/B] x 1.25(Machinist) = [B]10 DMG[/B] The blast hit Archangel at his center of mass, but barely moved him. Despite the carnage which had gone on in engineering, it seemed increasingly clear that the combatants in the armory were failing to seriously harm each other, either a testament to their poor accuracy or to the strength of their armor. While all this was going on, János unfolded a MAWS into an LMG, complete with a bipod, and took aim on the Heavy Vultures. Jag shoved them backwards at that moment and János opened fire. János: {6, 1} x 1.25(Machinist) = {7.5... [B]8[/B], 1.25... [B]1[/B]} One of his opponents saw the attack coming and dove out of the way while the other took several shots directly to his armor, grunting loudly as the gun did its work. János only had a moment, however, as the lightly armored Vultures responded to his aggression with an attack of their own. Vultures 1, 2, and 3: [B]{5, 2, 4}[/B] x 2(Conviction) x 0.5(Suppression) = {5, 2, 4} János: DEF Rolls = {1, 4, 5} [B]1 DMG[/B] Thanks in part to Taylor's suppression earlier on, the Vultures were less accurate in their next attack, barely nicking the android. Jason then responded with another volley of his own against the opposition. Jason: {5, 2, 9 + 10(Assault) + 10(Assault) + 4 (Assault), 6, 7, 5} x 1.25(Machinist) = {6.25... [B]6[/B], 2.5... [B]3[/B], 41.25... [B]41(!)[/B], 7.5... [B]8[/B], 8.75... [B]9[/B], 6.25... [B]6[/B]} Jason ran out of ammo and returned to cover, agitated that despite a perfect headshot to one of the Heavy Vultures, he hadn't been able to kill any; the bullets just seemed to bounce off their armor. The last of the lightly-armored men behind the front line seemed to be having trouble with blood loss, however. --- The Starving Buzzard was fully operational once again, and the crew immediately set about calibrating the scanners while the last few reserve mercenaries onboard plunged into the Muramasa's cargo bay via the entry tube. The bridge crew was trying to locate the Muramasa's warp drive. CH Estimate: 3/5 [B]Actual: 3[/B] Roll Passed. A moment later, the Scythes were updated. On the canopy of their starfighters, the HUD placed an overlay identifying the exact position of the Muramasa's warp drive. It was located parallel to the tunnel connecting the brig to the armory, and had tendrils and ducts use to coordinate the various spatial-distorting features of the craft reaching all throughout the aft portions of the ship. The Scythes divided their priorities, with one attacking the surface-mounted weapons around the ship with plasma and the other firing a rocket at the warp drive. Scythe 1: CH Estimate: 3/5 [B]Actual: 5[/B] Roll Passed. The nimble fighter circled around the Muramasa, using its own light weaponry to attack the machine guns and auto flak cannons. One by one, the weapons systems were torn up and destroyed, eventually leaving the Muramasa completely defenseless. Scythe 2: CH Estimate: 4/5 [B]Actual: 4[/B] Roll Passed. Another explosion rocked the ship, felt especially strong in the armory. The sound of rushing wind alerted the crew that air was being syphoned out of the ship at an alarming rate due to the increasing number of holes which dotted its surfaces, and the gaping cavity left behind by the engine and warp drive explosions. [I]There was no escaping in the Muramasa now; the ship would need to be towed.[/I] --- The fight in Engineering continued despite the fact that the ship seemed to be coming apart all around them. Nathaniel pounced on Markus, wrestling with the sniper in an attempt to choke him out. CH Estimate: 3/5 [B]Actual: 1[/B] Roll Failed. A few seconds passed as the two became locked in a struggle, but Markus broke free from Nathaniel's grasp and drew another knife. He plunged it into a soft spot in Nathaniel's armor without the latter even seeing the hidden blade. Markus: [B]2[/B] x 3(Ambusher) = [B]6 DMG[/B] It wasn't much, but it was enough to force the armored Vulture away. Nathaniel, enraged and ready to kill his opponent, threw an armored haymaker at Markus. (Auto Roll) Nathaniel: [B]4[/B] x (No Feat Applicable) = 4 Markus: DEF Roll = 2 [B]2 DMG[/B] Markus HP: 174/156 (Nanosurgeon) Markus was already in the process of rolling out of the way, and the punch missed its mark. The two mercenaries stumbled over each other in the dark, falling to the ground several steps away from each other. There was an unnerving, creaking, groaning sound coming from the ship... and the soft hum of the critical life support systems began to disappear. The remaining electricity within the body was running dry as the reactor core ceased turning over. [B]Their stomachs churned as the artificial gravity disappeared from the ship.[/B] The Heavy Vultures in engineering weren't deterred, and kept their focus on responding to Porter's attack. They kicked away from the floor, choosing to brace themselves against what had been the wall, firing up against their now-floating opponent. Heavy Vultures 3 and 5: [B]{1, 10}[/B] x 3(Conviction) = {3, 30} Porter: DEF Rolls = {5, 4} [B]24 DMG[/B] Porter was caught off guard by the Vultures' maneuver, and was struck multiple times in the body as he struggled to wrap his mind around the fight, and conquer fear of the Muramasa suddenly disintegrating. At the same time, the Vulture Markus had nearly killed had managed to grab his gun out of the air and was now reloading, even as a weightless trickle of his own blood snaked out, floating effortlessly. The five other Vultures now appeared at the doorway, ready to join the fight. [B]4 Turns Until End of Battle[/B]
"Well, that was embarassing." Said Maddox before quickly getting up. He opened fire Archangel with his rifle.
"Stop firing! Stop the goddamn fire before you kill us all!" Archangel's voice blared over the comms on board the Buzzard. Specter was quick to anser. "You said you wanted us to cripple the ship." "Cripple! Not destroy! The life support and gravity are currently fucked. Any more hits and this trashheap is going to explode on us! Tell the scythes to stop firing and to start patroling the area." While giving orders to his pilot, Archangel had been examening the situation. Thankfully, the enemy couldnt hear him barking orders, otherwise they might think that they were winning this fight. He activated his magnetic boots and quickly stuck to the floor. Looking at his oponents, he started to laugh. A laugh that turned more and more robotic with each 'ha'. "Do you feel that? The air is getting thin. Hard to breathe. How does it feel captain? How does it feel knowing that you just doomed whoever is injured to a slow and agonizing death of suffocation? You're going to have to figure out a good way to raise morale after this. I can figure out a few ideas. Hell, you wouldnt be the first captain to go so low. Your drama queen over here seemed very eager to please too." He turned his head towards Maddox and noticed him aiming at him. "Come on boyscout! Take your shot! Show your captain that you earned your good boy points!" He, started to move closer to Maddox, letting him take his shot. After taking the damage, the Head Vulture's eyes glowed red. "My turn." The gauntlet on his left hand lid up as Archangel delivered a punch to the mercenarie's stomach." The rest of the vultures were disoriented from the sudden loss of gravity. The heavy vultures were the first to react as they noticed Jag. Battons still in hand, they took swings, hoping to hit the large oponent. The light armored of the squad continued to try and hit their oponents. The gravity giving out, didnt really help them. --- In engineering the situation was in turmoil. "You have your targets. Shoot them!" Nathaniel yelled at the new arrivals as he continued his fight with Markus. He pulled out a knife of his own and moved in to start slashing. The Heavys continued their assault on the rest of the crew as the new arrivals and the injured vulture joined the fight.
