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([b]OPEN[/b] to new players currently) [img]https://i.imgur.com/OknhL5f.png[/img] [i]In the year of our King, 1898, the Royal Crown hereby authorizes and sponsors the Mannfred Expedition for exploration and conquest… [/i] At the edge of our world exists a place of untamed horror. The Lost Sea. Many had tried to explore these waters, and many had tried to conquer the scattered islands. All had inevitably perished, or unfortunately suffered far worse… afflictions. Only a lucky few have returned with their bodies and sanity intact, yet still their sleep is troubled and minds unquiet. For centuries man had been drawn to the Lost Sea, the spirit of adventure never truly going away in the face of repeated failure and danger. And why should it? Mankind was born for conquest. Man had conquered nature and secured food and hearth in ancient times. Man had conquered each other to establish kingdoms. Man had conquered science. Airships cruised the open skies while ships without sails prowled the open waters, exerting dominance wherever they went. Machines made machines which made machines in an unending cycle of technological progress. Medicine which could keep a man awake and working for days, guns which could fire dozens of bullets without reloading, ironclads which rolled across land! Mankind [i]was[/i] conquest. And yet, in one far corner of the world, existed a place untouched by man. Explorers, warlords, pirate-kings, and every brave captain had attempted to surf these waters in the hopes of bringing home treasure and knowledge aplenty. Whales were plentiful here, and so much needed the oil their meat produced to function. Alternatives such as coal were nowhere near as efficient as whale oil when distilled by the Holt process, and whales were fast disappearing from commercial waters. Gold and other precious minerals were also plentiful here, simply found lying about on eerily silent beaches. Miracle plants and animals existed too, and many breakthrough medicines were created by the few specimens brought back to the Old World. Even still, there were rumors of human tribes living on some islands, and some were as wild to suggest that there were animal folk here as well. But why not? The Lost Sea was a realm of madness and wonder. Strange, anomalous happenings were the norm. The stories that surviving sailors had brought back with them ranged from curious to bone chilling. At times the sea was known to go completely calm, the water motionless and taking on the appearance of glass. Other times, terrible storms would roll across the water in mere seconds, approaching like an avalanche and enveloping all caught out in open water in a roiling tempest of apocalyptic proportions. Ships had to travel near each other, as sightings of ghost vessels were so common that entire fleets have been split apart, thinking they were traveling together before their fellow ships simply vanished in thin air. And of course, there was the Curse. The longer sailors spent at sea, the more their minds were assaulted by visions and premonitions. It was enough to drive many completely mad and to do things that they would otherwise never dream of doing. The Curse was stronger in some areas, and was even rumored to affect the body physically in strange ways as well… though these were but mere rumors, for few have returned to credibly confirm this. For the first time in over one hundred years, a grand expedition has once again been assembled to tackle the Lost Sea, this time under the command of the young Admiral Viktor Mannfred. With the wonders of modern technology, how could failure be possible? --- Hello, all. You will be taking on the role of a captain commanding a single seaship or airship (you may also play a single character if you so wish). Your captain is your primary character, but you also have full reign to control your crew and secondary characters. I will be controlling all the NPCs that are part of the expedition, which will include a few ships depending on the player count, as well as the happenings and events that occur to the expedition. Your goal is a simple one: chart the Lost Sea and survive to return home. The technology of this world is roughly comparable to that of the late 19th – early 20th century. Whale oil is a primary source of fuel for most smaller machines, but is not sufficient enough to power large vehicles like ships – these vessels still primarily utilize steam and coal. You can imagine this setting being pseudo-steam/dieselpunk. The expedition fleet is expected to be a coalition of people from across the Old World, so feel free to creature your own backgrounds for your characters and what not. Just know that the Old World is poised to erupt into war, and this may or may not play a part later on in the expedition. [quote] Rules: 1. Keep it nice, folks. No meanies allowed. 2. No power or metagaming. I'll be pulling the strings for results, so a bit of intuition and rolling on my part will dictate outcomes. That said, you have a good degree of freedom. 3. Out of Character (OOC) chat should be in double parentheses, ((so it will look like this when you post OOC)). 