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[b]What is PokeMMO?[/b] PokeMMO is an effort to create an online Pokemon experience. It has added many features with more to come, including the options for you to trade with other players, chat with them, battle against other players, and more. Currently, it is in an alpha testing state, with some features not implemented and some features not working properly. In the development progress, the single-player portion of the game (It uses fire red as a base with other regions planned) appears to end at a certain point(You can't get past the first Snorlax yet, apparently), but the game does get updated frequently (with tons of new features planned) and is really fun to play. [b]Important Sites:[/b] Main Website: [url]http://pokemmo.eu/[/url] Forums: [url]http://forums.pokemmo.eu/[/url] [b]Media:[/b] [video=youtube;7mvQcFT_EdY]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mvQcFT_EdY[/video] [b]New Player Guide:[/b] [u]Creating your Character:[/u] When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to create a character. Choose your character's name, your rival's name, your character's gender, and the color of your clothes. [u]Controls:[/u] The default controls are: Arrow Key Up: Up Arrow Key Left: Left Arrow Key Down: Down Arrow Key Right: Right Z: A X: B You can rebind these keys by using the Settings menu, accessible via the Game Menu button in the bottom right of your screen. You can interact with Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) by using Z and you can run by holding down X. [u]Commands:[/u] /loc gives the players location (BankId , SubBankId , x , y , heading) /unstuck moves your character back to the starting town.
Is the champion a person, or an NPC?
Looks pretty cool, I registered.
It crashed when I took my Charmander...
here comes the C&D
[QUOTE=Rellow;37075665]It crashed when I took my Charmander...[/QUOTE] Charmander is for scrubs, real players roll bulbasaur.
[QUOTE=Chaoclypse;37075827]here comes the C&D[/QUOTE] I was kind of going to post the same thing. My design and creation of games professor always restated time and time again that for Nintendo to make a buttload of money all they would need to do is make this exact thing. We all know they wouldn't ever but I wouldn't be surprised if the developers do get told to stop.
so, are koreans gonna be the new russians?
[QUOTE=BoxinShrimp;37075918]Charmander is for scrubs, real players roll bulbasaur.[/QUOTE] Don't start this argument.
Can someone help, I went to change my movement keys to WSAD, and now all of my controls are set to LMENU.
They might or might not get a C&D. There have been some Pokemon MMO's that have gotten notice from Nintendo to shut down everything, however those ones are usually the ones blatantly ripping everything off. There's one pretty popular Pokemon MMO I played called Pokemon World Online and another which was like Dawn of Darkness. These two were much more polished then this game as far as I can tell. They should still be around, too.
Found it :)
Started playing this a few days ago, it's in alpha so the bugs and glitches are understandable. It's a lot of fun though, too bad I'm at the point where I can't advance any further because you can't get the flute to wake up the snorlaxes.
I can't even find the ROM :v:
I was playing for hours last night (and getting bitchslapped by Brock and Gary somehow), but the people playing were actually pretty nice, one guy let me borrow his squirtle for Brock and another guy evolved my Kadabra via trade and gave him hyper beam. :v:
[QUOTE=LewyJudge12;37077992]I can't even find the ROM :v:[/QUOTE] If you knew how to read + common sense, you would find it.
I remember playing the crap out of PWO few years ago. I'll try this out in a bit.
[quote=Patch 8/4/12 Changelog]Implementation of Poisonpowder / Poison Gas / Belly Drum / Aerial Ace / Shadow Punch / Magical Leaf / Shock Wave / Faint Attack / Swift / Night Shade / Seismic Toss / Self Destruct / Explosion / Poison Fang / Blaze Kick / Refresh / Hyper Beam / Blast Burn / Hydro Cannon / Frenzy Plant / Struggle / Take Down / Submission. Animation added for Selfdestruct & Thundershock. The chat window no longer displays >100 messages. Reduces CPU / memory usage. Fixed broadcasting EVs after leveling. Fixed a bug where preturn effects like Burn would not earn you EXP if it caused your opponent to faint. Fixed a bug where the client would ask you to swap in a pokemon if the enemy's party had fainted. Out of Battle move learning. Sound is now defaulted to On. Fixed a render issue which would cause jerkiness at low FPS. Fixed a bug where you could learn the same move more than once. Fixed a bug where evolved pokemon would not attempt to learn moves the same turn they were evolved in. Fixed a crash with certain player inputs. Possible fix for a crash when players switch pokemon in-battle. Fixed a rare crash with the right click menu. Fixing the issue where it would lock up client on pokemon swap while in battle with trainers sometimes. Fixed rare crash due to lack of movement synchronization Fixed so it doesn't show message of stat changes if pokemon did faint with damage effect. Nameplates should be centered above character now. Implemented scripting for the 3rd gym. Fixed bug with music playing for 10 seconds after you have closed the game. Fixed a bug where the right number of pokéballs were not displayed when fighting other trainers.[/quote]
[QUOTE=InUndenial;37075318]Is the champion a person, or an NPC?[/QUOTE] From the looks of it, the game still has all of the single-player story from fire-red in the game.