As the gravity began to fade, and everything slowly began to lift off of where it was resting, Taylor grunted. She engaged her microjets, adjusting her angle and correcting it, before engaging the magnets in her suit's boots. She fell and landed on her feet with a loud [B]CLANK[/B], before straightening up and lifting her autoshotty. Aiming at their leader again. [QUOTE]"Do you feel that? The air is getting thin. Hard to breathe. How does it feel captain? How does it feel knowing that you just doomed whoever is injured to a slow and agonizing death of suffocation? You're going to have to figure out a good way to raise morale after this. I can figure out a few ideas. Hell, you wouldn't be the first captain to go so low."[/QUOTE] "I won't have to do anything. Just knowing I ripped your damn spine out will suit them [I]just fine.[/I]" replied Taylor, charging up the auto-shotgun for another shot. She was fine in this sort of environment, thanks to the suit's internal life support system. Hopefully backup would arrive soon for the others. She then heard and saw their leader go for Mad. [QUOTE]"Your drama queen over here seemed very eager to please too...Come on boyscout! Take your shot! Show your captain that you earned your good boy points!"[/QUOTE] Shit, he's gonna go after Mad. She opened fire as he got close to him and swung. Maybe the charged shot would knock him off his game a bit. Mad probably wouldn't survive a beating from the DV's metallic leader.
Hariim activates the magnetic grips on his boots and hands. He uses these not to anchor himself to the flat surfaces of the ship, but to get a grip on his surroundings so he can move around easily while exploiting the advantages that zero-g lends a soldier with experience like Hariim. He shoots out of the little hole he's been hiding in. He angles himself to arc over the enemy mercs, spraying air bursting slugs all the way down at them. He lets one of his daemons coordinate his movements for his landing up in the pipes in the cieling of engineering. -------------------------------------------------------- Bucky yanks her bolt pistol out of her personal locker in the closet she's been hiding in. She pops up at the hatch right after Hariim takes off. She fires off a volley of .75 caliber mass-reactive shells at the Vultures that've just arrived.
[quote]Meanwhile, back on Karbala.[/quote] Aban worked his fingers quite literally to the bone. Yellow blood seeped through the blisters and cracks in his skin as he assembled the finishing parts of the plasma rifle. He had just finished adding on a firing mode which let it fire a beam of pure plasma. This was the thousandth rifle he assembled tonight. He's working overtime along with the rest of the workers in the factory, but he didn't mind. He had a job to do and until the last drop of his blood, he was going to do it. The order was given to him and the rest of the factory workers by the ayatollahs earlier to assemble together as many weapons as they could until all of Karbala was drowning in them. Tabor inspected the onboard systems of a newly made fighter. Everything functioned as it should. Now was time to check the cloaking capabilities each and every single one of them will have. He flipped a switch in the cockpit... and nothing happened. He looked around the seat and he could still see everything inside, as well as the wings. Disappointed, he opened up the cockpit and climbed out. As he was walking back to his station, he slammed right into an invisible wall of sorts. It turns out the cloaking device functioned so the pilot could see his own plane while inside the cockpit, but it was invisible to everyone else. This feature was added in so the pilot could avoid nasty collisions while cloaking. Sayeh injected himself with the combat serum he and the rest of the savages were highly addicted to. Everything went yellow as he and three other savages began to convulse violently as he tried to hold himself together. One very unfortunate person CoG had abducted was dropped into the room the savages were in. Sayeh and the other three were frothing at the mouth at the sight of this interloper that appeared before them. All four leaped upon him as they violently tore him apart with their hands. A splash of blood hit a glass window on the far end of the room. An ayatollah sat on the other side of the glass with a clipboard as he concluded his report, while making a note to see if the drug could be tweaked to make the savages even more vicious. Several arms were hanging off of hooks as an overhead trolley delivered them to the main assembly machine. Workers took the arms off the hooks and placed them in empty slots shaped like an arm, which completed a hole in the machine that was in the shape of man. With the head, torso, and all the limbs finally in place, it was time to add skin and blood. Buttons were pressed, causing the slots to fall back into a pool filled with opaque liquid. The skin was formed, with tissue and bone connecting together. A lever was flipped, making several large needles puncture each part of the body and inject a yellow fluid into them. The final part was underway, giving the body life. A robotic overhead arm lowered itself and shocked the newly made bodies, causing them to spasm a bit. They were alive, and the locks holding the bodies in place were removed. The newly formed artisynth shambled about out of the slots, as the workers dried them and gave them jumpsuits to wear. An imam then herded them onto a truck and took them to the mosque where they would be educated in CoG's ways and given and identity. The ayatollahs were looking over the reports that were coming in as their orders were being carried out. Karbala was alive, and the artisynth were completely active. Weapons, vehicles, and equipment were being made. Nearby asteroids and planets within their system were being mined for their resources. New artisynth were being made, each of them being raised and trained to give their lives for their god. CoG were planning something big, and were making all the necessary preparations. They were preparing for war. The standing orders Moloch left behind. "[I]No doubt the captive that was freed will return with a much larger fighting force than when we initially encountered them. However, considering what it is we may be going up against, it is not enough that we simply repel them. A message must be made to the rest to force them to think twice about coming back for more. These pirate scum need to know they've awoken the Children of God from their defeat centuries ago, and their decision to attack us has placed a curse on all their heads. We must construct more of our people, more weapons, more vehicles and equipment. And since I feel we will be needed again in the future, I call for an assembly of the Quds Force. You know what you must do, and I certainly hope Chemosh will not be disappointed when he returns, as I feel he is near.[/I]"
Jag swiftly try to fight off the heavily armored mercs, using it's implant to find any weakness within their suits while making sure to avoid any incoming blows. [B]-----[/B] Hestia quickly seals the room where she and rest of the non combat personnel are hiding. Taking control of the ship's system to keep the room's live support active as long as possible though her wireless connection to the Muramasa's systems. Physically, she's hastily secures the wounded into an closed cycle respiratory cover over their stretchers to keep them safe while directing the rest of the individuals within the area to nearby oxygen masks fashioned from medical equipment or surplus freelancer gear.
