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Stone Rage - Action Independent Video Game! [IMG]http://mountainwheel.com/upload/images/ntrog3.jpg[/IMG] [img]http://mountainwheel.com/portal/images/gastornisv.jpg[/img] [img]http://mountainwheel.com/portal/images/cavebattle.jpg[/img] [B]About the independent studio[/B] Mountainwheel Games or MWG for short, has been created in the late year of 2009 and has been growing strong ever since. We are an indepedent virtual game studio operating all over the world. Mountainwheel Games has associates from over 7 different nationalities and keeps expanding. Every collaborator that works with us is an avid gamer and has a gaming passion, thus we are producing quality video gaming entertainment, by gamers, for gamers! We love games from a variety of genres and are looking to bring the best entertainment product for everyone to enjoy. Mountainwheel Games focuses on developing new and innovative gaming for the PC platform. Drop us a word, we would love you hear from you! [B]About Stone Rage[/B] We live in a society where most everything is provided for us, overly explained with a hand-holding approach to the point where even games tell you exactly where to go and how to do something. How was it a million years ago? How did the people of the Stone Age survive? How were they able, with naught but primitive weapons and bad ideas, to live, feed and procreate? How clever did they need to be when all the world was beset against them? What was the balance between thought, and violence? How did the outcasts live? How did tribes survive? What did they hunt? What hunted them? [B]Stone Rage™[/B] is a multiplayer based action game set in the brutal prehistoric era in eastern Europe. Tribes move to the north and west as food and foliage become scarce, and inevitably, turf wars begin across the land. You, either alone or with a tribe will be faced, not only with the savage beasts and harsh environments, but also with the sporadic wars between roaming bands out for land, food, fire and blood. Stone Rage™ has many unique features, including the ability to play as prehistoric beasts, ranging from the slender gastornis to the bulky mammoth. While tribes of different creed and practice make and find new enemies and allies during every encounter, there are savage predators lurking in the shadows of their sleep and on the remains of their battlefields. Every map and landscape in Stone Rage™ is designed to leave open doors for every type of tactic or situation, so if something worked once, expect it to fail time and time again. A safe hiding spot could be invaded by a cave bear, or a saber-tooted tiger could rest upon your ranger's favorite vantage point. Random occurrences are commonplace, and no one match will be the same as another. Be it a new shaman's hut, a once fruitful plant picked bare or an entire cave revealed on the face of a canyon wall. Variations can either help or hurt you or your team, depending on the mode of the game. A fallen tree during a capture match could serve as a secret bridge, or the perfect spot for spear-thrower to align a shot, or the perfect place for a smilodon to prowl. Every character has a set of unique traits and abilities, as well as unlockables to modify their effects and tactical usage, ensuring that no two games will play the same, and no one player is by default more or less dangerous than another. Situation and opportunity play as much a part in winning a game as how well players use their character skills and environment to their advantage. Since tribal skirmishes and hunts take place across a wide stretch of land, players will encounter sprawling forests with prowling smilodon, vast plains with marching mammoth herds and gastornis scavenging the remains left behind by the prey of dire wolves. [B]Features[/B] - Unique setting. - Player tribes. - Character customization, including warpaint, clothing, and weapon layouts. - Playable animals from the Eocene and Pleistocene eras. - Unlockable character content. - Fantastic visuals - Unrelentingly savage combat. [img]http://mountainwheel.com/portal/images/level3fgf.jpg[/img] [img]http://mountainwheel.com/portal/images/level10.jpg[/img] Human Warrior Character Class [img]http://mountainwheel.com/portal/images/warriorfin.jpg[/img] [B] 60 seconds of play [/B] [HR][/HR] The intention of this chapter is not to entertain, therefore it's written quite shorthand and descriptive. It shall give the reader an idea and feeling of a typical game play situation to help imagine the synergy of the game's features. Through her cover the player sees the approaching enemy. As she glimpses again for the nearing threat, suddenly a javelin strikes the tree beside her. That was close and she immediately gets a bit nervous. An enemy archer has targeted her. She quickly steers the camera around her to get an overview of the situation. She recognizes her team mates and their classes. There is an ally guard near her. She could try to take cover behind his shield and then safely approach the enemy to get in range for her destructive weapon she carries with her. She plays the warrior, she knows that she is comparative slow, so she has to be careful. From the corner of her eye she sees one of her ally archers using his ultimate. A disgusting but somehow satisfying sound indicates that the archer has hit his target. She quickly looks up and a splatter effect as well as the fact that the enemy lies flat on the ground tells her that her ally has hit the enemy archer who was targeting her and took her out of game for a while. That's her chance she realises. Through a quick emote she tells the ally guard to wait for her and starts running towards his protecting shield. Projectiles from other enemy archers she weren't aware of raining down on her but she got through only with some slight injury. While orientating again she realizes an enemy scout running towards her and her ally. She knows the common tactic from the scouts to quickly surround the guards to get behind them and stab their unprotected back. But she also knows that a well timed hit from her big club can knock him out. She has to be careful now and hit the attack button at the right time