4. If you go inactive or drop, your character(s) will be under my control and likely killed off. If you let me know you're going to be inactive for a while and can pick back up later, I'll try and look after your character(s) so that they are still around when you get back. 5. This is primarily a PvE not PvP game, but I try to keep my RPs open so if you come into conflict with a player, make sure you guys are cool with what is/will happen. 6. As GM I am god and reserve the right to do as I wish, including make new rules when needed. Link to Facepunch RP discord: [url]https://discord.gg/TGpuRrh[/url] [/quote] [b][u]Dossier Form[/b][/u] [quote][b]Captain/Commander[/b] [b]Name: [/b] Self-explanatory, can include a special title [b]Age[/b]: Young or old, though I don’t think any children will be leading a ship for this expedition [b]Appearance: [/b] Picture or description is fine, and humans only. Though special visual traits are allowed (e.g. strange eye colors, pointed ears, etc.) [b]Bio: [/b] Just a little info on your character – maybe they are a navy veteran or an ex-pirate? [b]Skills: [/b] Any notable abilities, with two main skills (feats). So for example, you could be a venerable captain that can handle their crew well during times of distress, or be an excellent fighter and do well in personal combat. Keep in mind this is an exploration/adventure/survival roleplay. Don’t be afraid to go with different than normal skills. [b]Ship[/b] [b]Name: [/b] All good ships have a name. [b]Type: [/b] (Cruiser/Escort/Support) Large ships will be classed as cruisers, small as escort. Supports can be both but have generally light armament and serve special duties (repair, whaling, etc.) Additionally, you can include a subtype for clarification as this is just a basic classification. You may include a picture or description of the ship’s appearance here. [b]Armament: [/b] Weapons and any special tech the ship may have. Note: Radar is not available and only one exists on the flagship. [b]Crew:[/b] Doesn’t have to be exact, but keep a realistic number in mind. Can include uniform and training specifications. [b]Accompaniment:[/b] Marines, cargo, patrol skiffs, etc. [/quote] [b][u]Ship Statistics[/u][/b] You have a certain amount of points that you can spend to detail the effectiveness of your ship. So if you are playing a cruiser with lots of guns, if you want them to be effective you should commit some points to firepower. Please pick the corresponding template for your ship type. You have 10 points to spend and stats cap at 20. [quote][b]Armor: [/b] This is primarily protection against weapons, however, acts as an initial buff for protecting the superstructure and hull of the ship. [b]Hull[/b]: Basic health – the strength of the superstructure to resist all damage. [b]Maneuver: [/b] Speed and movement capability. [b]Firepower: [/b] Collective sum of the damage output of the ship. [b]Technology: [/b] Effectiveness and reliability of ship systems – comms, machinery, weapon types, etc. For example, high firepower and low tech would mean you have older guns that may take longer to reload and be less safe to handle; high hull but low tech may mean you have manually closed and heavy bulkhead doors. [/quote] [quote]Cruiser Armor: 5 Hull: 5 Maneuver: 5 Firepower: 10 Technology: 5[/quote][quote]Escort Armor: 5 Hull: 5 Maneuver: 10 Firepower: 5 Technology: 5[/quote][quote]Support Armor: 5 Hull: 5 Maneuver: 5 Firepower: 5 Technology: 10[/quote] --- [quote][b]Captain/Commander[/b] [b]Name: [/b] Admiral Viktor Mannfred [b]Age[/b]: 36 [b]Appearance: [/b] Stands at a sturdy 5’11, he has a sailor’s figure with a strong upper body and core. His face was damaged early in his life when he was a young ensign, and lost his right eye in a fierce sea battle. As a result, a long scar cuts across his face and there are more smaller scars scattered around the missing eye. He walks with a slight limp, likely another war injury. [url=https://i.pinimg.com/originals/69/90/38/69903818cc84b06eaf1c0a6bd13ccf3d.jpg]A commissioned portrait from some years ago.[/url] [b]Bio: [/b] Viktor Mannfred was born to a lesser noble family in the Kingdom of Brunswick. He purchased a naval commission as an ensign at the young age of seventeen and served aboard the dreadnought [i]Indomitable[/i]. Service on a dreadnought was highly prestigious, and as such a young officer he faced a great deal of trouble from both the enlisted and fellow officers despite his excellent bridge service. He had spent only a year onboard the ship when the Colonial War broke out between Brunswick and the other major nations as they warred over colonial holdings and sea lanes. The [i]Indomitable[/i] joined a war flotilla and was ambushed at high sea by a combined force of Corsou and Pavlovian ships. In what became known as one of the longest naval battles, the Brunswick fleet was ruthlessly assaulted over a three-day running battle. During the first night a shell detonated alongside the bridge of the [i]Indomitable,[/i] killing a large portion of the bridge, the captain, and all senior officers present. Mannfred