Markus saw Nathaniel approaching and he was powerless to move away as he began floating when the gravity went offline. He opted to angle himself to kick Nathaniel as he got close enough and then fly into the light vultures in the doorway to knock them down like bowling pins. --- [I]Meanwhile, in the Renegade Quadrant.[/I] [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsSu4qdHgX0[/media] An ancient Irish song played on the juke box in the [I]Celtics[/I]'s bar. In a corner sat Captain Neal Duffy, an independent smuggler, looking down into his pint. His focus shifted as two figures entered the bar. One was a rough looking man with his graying hair slicked back, a goatee and two prominent facial scars. With him was a Khergian woman with a cybernetic arm, dressed in aged combat gear along with a tanktop and a shrapnel vest. The sides of her head was shaven and the white hair top was brushed back into a small knot. Both figures were, unfortunately, familiar to Captain Duffy. "Whada ya want, Crow?" he spoke up with his thick Irish accent. Captain Crow chuckled as he sat down at the table, the Khergian sat herself down a few tables away. "Can't I just come by an say hello to an old mate?" he said with a Scottish accent with a grin on his scarred face. Duffy frowned and looked back down into his pint. Crow leaned onto the table and tried to catch Duffy's eyes, "I need dirt, Neal" he said in a calm tone. Duffy took a swig of his drink and looked at Crow, "Who?" "The Suits." Crow answered without hesitation, starring intensely at Duffy. Neal smiled slightly and raised his glass to take another swig, "Sorry, Brother. You know they'll hunt me down and put me in the mud like a dog if I tell ya anyth..." he replied before he was interrupted by Crow. "The girls, Neal, who are they?" he asked. Neal put his glass down and was about to answer before Crow continued. "The girls in yer lock up, mate. Now answer the question." Neal looked around before sighing and returning his focus to Crow. "Some o' the Sultans escaped dolls. Comin' to pick em up tomorrow." Crow smiled widely and shot a glance towards the Khergian who had a smirk on her face. He looked back to Duffy and raised his eyebrows, "Ya sure?" Duffy let out a irritated scoff, "Aye, I'm sure brother. Ya might think I'm daft but ain't no man from 'ere to the empire who don' know that mans mark." Crow turned around towards the Khergian, "Obie." he said with a nod. The Khergian returned a nod and got up, pulling a knife from her belt. Duffy's eyes darted and he was about to get up when he noticed Crow pulled a gun on the other side of the table. As Duffy put his hands on the table, Crow got up while pointing the gun towards him. "Yer makin' it alot more difficult than it needs to be, lad." he said with a unamused tone. Duffys look darted between Crow, the gun and the Khergian, "C'mon Crow... He.. He'll gut me if anythin 'appens to the..." Duffy wasn't able to finish his plea before Crow blasted the pint glass. He jolted and put his hands up to his head as he was splashed with beer and glass shards. Crow continued to aim the gun towards Duffy, "I don' give a rat's arse if he makes shish kebab outta ya. Give me a fuckin name or that fat greasy bastard can pick up his dolls in a plastic bag!" he spat. Duffy shook an stuttered, "Uzu. T-The s-s-uits been b-buyin minerals f-from 'im" Crow smiled and put the gun away, "Yer much less of a cunt when you do as yer told, Duffy-boy." He threw a few credits onto the table and grinned at Duffy, "Don' worry about it mate, 'ave a drink on me." He turned around and began walking out of the bar, "Let's go, Ob." The Khergian put her knife away and followed Crow out. Neal was now alone and he slumped into his chair and put his hands over his face, "Oh mary mother o' christ..." he muttered with an exhausted voice.
János, unsure of what to do now, decided to just continue what he was doing, suppressing fire against the Heavy Vultures.
Jag: [B]{10, 3}[/B] x 1.5 x Dismemberment(CH1/2, 1, 1, 2 Rolls Failed) = {[B]15[/B], 4.5... [B]5[/B]} With crushing blows, Jag hammered against the Heavy vultures with its talons, bouncing from the floors to the ceiling and back again. They were forced back with damaged knees, making it more difficult for them to jump off the walls and maneuver. But this setback alone wouldn't be enough to stop them; they were still fully committed to the fight. They returned the favor with malice. Heavy Vultures 1 and 2: [B]{1, 9}[/B] x 2(Conviction) = [B]{2, 18}[/B] Jag: DEF Rolls = {1, 1} [B]18 DMG[/B] Jag HP: 33/50 They gave about as good as they got, surprisingly. The stun batons begin to chip away at the rocky armor of Jag's body, and at the current rate, the Vultures would eventually prevail. Archangel, meanwhile, had just sized the situation up and realized that the Muramasa couldn't take much more. He dropped to the floor in his kinetic boots and began to close in on the captain, but stopped as he noticed Maddox aim his weapon. He allowed himself to be attacked. Maddox: [B]2[/B] x 1.25(Machinist) = 2.5... [B]3 DMG[/B] Archangel barely noticed the shot- it was a laughable effort. [I]It was as if Maddox wasn't properly equipped for this battle.[/I] Archangel reared back to punch, attracting Taylor's attention. She fired on him at the last moment in hopes of distracting him. CH Estimate: 1/5 [B]Actual: 4[/B] Roll Failed. Taylor: [B]9[/B] x 1.25(Machinist) = 11.25... [B]11 DMG[/B] The blast hit the android square in the chest, but he shrugged it off, just as he had with Maddox's attempt. To be fair, though, it was a bit harder to ignore the higher powered shot from Taylor's shotgun. Nonetheless, he closed on Maddox and swung. Archangel: [B]8[/B] x 2(Merner's-Strike) x 0.5(Suppression) = 8 Maddox: DEF Roll = 1 [B]7 DMG[/B] Maddox HP: 149/156 The punch rattled Maddox something awful, hitting him like a sledgehammer and driving the mercenary over backwards in the lack of gravity. As Maddox bounced, the android continued to advance, confident that he could crush his opposition. The lightly-armored Vultures in the room had finally taken up a position they could fire from, and chose to target the captain. The pair that had stayed behind in the hall now had access as well, and fired on Maddox. Vultures 1 and 2: [B]{9, 10}[/B] x 2(Conviction) = [B]{18, 20}[/B] Vulture 3: [B]2[/B] x 3(Conviction) = [B]6[/B] Taylor: DEF Rolls = {3, 6, 4} [B]41 DMG[/B] Taylor HP: 82/125 Vultures 4 and 5: {3, 8} x (No Feat Applicable) = 11 Maddox: DEF Rolls = {6, 3} [B]2 DMG[/B] Maddox HP: 147/156 The Vultures began to rain fire down on the crew, clearly taking the initiative at last. Taylor recieved the worst of it, being an upright target, and also because the Vultures that had taken fire took on a sort of battle focus, allowing them to target her more carefully than the fresh troops could to Maddox. Regardless, the Muramasa crew was losing this fight... But János continued to pressure them, trying to help his crewmates. János: [B]{10, 3}[/B] x (No Feat Applicable) = [B]{10, 3} [/B]It didn't do much except make them angrier. --- From the safety of his bed, Dio hadn't noticed the ruckus going on at the rear of the ship until a major explosion finally alerted him to the fact that he was floating in the middle of his quarters. "Zzz?! What, who, where?" he