The whole tournament idea seems cool, considering it's against actual players
Will register ;)
Temptation just to play this is pretty high. I must say. I'll give it a shot when i can, heck. Might stream it or something. I love me some Charmanders. Edit: Theres like, three of them now. Still kinda surprising how the idea has had limited success as of yet.
Do you still have to do the Lt. Surge puzzle? I played some last night, get a Pikachu to level 8 and found out Thunder Wave wasn't implemented. :( [editline]4th August 2012[/editline] Ha, breezed through Brock because bind isn't implemented...
[QUOTE=Chirno;37083236]Do you still have to do the Lt. Surge puzzle? I played some last night, get a Pikachu to level 8 and found out Thunder Wave wasn't implemented. :( [editline]4th August 2012[/editline] Ha, breezed through Brock because bind isn't implemented...[/QUOTE] Some moves that "aren't implemented" can still do damage. [And yes, you have to do the Lt. Surge Puzzle(which was opened today)]
Oh my. [thumb]http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/1976/spearows.png[/thumb] :v: OH GOD [thumb]http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/5545/vermillionfloor.png[/thumb]
trade my pikachu for a jigglypuff sing isn't implemented why atleast someone gave me a magikarp in pallet town so i've almost got a gyrados
[QUOTE=Rellow;37076046]Don't start this argument.[/QUOTE] I was joking.
[QUOTE=Stimich;37087355] OH GOD [thumb]http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/5545/vermillionfloor.png[/thumb][/QUOTE] Looks like the servers are flooded.
Got my pikachu and beat brock because I didn't start charmander like an idiot. bulbasaur is cool. yeah.
Has potential. Seriously, if they bring the battle graphics up to scratch, put all the Pokemon worlds in, along with all the pokemon from every game, and then make it so your able to pick your start town and eventually go to all the worlds by boat or plane or whatever, that'd be sick. Here's some more ideas too. Maybe after completing all the elite fours (comprised of players from the respective nations) you then go toe to toe with the server's hardest bastards who represent a gym of their choice where you go battle them in person - and then get personally given a role of your choice via admin intervention, be it player gym leader, elite four replacement, guy who sits in random cave in the middle of nowhere, radio station guy, guy who owns some kinda company with a headquarters somewhere, evil villain with a notorious lair on top of a mountain. Player events and tournaments would be sick as fuck too, especially if they put effort into making the battle stages look impressive, changed them up regularly and unique and the tournament grounds accessible. Perhaps the larger towns could have a kinda large 'drive in theatre' aspect with a huge screen where players can sit and watch the tournament fights that are taking place. The main tournaments would just be daily arranged matches contributing to 'battle seasons' and qualifications (for bigger tournaments) between decent players and be organized into level groups i.e. Under 20, Under 50, Under 100 (No XP would be given for playing in these matches) - Playing in broadcast matches would increase a players 'fame' rating and earn titles, winning matches would contribute towards a season Wins:Losses ranking. A 'season' could be a period of 4 weeks, with each weekend holding specialist matches between the holders of the highest Wins: Losses for the week in each category, winning these would trickle down into semi-finals and conclude with a season finale on a suitably impressive unique and awesome looking purpose-built arena, and some level of hype would be built up for these matches. Alongside the standard seasons, build a much more impressive and awesome stadium where infrequent events and face-offs take place, perhaps a 'world cup/olympics' style playoff once every few months where players representing their start nation or perhaps town/city of residence can enter qualification matches, work there way through a league table and then face off in various categories to try and bring back the trophy for their city, along with a whole host of personal effects awarded. Another type of event/tournament could be 5 v 5s with a captains draft system determining who battles who, with each team picking who they will battle based on perceived strengths/ focus/ type advantages etc. These would be solo battles ofc (because dual battles and all that bullshit sucked balls tbh) and once again, broadcast. Prizes would be titles, medals, furnishings, fame, bragging rights and what have you. A property ownership mechanic where you can set up and customize a sweet house in the cities (the ones usually occupied by useless NPCs, which saves them making all the bullshit dialogue) - obviously there would be a limited number of these, and they'd probably be on a rental basis. As for the customizing, it'd be like that one pokemon game where you could have a cave and there was loads of sets of items, some were common, others were rare, like the plush dolls and this would work the same way - perhaps going and battling hard bastards, competing in tournaments and events, and completing gyms gets you a ton of neat shit, perhaps some unique items like trophy's to kit your sweet pad out with. Day/Night cycle (varying between regions, so Hoenn could be day time whilst Kanto is night time) and localized weather, just because. Remove all the bullshit storyline and team rocket bollocks as scripted NPC sequences, it all sucked. Think about reintegrating it as player-controlled corporations/ villains, obviously with admins there to make it cooler, block up towns and alter the world (for example if some dick and his well paid cronies put a bomb in some cave, and no one does anything about it, bam, mountain becomes reduced to a valley). Oh and definitely sinister and epic looking headquarters perched on top of mountains. Legendary pokemon & shinies - perhaps some of these are reserved for tournament/ event winners, and others could be unique (as in, only one, or very few exist) and granted for being sweet.
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