was grievously wounded, but quickly took control of the helm and kept the ship from entering anarchy without any officers to command the ship. He successfully held the remaining chain of command together and became the defacto commander for the remainder of the battle at just the age of nineteen – making him the youngest naval captain ever. By the end of the battle the flotilla was mostly destroyed, with the [i]Indomitable[/i] the only remaining dreadnought. They had sunken over twelve ships, and damaged numerous more alone. Upon their return to Brunswick, Mannfred was given the King’s Own medal – the highest honor in the kingdom – and was promoted to captain and given commander of a light cruiser almost immediately. He had saved hundreds of lives by keeping the flagship operating and afloat, but more importantly, he had protected the national pride of Brunswick by ensuring they had not lost [i]all[/i] their dreadnoughts in a single battle. He was a war hero, and continued to fight the war with a stellar record. By the end of the four-year long conflict, he was a Commodore in command of a small independent fleet. He retired from the navy at that very rank after another six years. The sea ran in his veins and he was never one to be far from a ship. It was inevitable that a captain of his caliber would be drown to the fabled Lost Sea. He began mounting small scouting missions into those waters, traveling further and further until it became clear he couldn’t go any further without a full expedition force. Mannfred is considered one of the few experts on the Lost Sea just from seven years of surveying the “safer” areas of the sea. After repeated petitions to the king of Brunswick, he was granted a full charter and access to war surplus to lead the largest expedition into the Lost Sea in over one hundred years, drawing captains and ships from around the civilized world. [b]Skills: [/b] Mannfred is without a doubt a natural born captain, capable of easily commanding a ship or fleet effectively. His organizational skills and foresight is commendable. Unfortunately wounds from his time in battle and at sea have hindered his abilities of becoming anything more than an average combatant in person, though his aim with a pistol is said to be marksman worthy. [b]Ship[/b] [b]Name: [/b] [i]Revenant[/i] [b]Type: [/b] [url=http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-zuaCcCaHgWw/UgNdTPTpUNI/AAAAAAAAAFg/d_YHpeMsHy0/s1600/18.jpg]Flagship (Expeditionary Dreadnought)[/url] [b]Armament: [/b] 4x 16”/50 Heavy Cannons (two barrels per turret) 16x 5”/51 Secondary Cannons (two barrels per) 28x 5”/38 Medium Dual Purpose Cannons (one barrel per) 16x 40mm Dual Purpose Light Cannons (one barrels per) 18x 20mm Dual Purpose Light Cannons (one or two barrels per) Miscellaneous lighter guns The [i]Revenant[/i] is an Expeditionary-class dreadnought, meaning it is a one of a kind vessel that was specially constructed with traveling into the Lost Sea in mind. The ship has a specially made superstructure that is well-balanced and resistant to extreme tipping and capsizing. The hull is moderately armored, with instead a focus on a very resistant and sturdy superstructure to protect against all manner of natural and anomalous happenings. As the heaviest armed ship of the expedition, the [i]Revenant[/i] is the primary anti-ship vessel that can be brought to bare against other human targets. The ship sports state of the art communications and medical facilities, as well as another one-of-a-kind piece of technology called the auspex, a device which detects ships and large targets at varying ranges. [b]Crew:[/b] ~1,500 (Seamen only, not including marines) [url=https://i.imgur.com/hNp8tHx.png]Enlisted Sailor[/url] [url=https://i.imgur.com/FRaXrLu.png]Officer[/url] [url=https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/6a/06-Cavalleggeri_1885-86.jpg/800px-06-Cavalleggeri_1885-86.jpg]Marine[/url] [b]Accompaniment:[/b] ~300 Marines, further [i]manifest withheld.[/i] [/quote] --- [quote] [b]Fleet Roster[/b] -Cruisers- [i]Revenant[/i] - Flagship - Admiral Viktor Mannfred [i]Dawnbreaker[/i] - Heavy Battlecruiser - Vice Admiral Jonathan Dobbs, Duke of Gloucester [i]RNS Caledfwlch[/i] - Heavy Battlecruiser - Captain Cadwallon Elias Crowley [i]VKS Valdemar II[/i] - Light Cruiser - Captain Ruben M. Gustav -Escorts- [i]Mariner's Boon[/i] - Specialized Escort - Captain William S. Tobey [i]NECS Blixtvåg[/i] - Escort Submarine - Captain Wilhelm Jäger -Support- [i]Eisenstrasse[/i] - Support Zeppelin - Captain Edgar Krantz [i]Eye of Horus[/i] - Support Zeppelin - Captain Reginald Fontaine [i]Zuflucht[/i] - Repair Platform - Captain Sabine Fallensteller die Rabenschwarz [i]Problem Child[/i] - Heavy Freighter - Captain Chechie Spaghetti [i]The Thornhill[/i] - Support Research Zeppelin - Thomas 'Tommy' Christensen, Jr. -Notable Persons- First Mate George Bennett - Serving on board the [i]Mariner's Boon[/i] First Mate Yves de La Toison d'Or - Serving on board the [i]Problem Child[/i] Ephraim "Walentyn" Brose - Serving with the [i]Eisenstrasse[/i] (In command of a dinghy) [/quote]