blurted. How long had he been on the ceiling? "I swear to God, if this is a prank I'll have the prick's dick who's responsible for this nailed on my door. Now how the fuck do I get down?" Dio looked around, annoyed, trying to find a way to get to the floor. Since the gravity was off, technically wherever Dio could plant his two feet could count as the floor. A few minutes later, he had gained a new sense of direction as he slid his door open manually, finding the dim emergency lighting barely enough to see down the hall. "Interesting, you'll notice things you wouldn't see from this angle," he commented, walking on the ceiling of the tunnel. "Now to see what's the commotion's about..." He crossed through the main tunnel into the cargo bay, which was now so dark that he didn't even notice the tube-like opening in the roof which was connected to the enemy ship. The door to the mess was already open, and so he dropped onto the proper "floor" with a thunk. There was a flash in his peripheral vision; instinctively, Dio leaned pulled his head to the left just in time to see a pink plasma bolt flying past. The bolt hit the end of the corridor and fizzled harmlessly on the wall. Dio turned around and found the source of the shot; Silvia was hiding behind a table with her bow, a look of shock across her face. "Dio? Oh shit, I thought you were-" "You? Taking on me? Dio? Do you have a death wish?" "No, I mean-" "It's lucky that you're a crew member or else I would've turned you into a pin cushion in an instant." "Ouch" Silvia winched. "Exactly," Dio sighed, "now what could've happened that made you mistake me for someone el-?" "The ship's under attack." "Wait, really?" "Yeah, for the last 5 minutes- You mean you didn't hear the commotion!?" "I was resting, mind you. So where is the enemy attacking?" "The Armory and the Engineering sector, to your right and ahead of you. I was keeping watch here in case anyone managed to sneak past. Now go off and join the others, sleepyhead." [I]Bitch, you're lucky you're endearing.[/I] Dio thought as he decided to join the fight in Engineering, thinking that's where the culprit who shut off the gravity would be. He floated through the hall, finding himself behind a crowd of enemy soldiers. "You have your targets. Shoot them!" The voice belonged to the apparent leader of these soldiers, who then lunged at Markus at the far end of the room. Markus responded by trying to preempt the attack by kicking off the attacker's body in a way which would tumble him into the enemy. CH Estimate: 2/5 [B]Actual: 4[/B] Roll Passed. Markus: [B]7[/B] x (No Feat Applicable) = [B]7 DMG[/B] Nathaniel was sent careening off course as Markus flew toward the Vultures, crashing into the group and disorienting them before bursting though and colliding directly with Dio. At the same moment, Hariim burst out of cover, flipping through the air gracefully while firing at the enemy. Hariim: [B]{3, 4, 10, 2, 5, 3, 7, 7, 2}[/B] x 1.5 = {3.5... [B]4[/B], [B]6[/B], [B]15[/B], [B]3[/B], 7.5... [B]8[/B], 4.5... [B]5[/B], 10.5... [B]11[/B], 10.5... [B]11[/B], [B]3[/B]} The enemy soldiers were surprised by this maneuver, and Nathaniel went from infuriated to flat-out enraged. As badly as Markus's shenanigans had briefly embarrassed them, Hariim was the one doing most of the damage. They aimed for the pipes, where the hacker had hidden himself, and unloaded in one giant cloud of fire. Heavy Vultures 3 and 5, Vulture 6: [B]{10, 8, 10}[/B] x 3(Conviction) = [B]{30, 24, 30}[/B] Vultures 11 through 15: [B]{2, 8, 5, 2, 2}[/B] x (No Feat Applicable) = [B]{2, 8, 5, 2, 2}[/B] Hariim: DEF Rolls = {5, 4, 5, 1, 5, 3, 1, 2} [B]77 DMG(!)[/B] Hariim HP: 10/120 Just as Hariim reached what was supposed to be his cover, the enemy pelted him with a massive assault, the force of the bullets propelling him away from the ductwork and into an open patch of ceiling where he was hit over and over until the whole unit had collectively run out of ammo. His armor did everything it could for him, but he was punctured all over, with broken bones and internal bleeding galore. He wouldn't last much longer in this fight. While this was going on, Bucky appeared from cover for the first time and took aim with her pistol. Due to the time it took for her to line up each shot, she wasn't able to stop the fully-automatic beat down taking place in front of her, but she was able to harm the fresh troops coming in: Bucky: [B]{4, 7, 7, 8, 1}[/B] x 1.25 = {[B]5[/B], 8.75... [B]9[/B], 8.75... [B]9[/B], [B]10[/B], 1.25... [B]}[/B] She was hitting her marks, but the bolt pistol wasn't dealing enough damage to slow the enemy down, yet. The lack of gravity in the room meant that they didn't have their feet planted, and the bolts had a tendency to bounce away rather than really embedding themselves into the thin armor, exploding in the air at close range. The fight continued. [B]3 Turns Until End of Battle[/B]
As Maddox flew away, Archangle did a quick wave as the distance increased. "Cya later, boyscout." He turned his attention back to Taylor and raised his hand to signal his men. "Now now, gentlemen. This is not the proper way to treat a lady. I'll handle this." A blade extended from the same hand. "Now captain, be a good girl and get over here!" The blade shot out towards Taylor's direction, chain attached to the end of it. He was going to reel her in for mellee. The Heavy vultures had no intention to let up on Jag. He still possed the biggest danger in room to them, especially now that they were moving freely in zero gravity. They continued with their assault. The rest of the vultures out of disorientation or out of overconfidence started to lose focus on their targets and spread out. Two of them went after Maddox, one after Jänos, one after Jason and the last one decided to see what was behind the door, the crew was protecting. --- Nathaniel was two seconds away from popping a blood vessel. This was beneath him. He was a high ranking officer in the most powerfull independant faction in the galaxy! He had fought in 25 campaigns on 14 different planets! The was no way this rag tag bunch of dregs were going to embarass him further! "Carefull not to pop something important there, Nathaniel. Remember, no killing!" Archangle's voice echoed in his ears over the comms. "To Hell with that! I'm not going to-" "You are not going to kill anyone, because the order came directly from the person, who is signing your paycheque and taking care of your family. Now stop bitching and focus on your task." Nathaniel's frustration and anger only increased. He went after where Markus had floated away. He stopped when he got near him. "Oh, I see you found a friend. Let's even the odds a bit. You, with me."He pointed at the one of the new arrivals. "The rest of you. Dismantle whoever is left in there. Remember your orders." That last part he said with annoyance as he turned to face Markus again. "Now then. Lets try doing this proper." Nathaniel and the vulture moved in to engage their foes in mellee. The Heavy vultures turned their attention back to Porter. The large man was still a danger to them. The remaining vultures split their focus. Half went after Hariim and the other Half to Bucky. --- On the Buzzard, Specter started to scan the Muramasa again. Trying to find where they had hid the Archive.