and place without loosing the protection of the guards shield as she would be an easy prey for the enemy archers. The scout runs quickly towards her and than when he tries to pass the guard she quickly steps aside hitting the attack button, so the slow club will hit the target. A crash sound and a satisfying splatter effect tells her that she has hit the mark. A quick pause and a highlight effect after the swinging animation of her club tells her that she can add another attack to a choreography chain to get extra damage and adrenalin. Luckily she hits the scout again and a even bigger splatter effect reveals to her that she finally killed him. It seems that he hadn't that much hitpoints already as he approached. A roar sound and slight shine around her character indicates that she has earned enough adrenalin to perform her ultimate. After a slight exhilaration she realises that she is completely unprotected from range attacks and that she is already quite near the enemy base. She quickly gets cover again behind the ally guard before suffering too much damage through the enemy archers. Another guard with a shaman hiding behind him approaches. She gives the shaman a sign through an emote animation that she is injured and needs some healing. Both close up to her and the shaman quickly refills her hitpoints. A decent shine around the shamans character indicates that also his ultimate is ready. Now she realises that they are already very close to the enemy base. The shaman triggers his ultimate starting his ritual dance and suddenly the sky darkens, the wind blows and lightnings bath the scene in dreadful light. Also suddenly the two guards trigger their ultimate and charge into the enemy barracks breaking through the shields of the enemy guards knocking them down. A random lightning strikes an enemy warrior instantly killing him and she feels a bit spite. This is her chance she realises. She quickly ran towards the jumped enemy to deal as much damage and devastation as possible. Within the crowds of the enemy soldiers while projectiles of her ally archer hail down on them she triggers her ultimate. A loud roar and a red shine indicates that. She knows as long as the shine lasts she deal twice as much damage but also suffer twice as much but luckily the ultimate of the shaman still lasts so she suffers only the half amount of damage and her hitpoints cant get below 1. In this exciting moment of action she rampages through the enemy forces. She chains hit after hit to a destructive choreography. But after the second chaining hit her character holds the club all over his head and pauses for a slight moment. This she knows, indicates that if she know performs her slow secondary attack she will deal a big amount of damage and this effect will be doubled if dealt to a stunned enemy. [video=youtube;DTg_q8pInEQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTg_q8pInEQ&feature=channel_video_title[/video] Our animation team has recently begun the work-in-progress movements for our Alpha models, and based on how things have started we're proud of where we've gotten so far, and even prouder of where we're going. As stated, these are from our Pre-Alpha, and will be redone before we release our first gameplay footage. That said, for any curious about how things are looking, here is a short demonstration of the Boar's current animations. [video=youtube;GxXAsKYeHP4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxXAsKYeHP4&feature=channel_video_title[/video] As for information about our animals, yes there are more on the way. Quite a few, actually. However, the moment we announced the first six animals many people had begun to suggest others to us. The animal we've had most suggested to us is the glyptodon. This one has been on the table for a while, and in response to all of the positive feedback we thought it would be fair to our fans to include it, and let you know that because of you guys, it will be a part of StoneRage. Hope you like it. [video=youtube;ViXM36BOl-4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViXM36BOl-4[/video] [B]More infos on about this indie video game:[/B] Donation Now Available: [url]http://mountainwheel.com/?page_id=587[/url] [url]http://indiedb.com/games/stone-rage[/url] [I](Help Stone Rage win the 2011 Indie of the Year)[/I] [url]http://mountainwheel.com[/url] [url]http://mountainwheel.com/forum[/url] [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/stonerage[/url] [url]http://www.youtube.com/user/MountainwheelGames[/url] [url]http://www.facebook.com/StoneRage[/url] [url]https://twitter.com/#!/Mountainwheel[/url] [url]http://vimeo.com/user7745296[/url] [url]http://www.crydev.net/project_db.php?action=group_profile&team_id=259[/url] Remember, we're an independent video game studio who's working on this video game without financial help of publishers or investors. That gives us the freedom to create and do what we want, and when we want. If you have any ideas, suggestions or statements about this game then please share them with us. We always take serious suggestions into consideration and discuss them within the team... drop us a word.
So how many forums did you copypaste this on?
Does it matter? ;)
The boar looks like two people inside a boar suit
Looks cool, I always thought it would be cool to have a game like this. I'm really excited to see any future progress, keep up the good work.
Updated our page, guys! Thanks for the positive feedback. Any ideas, suggestions or statements are always welcomed. We listen to the community! ;)
Is this in the wrong thread? also, Looks cool.... Keep up the good work
I'm was not sure what's the right board for posting this. Thanks, mate :)
It is, you might want to try out the general games discussion section. You will get a lot more attention and viewers there than here. Nearly nobody visits this part.
I think I'll open a thread there, thank you :)
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Hey guys, do not forget to check out our facebook fanpage where we're posting lots of updates of Stone Rage. Link: [url]www.facebook.com/StoneRage[/url]
The premise of this seems pretty cool and original.
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