[QUOTE] [B][U]Captain/Commander[/U][/B] [B]Name:[/B] Vice Admiral Jonathan Dobbs, Duke of Gloucester [B]Age:[/B] 33 [B]Appearance: [/B] [t]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/205466155039719425/392894148564484114/800px-Young_Nelson.png[/t] [I]Having lost his right arm, Jonathan outfitted himself with a state of the art mechanical prosthetic to replace his departed limb.[/I] [B]Bio:[/B] Born to the former Duke of Gloucester, Edward Dobbs, in the Kingdom of Albion, Jonathan lived a relatively comfortable life in the heavily class-based society of his home country. Being the son of a duke of the house of Dobbs brought many advantages such as a formal education, traveling the world, and even help with entering the Naval Officers Academy through his uncle's recommendations. Dobbs was guided under the tutelage of one of the greatest admirals of that time, Grand Admiral James Norton. Dobbs first received his taste of action in the war against the Swabian Empire, in which Dobbs rose through the ranks quickly as he distinguished himself to be an excellent commander and was key in several Albionian victories in the waters, reaching the ranking of Vice Admiral very quickly. The war ended 3 years after as a victory for Albion, and Edward was awarded with numerous medals, including the Sacrifice Medal {for having lost his right arm for his country}, as well as the Royal Cross {for having been a key factor in several decisive naval victories for Albion}. Dobbs returned home to find that his father had passed away from cancer and that he was to inherit the title of Duke. After living at home for some time in retirement, Dobbs returns with a ship and a crew of loyal men to set out to sail the open waters of the Lost Sea with a brave and stout heart. Who knows what he will find there? [B]Skills: [/B] -Inspiring Leader: going through more than his fair share of battles and being in the thickest of it, Dobbs commands enormous respect from his men and they would follow him to the ends of the earth. -Expert Navigator: Dobbs is capable of navigating well through waters and find his bearing quite easily. [B][U]Ship[/U][/B] [t]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/381263388245884929/392559617353449472/unknown.png[/t] [B]Name:[/B] [I]Dawnbreaker[/I] [B]Type:[/B] Heavy Battlecruiser [B]Armament:[/B] [URL="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0d/HMS_Terror_15_inch_guns_1915_IWM_SP_1612.jpg"]-4x381mm Heavy Guns[/URL] [URL="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c6/HMAS_Stuart_A_4.7_inch_gun.jpg"]-8x120mm Medium Guns[/URL] -14x40mm dual purpose autocannons -Various small turrets and guns [I]The Dawnbreaker was Dobbs' flagship in the war against the Swabian Empire. After the war ended, the ship was slated to be decommissioned and scrapped, however using his immense wealth and influence, Dobbs convinced the Navy higher ups to sell the ship to him for his own use.[/I] [B]Crew:[/B] ~900(not including others) [B]Accompaniment: [/B] ~140 marines ~10 scientists/researchers 2 patrol skiffs Various munitions and arms Necessary supplies (food & water) [/QUOTE] [B][U]Ship Stats[/U][/B] [QUOTE] Armor: 7 Hull: 7 Maneuver: 6 Firepower: 10 Technology: 10 [/QUOTE]
[B]Name:[/B] Captain Edgar Krantz [t]http://puu.sh/yJD7s/aaff91a4e4.png[/t] [B]Age: [/B]35 [B]Appearance:[/B] 6'2", short blonde hair, emerald green eyes. He bears a toned upper body and strong legs. A soldier's figure, having served on the frontline of armed conflicts. Smokes often. [B]Bio:[/B] Edgar Krantz was born of a upper class home on the coastline of the Pracht Empire, west of the Kingdom of Brunswick. His childhood life was a bit strict, his father Linus Krantz being a Rear Admiral in the Imperial Navy. He was raised to be like that of a Imperial sailor: obedient, intelligent, and well-groomed. However, the Navy life wouldn't call to him immediately. Instead, the life of a soldier on solid ground would. A series of armed conflicts would occur between the Pracht Empire and its neighbors to the northeast (mainly the Pavlovians) over the issue of territory lines and borders. This drew Edgar into the Imperial Army, and into the hellish Siege of Eisenstrasse. It is here that Edgar would be forged into a true leader. He lead Imperial troops in a last ditch assault on a Pavlovian-held citadel. The battle lasted for eight hours, but Edgar and the Imperial troops came out victorious. The victory earned Edgar high praise, and earned him several promotions. Eventually, when the war ended, he left the Imperial military as a Major. After returning to and spending a few years at his childhood home on the coast, he developed the urge to venture out onto the seas as a sailor. Just like his father. Using the funds he had earned from his military service, as well as calling in a few favors based off his reputation and family name, was able to do just that. Though he wouldn't exactly be going [I]ON[/I] the ocean...rather above it. The Pracht Empire was developing a new class of airship to replace its aging zeppelin designs, and Edgar managed to secure himself one of the first variants of the craft. The 'König Zeppelin' as it was