Taylor winced and groaned a bit, as she tried to shake off the shock. That was a lot of shots, and she took 'em all, but she was still standing and it didn't seem to have pierced her armor. Good. She was still in this. She looked up to see Mad sail by, then hear the Death Vigil group's leader turn his attention to her. She heard a [B][I]SHINK[/I][/B] noise, as something metallic extended from his gauntlet. [QUOTE]"Now captain, be a good girl and [I]get over here![/I]"[/QUOTE] She then saw him take aim and fire the blade at her. A chain could be heard chasing it. She had to think fast. Dodge, grab the chain, and yank him towards her. Good plan, but close combat. He had his power fist or whatever it was attached to his arm. She had her exoskeleton cranked up to max. Practically a clash of the titans...she'd give him his fight. She readied herself, releasing her heavy autoshotgun, then attempted to dodge the blade as it neared.
"Dammit! what purpose is an armory with out am-" Jason, now struggling in mid air. complains more of not getting ammo before he was interrupted by a full box of it hitting him gently in the back. "Huh, well that's convenient." Jason takes a LMG clip of the newly arrived goods and inserts them into the MAWS and fires upon the vulture approaching him
Maddox let out a [i]ouf[/i] as Archangel's punch temporarily knocked out his suit's power while also sending him flying through the room. [i]"ALERT, ARMOR BREACHED"[/i] said a red flashing text on his visor while marking the impact area. "Well, looks like I'm not going outside." He re-magnetized his boots and readied his weapon right in time to witness the menacing blade lash out towards Taylor. "Screw this!" Maddox quickly switched from his rifle the MAWS LMG on his back and fired away at Archangel. ----- Light from the nearby star stroked the hull of the SNV Shadow and painted it with a orange hue. Below the ship was the desolate world of KXNQ-17, a planet which had more warnings regarding the hostile environment than actual planetary information. Valerie looked at Ares. "Is this the place?" Ares nodded. "Yes ma'am." Replied the soldier with a neutral tone. Following the conversation with Kaspar, Valerie had plotted a course for the coordinated which would, supposedly, take her and her crew to the mysterious Alpha Site. A place only mentioned in whispers or in physical documents covered with black ink and SSOID stamps. This where she would get her answers. She turned to Hendricks. "First officer Hendricks has the helm." Valerie then motioned for Ares to follow her. Hendricks nodded. "Aye captain!" As Valerie walked by he looked her dead in the eyes. "I've already prepared a ship for you in the hangar. Falcon One-Seven is standing by for departure, ma'am." Valerie nodded. --- The pilot flipped a switch, stabilizing the Hawk VTOL during its descent. Rain poured down from the skies like a never-ending barrage, covering the cockpit windows untill being wiped away seconds later. "This is Falcon One-Seven, requesting permission to land at SSOID facility, over." A nearby flight tower aimed its spotlight at the ship. [i]"Falcon One-Seven, you're green on landing. Engines off as soon as you hit the ground. Tower out."[/i] Nodding the pilot glanced over his shoulder. "Landing in five." Ares did a thumbs up and looked at Valerie. "Did I ever tell you about that time my brother ended up at the hospital?" Valerie chuckled. "Up untill a few hours ago I didn't know you had a brother." Ares shrugged and laughed. "You got me there. Anyways, I was out on basic training on Mars. Nothing special, just me and the rest of the squad sitting in some foxhole while waiting for the opposing force to make their move. Just when I had myself comfy I got hailed by the platoon commander and like a gazelle I sprinted back to our FOB. Before I could even say a word the ol' colonel told me that my brother was in the hospital before putting my ass on one of the adeptors." Ares paused and held up his hands. "Keep in mind that this adeptor wasn't one of the brand-new ones with the HarkArk logo still visible, no, this one was one of first adeptor dropships in the SDF fleet and looked like a big rusty piece of junk with camouflage on. The moment I sat down the pilot grinned at me like the Devil himself before blasting on the engines. Despite being worried for my brother I couldn't get a single thought through due to the G's I was feeling." Valerie laughed and Ares smirked. "As it turned out later he was all good. He had broken his left leg while vaulting a car." Valerie raised an eyebrow. "Why was he vaulting a car?" Ares smiled. "He was pursuing a robber, SISP got the bastard thanks to my incapacitated brother lying ontop of him." The soldier gestured. "My point is, whatever answers you might get you'll live. There's always a day tomorrow." Listening to Ares talking about old memories made Valerie feel nostalgic. She looked out the window and observed the hostile wildland outside. However instead of seeing the grey mountains and dark storms she saw three children playing on a grassy hill with the sun rising above. She turned to Ares. "Thank you Ares." Ares nodded. "Anytime, [i]captain.[/i]" --- Four figures stood silently on the landing pad while observing the dropship deploy its landing gear. Due to the small pool of rainwater the dropship landed with a muffled [i]thud[/i] sound. Two of the figures, SDF soldiers wearing raincoats above their armor, move their fingers to the triggers. The third figure deployed an umbrella and approached the passengers of the now landed ship. Valerie nodded and followed the soldier with the umbrella with Ares following close behind. Both Valerie and Ares were surprised as they approached the fourth figure who was none other than director Williams himself. Williams nodded. "Grettings captain." He said while nodding towards Valerie. He turned to Ares. "Teamleader." Ares nodded in response. Williams gestured towards the door. "Please follow me." The group then approached the door which was automatically opened. With a loud groan the thick metal doors separated and revealed a well-lit corridor with white walls and the occasional door here and there. A pair of guards stood next a pair of small control panels positioned on each side of the door. Williams removed his raincoat and gave it to the soldier carrying the umbrella. He looked at Valerie and Ares. "Before we begin I want to tell you both that had this been my decision neither of you would stand here. The work conducted here by the SSOID is highly classified and sensitive. If either of you speak about the things you see here today you will be prosecuted as traitors and sent to rot away on Titan." The director eyed them both with suspicion. "The only reason I'm doing this today is because I owed Kaspar a favor, that and he's a friend of mine. Questions?" Ares shook his head. "Message is loud and clear."
Jag quickly derive into a sight fit of anger at the sight of this bloody fight, it's opponents will surely outlast it at the rate of this current melee. The Sanghvi had to think of something fast, something to give the team the edge it needed in shifting the odds back into their favor. Though, it did find some relief as the artificial gravity systems begin to fail. Allowing Jag to effortless move about within the armory. In haste, Jag swiftly dash a few meter from the heavies while throwing out a large salvo of it's electronic scramblers grenades. Though this time, they were now primed to deliver a strong amount of electricity after a second of latching onto their shields. Now capable of overloading their systems, or at least getting them to drop their shields while Jag freely curving from side to side in the low gravity environment to doge any counterattacks. Jag then prepare for it's target's next move with appendages at the ready to shrike. Ready to take advantage of their sudden reactions or hopefully press the attack if their suits are stunned due to the overwhelming electricity running into their systems.
Hariim lets his body and suit handle the hard work of surviving. His suit starts to self seal and attempt to stabilize Hariim's battered body. He's shut off his pain receptors, sparing himself the pain of his body so he can think. And think he does. Hariim and Bucky communicate as quickly as those gifted with synthetic brains can, and hatch a [I]mad[/I] scheme. Hariim and Bucky connect their processing powers. The decryption-eating abilities of Hariim's quantum mind, and the blisteringly fast multitasking capabilities Bucky enjoys. They then begin to attack the Vultures. Not with guns, not with knives, but with the Vulture's own tech. The Muramasa may be a cold husk at the moment, but arrayed before Hariim and Bucky are a gaggle of nice little sophisticated and currently active computers and comm systems all connected to what they want to hack and disable the most. The Vultures themselves, their ship, and their fighters. Hariim and Bucky begin in earnest. They first begin by assaulting and trying to assume control of the Vulture suits and devices in Engineering. If that succeeds, their next play is to spider out along the [I]entire[/I] Vulture force by exploiting their communications and tactical networks. They don't necessarily need to turn Vulture guns on Vulture troops, just locking their suits is enough. And with every little piece of tech they can conquer, Hariim and Bucky can turn just that little bit more processing power to their whims. It's an unconventional plan hatched by an unconventional transhuman mind. The rolls of the cosmic dice will tell if it works.
Jag needed to get the advantage over its opponents, and needed it now. Moving swiftly, the sanghvi deployed more scrambling devices tuned for a singular high shock, meant to disrupt shields. The only issue is that the heavies had already dropped their shields by this point. Issue? To be quite honest, it was a prime opportunity. Jag: CH Estimate: 3/4 [B]Actual: {4, 2}[/B] 2 Rolls Passed. The scramblers stuck onto the Heavy Vultures and discharged, disrupting motor control briefly. They jolted upward and sprung off the floor, crashing into the ceiling and bouncing back, disoriented. The quickness of the discharge meant that they weren't stunned, only that they had missed the opportunity to attack at the moment. Heavy Vultures 1 and 2: [I]Actions Invalidated.[/I] Jag: [B]{3, 7}[/B] x 1.5 x Dismemberment(CH1/2, {2, 2}, 2 Rolls Passed, x2) = [B]{9, 21}[/B] Jag then launched at them, tackling them in the low gravity and manhandling their bodies just like the kanad on Voyak, but less like ragdolls and more like juggling pins. The stiff, armored mercs bashed off the walls and floors painfully. Archangel meanwhile had fired a blade at Taylor, meaning to grapple her. Taylor wasn't about to let it happen, and so she did her best to duck out of the way at the last moment. CH Estimate: 1/2 [B]Actual: 2[/B] Roll Passed. Taylor dove to the ground just as the blade and its chain whipped past her, stabbing itself into the wall instead. Maddox had also committed to attacking Archangel while the latter was distracted by Taylor, and, bracing against the wall, he opened fire. Maddox: [B]7[/B] x 1.25(Machinist) = 8.75... [B]9 DMG[/B] His bullets mostly bounced off of the android, which was hazardous in the low gravity, until one particularly well-placed shot pierced into the neck of the robot between slats of metal, causing a physical disruption of the joints inside. Archangel could no longer turn his head properly as Taylor rolled in close, ready to fight with fists. Taylor: [B]5[/B] x 1.25(Machinist) = 6.25... [B]6 DMG[/B] Her gauntlet crashed into Archangel's head with a loud clang, but the robot was hardly fazed. Archangel returned the favor, punching her squarely in the center of her helmet. Archangel: [B]4[/B] x 2(Merner's-Strike) x 0.5(Suppression) = 4 Taylor: DEF Roll = 1 [B]3 DMG[/B] Taylor HP: 79/125 Taylor was even less affected than Archangel, tanking the punch perfectly with her thick and protective armor. It seemed like a victory, but in truth, Taylor had just been baited into a fight where her best strength, her ability to limit the enemy's strength through suppressing fire, meant nothing. Archangel seemed to let out a chuckle as the Vultures began to blast the crew. Vultures 1 and 2: {7, 2} x 2(Conviction) = {14, 4} Maddox: DEF Rolls = {2, 3} [B]13 DMG[/B] Maddox HP: 134/156 Vulture 3: [B]6[/B] x 3(Conviction) = 18 János: DEF Roll = 6 [B]12 DMG[/B] János HP: 83/79 (Nanosurgeon) Vulture 4: [B]4[/B] x (No Feat Applicable) = 4 Jason: DEF Roll = 1 [B]3 DMG[/B] Jason HP: 117/100 (Nanosurgeon) Despite a few heavy blows, no one was seriously injured. Jason had finally reloaded his weapon and returned fire on the enemy currently opposing him. Jason: [B]2[/B] x 1.25(Machinist) = 2.5... [B]3 DMG[/B] The recoil in zero gravity was too much for Jason to handle, and he quickly lost control, nearly shooting Maddox by mistake. While he tried to regain his footing, the last Vulture floated past him, grabbing onto the hatch into the secure room where the wounded were hiding. It was locked from the inside, and so he planted his feet on the wall and tried to pry it open with brute force. CH Estimate: 1/10 [B]Actual: 5[/B] Roll Failed. The Vulture grunted so loud that it briefly halted the fight as everyone turned around. Realizing his idiocy, the Vulture nonchalantly turned around and prepped his gun for fire as everyone resumed punching and shooting each other. ((Going to wait until I get Radley's post before I continue with the Engineering section. However, I feel that there's been enough action to justify moving the countdown forward. Last update until at least Sunday, btw.)) [B]2 Turns Until End of Battle[/B]
Markus righted himself as he recovered from his collision with Dio and put on his mask as he felt the oxygen levels decreasing. He turned the dial on the canister and took a deep breath, renewed by the extra oxygen. He looked towards Dio who was followed by Silvia and chuckled, "Nice o' you two to finally wake up." [quote]Now then. Lets try doing this proper.[/quote] He turned towards Nathaniel, and with a steady footing he stretched his arms out in a challenging matter, "Come on then, Ya kooky cunt. I'll pry ya open like fuckin food can and eat yer soul." he said with a low, confident voice. He intended to have Nathaniel attack first to counter him and get him on the ground, thus putting him at the mercy of Dio and Silvia who still had weapons.