named, it was much larger than the earlier airships that the Empire had produced. And a bit more well made, able to withstand numerous hits before suffering major damage from enemy attacks. The Pracht Empire just needed an exceptional test for the massive airships. And Edgar proposed one. The Lost Sea. Surely a journey there and back would prove that the airships were worthy of production and use. The Empire agreed, and built one for just the occassion. [B]Skills:[/B] [I]Iron Will[/I] - Krantz is a rather hard man when it comes to those under him. His strictness and solidarity inspires some, while strikes fear into others. Regardless of which, it pushes those under his command to their absolute limits. Even if it proves fatal. [I]Crack Shot[/I] - Krantz honed his marksmanship skills on the battlefield, mastering the weapon that is the bolt-action rifle. He is also quite talented with his sidearm, though less so than his rifle as he didn't have to use it every often. He brings this talent with him to the Lost Sea, just in case a foe is encountered that needs felling. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [B]Ship:[/B] [t]http://puu.sh/yJD7U/1f83e8c4f7.png[/t] [B]Name:[/B] [I]Eisenstrasse[/I] [B]Type:[/B] Support Zeppelin [B]Armament:[/B] 2x[URL="http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNGER_12-50_skc12_Koenig_pic.jpg"]30.5 cm/50 (12") SK L/50[/URL] (Two barrels to a turret) 2x[URL="http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNGER_945-40_skc94_Turret_Side_pic.jpg"]24 cm/40 (9.4") SK L/40[/URL] (Two barrels to a turret) 12x[URL="http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNGER_41-45_skc32_Type_IX_pic.jpg"]10.5 cm/45 (4.1") SK C/32[/URL] (One or Two barrels to a turret) Various smaller guns. [I]The Eisenstrasse is one of the first of its kind, placed under Edgar Krantz's command and sent out into the world as a true test of its abilities.[/I] [B]Crew:[/B] 300 (Approx crew.) [B]First Officer: [/B]First Lieutenant [URL="http://puu.sh/yKS0w/787509da3e.png"]Luna von Strauss[/URL] [B]Troop Commander: [/B]Second Lieutenant [URL="http://puu.sh/yKVUV/2e3c497ad5.png"]Sándor Váradi[/URL] [B]Accompaniment:[/B] 250 Soldiers (Approx. 200 Soldiers, 50 Storm Troopers) Various munitions and arms Necessary supplies (food & water) Large cargo hold 8x Trucks (Troop/Supply Carriers) 4x [URL="http://puu.sh/yKF8y/adb6e8862c.png"]Imperial Light Assault Vehicles[/URL] Rowboats [QUOTE][B]Additional Crew information: [/B][I]Appearances: [/I][URL="http://puu.sh/yKzyj/0552fdf445.png"]Crewman[/URL][URL="http://www.worldwar1.com/photos/gri05.jpg"] Officer[/URL] [URL="http://puu.sh/yKbE8/310638452b.png"]Soldier[/URL] [URL="http://puu.sh/yKzze/a2d7283fc4.png"]Storm Trooper[/URL] [I]Weaponry Issued to Crew: [/I]1x [URL="http://14544-presscdn-0-64.pagely.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/SteyrM95_in_profile.jpg"]Feuerwaffe M1895[/URL] w/ ammunition 1x [URL="http://www.imfdb.org/images/thumb/e/e4/C96Pistol.jpg/400px-C96Pistol.jpg"]Pistole M1896[/URL] w/ ammunition 1x Ungrian Knife [I]Weaponry Issued to Officers:[/I] 1x Pistole M1896 or [URL="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2e/Luger_P08_(6971793777).jpg/1200px-Luger_P08_(6971793777).jpg"]Pistole M1898[/URL] w/ ammunition 1x Ungrian Knife [I]Weaponry Issued to Soldiers: [/I]1x [URL="http://simplebooklet.com/userFiles/a/2/3/2/8/7/1/0QG0exKCpWCBacbuisEYDD/HcDN07aL.png"]Feuerwaffe M1898[/URL] or [URL="http://www.forgottenweapons.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/luger8x57.jpg"]Wiederholen Feuerwaffe M1898[/URL] w/ ammunition 1x Pistole M1896 or Pistole M1898 w/ ammunition 1x Ungrian Trench Knife 1x Grenades [I]Weaponry Issued to Storm Troopers:[/I] 1x [URL="http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/gg1103.jpg"]Von Medson M1895[/URL] or [URL="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8b/Hotchkiss_M1909.png"]Hatchkoch M1898 Belt-Fed[/URL] w/ ammunition 1x Pistole M1898 or [URL="https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ce/60/a4/ce60a4d9a9051181ec46e3fccf26d73c.jpg"]Revolver Pistole M1874[/URL] w/ ammunition 1x Hatchet 3x Grenades[/QUOTE] [B][U]Ship Stats:[/U][/B] Armor: 7 Hull: 7 Maneuver: 8 Firepower: 8 Technology: 10
[QUOTE=Radley][b]Name:[/b] Captain William S. Tobey [B]Age:[/b] 52 [B]Appearance:[/b] [T]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/238807246274822145/392628586349330432/Tobey.jpg[/t] His slim figure, proper posture, height (6'1") and gaunt face often makes it challenging to determine his age at an eyes glance. Though not as fit as any younger man, he is exceptionally healthy for his age. Although an affluent man, Tobey knows that the lost sea, or any sea for that matter, holds no respect for titles or apperance. Thusly he has donned a more [url=https://i.cubeupload.com/PagZwf.png]seaworthy attire[/url], as opposed to any lavish suit or swanky uniform for this expedition. [B]Bio:[/b] William Tobey was born the second son to a wealthy shipyard operator in the southern coastal city of Arkham. He lived out his youth in the upper-class neighborhood of Chatham Lanes and managed well in