The doors opened and revealed a large room with a marked path at the center. Valerie lookes around in awe as her eyes wandered across the sorched surface of the Archius wreckage. "Is that the...?" Williams nodded. "The Archius, yes. During the battle of Zeruel the ship was unfortunately shot down. Before the wreckage was sent here we cleared it of personal belongings and the bodies of the fallen crewmembers who died during the crash. Ever since then we've had it stored here, trying to uncover the secrets of its archive." On the opposite side of the path were two dropships, both appeared to be slightly wartorn. Ares nodded towards them "And those?" "That's the Roughrider and the Ranger, the Roughrider was used by the Archius crew as a dropship while the Ranger was commander Eastlindth's personal gunship. Both were used on Zeruel." Valerie froze briefly when her ex-fiancés name was mentioned but quickly regained her calm before anyone could notice. After a few minutes of walking the trio reached a door marked as "CORE". A squad of eight SDF TIGERs were guarding it. The director stopped and turned to Valerie. "Inside this room you will find all the asnwers captain, however, I feel the need to warn you; it might not be what you're hoping for." Valerie nodded. "I understand director but this is something I need to do. I need closure." With nothing more to say Williams entered his code, unlocking the door. Valerie and Ares stepped inside. The room was very large however it was impossible to discern the exact size of it due to the dim lighting. A legion of TIGERs were posted inside, facing towards the door like a metal wall. As soon as Valerie, Ares and the Director stepped inside the door was shut close. Suddenly the TIGERs parted like a curtain while several blue lights came online, illuminating the path through the robotic army. At the end of the path was a chair with a large device hanging above. At the bottom of the device was a helmet which appeared to be right above the chair. Valerie cautiously approached the chair. She quickly noted that as she approached she could hear a humming sound which grew louder the closer she got. She sat down and the helmet slowly descended onto her head. Her eyes flashed a for a moment there was only dark. Suddenly she saw the Valley of Heroes. The vast monument looked beautiful as the sun was set high in the sky. Orange colors covered the thousands of statues who basked in the light. She looked to her left and noticed that she was right outside of the villa. Next to the gate she could see a small boy hiding among the bushes. He looked at Valerie and held up a finger over his mouth. [i]"Don't tell him mom!"[/i] Out from the gate came Leon, dressed in camouflage pants and a green t-shirt with the text "SDF" in a stencil font. He was carrying a watergun and appeared to be sneaking. His eyes met Valeries and he smiled. Valerie smiled back and could feel her pulse going up. Leon passed the bush without noticing the boy hiding behind it. [i]"Victor Jeremy Varn Reed! Surrender now or I will be forced to defend myself!"[/i] The boy smiled and flew out from the bushes, brandishing a watergun of his own. [i]"You first!"[/i] Before Leon had turned around he was completely soaked. He laughed and dropped his weapon. [i]"I surrender!"[/i] He said with a laughter. As the boy approached the veteran SSFD soldier made a surprise move and embraced him with a hug. Valerie couldn't help herself and started to laugh to. Leon and the boy, Valerie's son, turned around and smiled at her. Suddenly she was blinded by a light and regained her vision as the helmet retracted. On either side of her stood Ares and director Williams. "Are you okay, captain?" Asked Ares. A tear fell down Valerie's cheek. She nodded and got up. "I'm fine." The captain turned towards the director. "What was that?" Williams had a stern look on his face. "What you saw were thoughts from Lion- commander Eastlindth- stored on the Archius databanks." "Your fiancé is one of our greatest heroes captain, even if most of our citizens won't ever know the sacrifices he made." Williams motioned for Valerie and Ares to follow him as he walked towards a door behind the chair. As they approached it opened and revealed a dark room. When Williams entered several lights came on, revealing a perfect replica of Lion's Mars villa. The director turned to Valerie. "Your fiancé died on Zeruel. It is tragic but that's the reality. However before he and the rest of the Archius groundteam deployed into the battle it would appear that he uploaded his entire conscious onto the Archius databanks." "When the Archius was shot down the databanks, alongside many other onboard systems, suffered extreme damage and even though we sent a team-" he nodded towards Ares "- to recover the databanks, which had been mentioned in his call for help, the damage could not be repaired. What we managed to save resembles a broken mind. It is not a complete mind and consists only of fragmented memories and thoughts- Lion's memories and thoughts." Williams approached the Villa and put his hand on the wall surrounding it. "It does not have any feelings or any form of advanced conscious. When we transferred it into the empty core here at Alpha Site it immeadiately began to feed us blueprints of thousands of items; weapons, vehicles, etc. It also gave us thoughts who appeared as nonsense at first untill we managed to decipher the feed. The SDF TIGERs, the new arsenal and the new vehicles were all products of this mind. Thoughts Lion had combined with memories allowed the mind to create the TIGER, a robotic guardian which would protect Sol from the enemies which he met before Zeruel. The weapons are all modified versions of weapons we recovered from the Archius and are meant to provide the SDF with tools of protection." "Commander Eastlindth may be dead but his thoughts are not and the mind continues to give us blueprints. When we refuse to construct it ourselves it creates it on its own, commander Gladius is an example of that. This mind created Gladius because it knew, through Lion's memories, that if your brother was alive you'd be happy." Valerie was completely stunned. She was at a complete loss of words. All the pain. All the sorrow. Even though he was gone Leon had tried to provide for her. "I need a minute. Alone." Williams nodded, as did Ares. Both left the room, leaving Valerie alone with the perfect replica of the villa she knew as home. Carefully she walked through the open gate and approached the door. Gently she pulled the handle and opened it, the interior was a exact copy as well and she figured that the mind had used nanites to replicate everything. She walked through the hallway and turned to the right, entering the living room. On the table was a photo, she had an exact copy of it in her quarters onboard the Shadow. It showed her and Leon, smiling, standing together in uniform. Valerie grabbed the photo and sat down. A tear splashed down onto its surface as she began to cry.