his studies. After his graduation, William was sent to the Naval Collage to enlist in the Brunswick Navy. As a navigator he served for a term of five years but chose not to renew his contract. Returning home to Arkham he overtook the shipyard from his father, whom had fallen gravely ill. With a well established business and high demand he used his commanding personality to expand the company, which eventually became the biggest and eventually one of only two shipyards to operate in the city. He also broke into the whaling business, with commendable success. During this time he made acquaintance with a rough young man by the name of George Bennett. Taking him in as a trusty worker, Bennett advanced in the ranks over the years and would eventually become Tobeys right hand man and one of his most trusted associates, along with his brother, Alexander Tobey, and the gigantic mute negro helmsman Mr. Nelson. In the decline of the whale populations, Tobey used Bennett and his scrupulous crews of wolfstacks burly, tattooed and tight-lipped mariners as hardy enforcers to secure what little fishing rights were left. When the Campagin of '81 broke out he managed to avoid being called to service by offering the Brunswick Navy repairs at his shipyards for a notable discount Tobey has for some time been interest in occultism and has used his accumulated wealth and connections in the Naval Collage and the Royal Archeologial society to launch expeditions in search of strange and curious artifacts and locations. [B]Skills:[/b] [I]Leanings towards the occult [/i]- With considerable time and money invested in his personal interest and scholarly education, William Tobey is well-acquainted with mystic texts and eldritch lore. [I]Son of the sea[/i] - Thanks to his service in the Royal Navy, William Tobey is a skillful navigator. He also possesses knowledge of other ship duties as well as both maritime and military procedures. It is said that the sons of Arkham have salt water in their veins. [/Quote] [Quote] [B]Ship[/b] [B]Name:[/b] [i]Mariner's Boon[/i] [T]http://i.cubeupload.com/6bZmdQ.jpg[/t] [I]Normally, a ship of this military caliber is not found in civilian hands, but through various dealings with a number of influential friends, Tobey managed to procure it from the Royal Navy. It has since been rebuilt to suit his exploratory interests.[/i] [B]Type:[/b] Specialized Escort [B]Armament:[/b] 2 x 10 inch /45 naval guns. 4 x 8 pounder cannons 2 x 8 pounder mortars [B]Crew:[/b] 442 [I]Selected from the hardy sailors of Arkhams infamous Wolfstack harbour district, these men can hold their own in a fight.[/i] (Crew doubles as marines.) - 50 mercenaries [B]Accompaniment:[/b] 1 patrol skiff 10 ordinary rowboats. Various arms and munitions. Sizeable cargo hold. Large amount of supplies Small scale Holt oil-refinery. [B][u]Ship Stats:[/u][/b] Armor: 7 Hull: 7 Maneuver: 11 Firepower: 7 Technology: 8 [/QUOTE]
[b]Name:[/b] Captain Wilhelm Jäger [b]Age:[/b] 32 [b]Appearance:[/b] 184cm tall with a proud stance. Jäger stands out with his blonde hair and blue eyes, common features for those who hail from Gothia. [t]https://i.imgur.com/s6AEE4J.png[/t] [b]Bio:[/b] The only son of Admiral Lars Jäger, Wilhelm grew up aspiring to be a captain within the Royal Gothian Navy just like his father. Renowned for his brilliant tactics, inspiring speeches and natural charisma Wilhelm eventually left the life as an enlisted soldier and formed his own independent fleet known as the Nordic Expedition Company. With a dream of exploring the world Wilhelm set sail for frontiers new. Earning a profit by transporting goods he eventually used his resources to construct his very own submarine: [i]Blixtvåg[/i]. Conducting freelance work against pirate fleets and other villains of the seas Wilhelm quickly expanded his reputation beyond the borders of Gothia. Pirate captain learned to fear his name while traders learned to love it. On the personal front Wilhelm is much more relaxed, often satisfied in the company of good music, pretty ladies and a drink in hand. Now he set out once more, leaving the comfort of Gothia behind. After gathering a crew of trusted comrades and old friends from the military. Together they will tackle the challenges of the Lost Sea side by side with the rest of Mannfred Expedition... [b]Skills:[/b] [i]Gothian Sailor[/i] - Hardened by the stormy seas of the North, Wilhelm (and his crew) have no issues navigating through harsh conditions. [i]Military Precision[/i] - Years of military drills allow Wilhelm to coordinate with his crew the point of lethal military precision. ----- [b]Ship:[/b] [i]NECS Blixtvåg[/i] [t]https://i.imgur.com/dzsIM5t.jpg[/t] [b]Type:[/b] Escort [b]Armament:[/b] - 6 Torpedo Tubes - 2x Dual 40mm Cannons [b]Crew:[/b] 543 [b]Accompaniment:[/b] 243 Crewmen (Captain Jäger included...) 280 Marines 20 Attack Divers 20 Rapid Assault Craft (launched from the holes on the sides, single-use) 7 Cargo Trucks 4 Reconnassaince Vehicles 3 Jeeps 2 Tracked Drilling Vehicles 2 Landing Skiffs [quote] [b]Ship Stats:[/b] Armor: 5 Hull: 5 Maneuver: 10 Firepower: 8 Technology: 12 [/quote] --- [quote] Marine Variations: [url=https://i.imgur.com/7SsACu8.jpg]Rifleman[/url] [url=https://i.imgur.com/OtwSqSC.jpg]Grenadier[/url] [url=https://i.imgur.com/K5OUdrY.jpg]Flamethrower/Shocktrooper[/url] [url=https://i.imgur.com/lt8ABYu.jpg]Scout[/url] [url=https://i.imgur.com/57I693z.jpg]Marksman[/url] [url=https://i.imgur.com/K8ry3N3.jpg]Heavy Shocktrooper[/url] [url=https://i.imgur.com/yNsUTMq.jpg]Medic[/url] Vehicles: [url=https://i.imgur.com/QSl7VEC.jpg]Jeep[/url] [url=https://i.imgur.com/Ox0rKie.jpg]Truck[/url] [url=https://i.imgur.com/N1cAwQC.jpg]Recon Vehicle[/url] [url=https://i.imgur.com/Nnge2oZ.jpg]Drilling Vehicle[/url] [/quote]
[B]Captain/Commander[/B] [B]Name[/B]: Reginald Fontaine [B]Age[/B]: 43 [B]Appearance[/B]: [T]https://i.imgur.com/vhRJWS5.jpg[/T] 185cm tall, when standing up-right, walks slightly hunched over to appear smaller. Often seen walking with a cane, but doesn't need it. [B]Bio[/B]: Born in the poor district of New Yorkenshire, Reginald's personal story would serve as an inspiring classic of the boy that raised himself from the bottom to be the man at the top through hard work and determination while staying true to good morals. That is, until he admitted later in a self published autobiography that he lied, cheated and intimidated his way to where he is now. Released under a different pen-name of course. Joining up with street gangs as a teen, Reginald learned a thing or two about money and its acquisition that wasn't exactly looked upon with admiration from his parents. In an attempt to correct his behaviour, he was sent to join the navy when he was old enough. It seemed to have worked at first as Reginald displayed a severe difference in his attitude when returning home, even joining the local police force. It would be later revealed in his book that he was running a protection racket and having his own group of corrupt officers covering for him. By the age of 31 he took the advice of one of his war-time friends and left the force and joined up the Black river trading company for their trailblazing program. The BRT had been responsible for many of the innovations and inventions born out of Lost sea and would require someone to not only pursue, but protect their interests. That is where men and women like Reginald would come in. Either taking from or destroying their opposition and competitors. Reginald would exceed in both as he sank ships under the cover of being a pirate and putting his extortion, racketeering and conman skills to good use in order to secure their cargo. Despite working for the company for more than a decade now, Reginald had never been anywhere near the Lost sea, until now. The Expedition promises to yield much in the way of profit and influence, as such a new prototype of an airship was put forward to join the expedition. If it proved to be a success, then the money would roll in. So Reginald was chosen to make sure the mission is a success and to be on the lookout for any possible business venture opportunities. The company also issued an ultimatum to Reginald. Either complete your task, or don't come back at all. [B]Skills[/B]: Control through fear-Reginald has a tight grip on his crew thanks to his intimidating presence. Very few things scare them more than his ire. Conman-Years running a shaddy life has made Reginald an expert conman, allowing him to also spot whenever someone is trying to be deceptive. [B]Ship[/B] [I]Eye of Horus[/I] [T]https://i.pinimg.com/originals/36/fa/f9/36faf9eb60e1493cc8d7289ab2657e88.png[/T] [B]Type[/B]: Support Zeppelin [B]Armament[/B]: 4x 8"/40 (20.3 cm) Mark 5 6x 3"/23.5 (7.62 cm) Mark 14 2x 3"/23.5 (7.62 cm) Mark 14 (at the back) Various smaller guns [B]Crew:[/B] 300 [B]Accompaniment:[/B] 50 BRT armed personnel (Reginald included) 50 Mercenary hired guns as additional protection 150 crewmen 50 various positions (cooks, janitors, transport drivers etc.) Necessary supplies Various arms and ammunition Rowboats Large cargo hold [B]Ship stats[/B] Support Armor: 7 Hull: 7 Maneuver: 8 Firepower: 5 Technology: 13
[quote][B]Name[/B]: First Mate George Bennett.[/quote] [quote][B]Age[/B]: 31.[/quote] [quote][B]Appearance[/B]: Extremely rough looking and scarred, a hard youth has made George look rather older than he really is.[/quote] [t]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/238807246274822145/392628603487125507/Bennett.jpg[/t] [quote][B]Bio[/B]: Born into abject poverty with the streets as his home, Bennett's youth was hard and riddled with misdeeds. Getting involved with criminal elements at a young age, his early years were marked by sordid, numerous acts of robbery, assault, racketeering, extortion, getting into fight with rival gangs, and the like. Though one day, the law had enough of him and his gang, and so they cracked down hard on them. His family and friends were all rounded up and arrested, leaving Bennett all by himself. Not content with spending the rest of his life in a prison cell, he thought the best thing to do was to skip town and run far away from the cops as possible. He ended up stowing away on a fancy-looking ship that unbeknownst to him, was under the ownership of William Tobey. As Tobey found the young George hiding in a box, he felt very inclined to throw him into the arms of the police and collect the reward money for himself, but this was a very special time when the whiling business was booming, and Tobey could use more people under his command to expand his business. The two ended up making a deal: Tobey would keep Bennett on board and keep him out of the reach of the law while Bennett would serve Tobey in return. As the years went by, Bennett worked his way up the ladder, becoming Tobey's first mate. Now he's become Tobey's right hand man, ensuring every single crewman is doing his job, ensuring business is running smoothly, and ensuring [I]everyone [/I]stays in line.