[The following posts will be some filler for the sake of character development, untill the actual turn gets posted and wont count towards the DV turns.] Although not the way Archangel wanted, Taylor had still come to him. Now was his moment to move in for the kill. His power fist lid up with and shot forward aiming to crack open that helmet with one quick hit. All the results in the machine's head showed a 95% chance of the punch sucseeding in its goal. Of course, even machines are wrong sometimes. The fist collided with the open hand of her exosuit, effectevly stopping it in its tracks. She tightened the grip on his fist and refused to let go. Archangle realized what had happened and noticed his oponent's arm moving to deliver a similar punch to him. Even if his head movement was restricet, he could still predict where the blow would go. He raised his hand and and caught her fist as it collided with his palm. He returned the favor of tightening his own grip. For the time being, they were stuck in this position untill one would let go. "You know captain. You just gave me an interesting idea."The helmet retracted back into the robot's suit. Revealing the face Archangel had used all this time. Staring into Taylor's helmet. "Be sure your boss sees this face. She may get a kick out of it. Also be sure you remember it. It's going to come up every time you remember this failure."
[QUOTE]"Be sure your boss sees this face. She may get a kick out of it. Also be sure you remember it. It's going to come up every time you remember this failure."[/QUOTE] Taylor grunted, secretly smirking behind her helmet's faceplate. She did snap a picture of his face, just for Yanim. It seemed that they might know one another, so she'd send it to her later. "I'd show you mine, but you probably already have that information I assume. Being a robot and all." She tightened her grip on his hand, and attempted to force herself forwards onto him. "But this [I]won't[/I] be a failure, I can assure you of that. And what I'll remember of your face is [I]what it looks like after I [B]cave it in.[/B][/I]" she said, with a bit of confidence.
János had been shot at, but he was no worse for wear. While he was glad the Vulture by the door failed and decided to rejoin the fight instead, he realized he was facing a Vulture mano-a-mano. He quickly switched out a few pieces on his MAWS, slapping on some stubbier ones instead - according to the documentation, this would help for better maneuvering in close quarters apparently. Not much of a gun nut outside of pistols, he didn't question it. With the improved maneuverability, János fired at his adversary.
Archangel grinned. "I know more about you and you dear old mother than you'd care to admit, Caine. Good thing she retired from active bounty hunting. Would be a shame if you were the cause of it." --- Nathaniel chukeled at Markus "Tough talk from a professional soap dropper."
[QUOTE]"I know more about you and you dear old mother than you'd care to admit, Caine. Good thing she retired from active bounty hunting. Would be a shame if you were the cause of it."[/QUOTE] "Leave my mother out of this." she muttered, attempting to nudge the hold in her favor. It wasn't working, as they were deadlocked. She kept trying, though. Anything to sway it. "What she used to do is of [I]no[/I] concern to you, scrap-for-brains."
Markus looked a bit sideways at Nathaniel, getting tired of everyone making Jabs about the fact he was an ex-con. He heard a chuckle behind him and turned around to see Silvia covering her mouth with a smug expression on her face, "Chuckle at that again an' I'll fuck you in half, cunt." Said while still pointing his closed fists towards Nathaniel. He turned his head back Nathaniel and studied his fists before looking back up to Nathaniel with slightly deranged eyes, "Tha's right, ya funny wanker, I'm the professional soap dropper 'round here." he said in a calm tone while nodding his head, never breaking eye contact with Nathaniel. He raised his fists,"These 'ere are my soaps an' I'M GONNA DROP EM SO FAR DOWN YER FUCKIN THROAT THAT YER NEXT SHIT'LL SMELL LIKE BLOODY SPRING AIR AND STRAWBERRIES, CUNT!"
"Oh, I touched a nerve, didnt I?" His malicious grin got bigger. "Then I'll change the subject. You have a nice little group of missfits. An android, a sex bot, some unknows, a former inmate turned merc ( real trustworthy), the son and daughter of one of the most wanted men in SDF space. Speaking of which. How well do you know the boyscout? His file was really interesting to look at. How well do you know your crew, captain?" --- After Markus was finished, the smaller Vulture spoke up. "Sir, I'm not fighting him." "Well Vulture 12, It's good I didnt get you to fight him, I got you to fight the girl and the bizzare blonde over there." "Oh... Wait, 2 on 1?" "Relax, you are more than capable to handle them."He shifted his attention back to Markus. "Prove your words, convict."
[QUOTE]"Then I'll change the subject. You have a nice little group of misfits. An android, a sex bot, some unknowns, a former inmate turned merc (real trustworthy), the son and daughter of one of the most wanted men in SDF space. Speaking of which. How well do you know the boy scout? His file was really interesting to look at. How well do you know your crew, captain?"[/QUOTE] "Well enough to know that they won't spin around and stab me in the back." replied Taylor. Except for Valkyrie, maybe...but what did he mean about Maddox? She knew he was a former Auxiliary...what else was he? Or [I]IS[/I] he? She grunted again. Jag was a bit of a mystery still, but he's proven himself enough to her to be trustworthy. Maybe he was just spewing bullshit to mess with her. Well it wasn't going to work. She resumed her push, attempting to break the stalemate.
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