[/quote] [quote][B]Skills[/B]: [I]Street Stubbornness[/I] - Going against cops and rival gangs and sailors has shown Bennett that it doesn't matter who you are, how strong you are, or how big you are. If you bleed, he can kill you. Why should any big stupid green person with a squid for a head be any different? [I]Back-alley Brawler[/I] - Another thing the streets have taught him is how to fight. Capable by himself in combat already, Bennett's aptitude for fighting dirty makes him more dangerous than most.[/quote]
[Quote][B]Captain[/B] [B]Name:[/B] Sabine Fallensteller die Rabenschwarz [B]Age:[/B] 29 [B]Appearance:[/b] [img]https://i.imgur.com/Wkh5Z70.png[/img] Despite her Asian heritage, Fallensteller was raised in Teutonia and gets her nickname, "the Raven-Black," from the color of her hair. At 160cm, she is strikingly attractive, but has somehow remained unwed and single. Perhaps it's due to an unwavering commitment to her career, but some of her crew would scoff at the suggestion. Most say she's too fragile for this sort of expedition. [B]Bio:[/B] Fallensteller was discovered abandoned in the port of Danzig by dockworkers in 1871. Despite an extensive search and a review of passenger manifests, the port authority was unable to locate the guardians of the mysterious girl and eventually concluded that she had been brought to Teutonia illegally. Quickly adopted by a well-to-do family (perhaps, insultingly, due to her 'exotic' appearance), Fallensteller attended well-rated schools and easily integrated into Teutonic society, developing a stately, graceful demeanor which earned her entry into certain exclusive circles. While many of her contemporaries expected her to remain a socialite, Fallensteller was fascinated with the ocean and frequently spoke in interest of visiting Fusang, presumed to be her homeland. As a teenager, she successfully argued with her guardians to allow her to attend the Royal Naval Academy, where she scored average marks for her diligent work. Her post-academic career, however, has been shockingly successful: much to the ire of her compatriots, Fallensteller was quickly promoted into high-paying, low risk jobs, eventually becoming a ship's captain at the age of 28. This was undoubtedly the result of favoritism, and scandalous rumors of Fallensteller's relationships with commanding officers have haunted her throughout her career. Now desperate to prove her legitimacy as a leader, Fallensteller gained permission to bring her Naval Repair Platform to the Mannfred Expedition to service the airships taking part. [b]Skills:[/b] Siren's Tongue: With the exception of maybe a skilled conman, Fallenstellar is blessed with the ability to charm just about anyone. Lodestone: Strangely, Fallensteller doesn't always know where she's going, and yet she often finds what she's looking for, nonetheless.[/quote] [quote][B]Ship[/B] [B]Name:[/B] [I]Zuflucht[/I] [B]Type: Repair Platform (Support)[/B] [img]https://i.imgur.com/X5RKNPE.png[/img] [B]Armament:[/B] 10 × 200mm naval guns 8 × twin 5"/40 secondary guns 11 × twin 25mm AA guns [B]Crew: ~1500[/B][/quote] [quote][B]Stats[/B] Support Armor: 7 Hull: 10 Maneuver: 5 Firepower: 8 Technology: 10[/quote]
[B]Name:[/B] Captain Cadwallon Elias mab Arthur Crowley, also known as C. E. Crowley or Cad [B]Age:[/B] 37 [t]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/205466155039719425/392875491113041920/Donald-Macintyre.png[/t] [B]Bio:[/B] C. E. Crowley was born in the capital of Harddwch in the Principality of Eryri. Crowley's father, Arthur, served in the navy during various conflicts and encouraged young Cadwallon to enlist at Prince Bleddyn's Naval Academy in the city of Pennawd. Cadwallon would graduate from the academy with flying colors and served with honor at the Battle of the Kaiserholz Strait as a Lieutenant commander against Braunschweiger ships. C. E. Crowley was promoted to the position of Captain by Cambrian Prince Emrys mab Heddwyn. [B]Skills:[/B] -Gregarious: Crowley is very gregarious and socially competent and enjoys meeting new people and solving issues amongst others. -Steadfast: Cadwallon is unwavering and never lets a stressful situation get to him. [B]Ship:[/B] [t]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/205466155039719425/392897998868185088/BB20Canopus.png[/t] [B]Name:[/B] RNS [I]Caledfwlch[/I] [B]Type:[/B] Heavy battlecruiser (Cruiser) [B]Armament:[/B] [QUOTE][B]Primary armament[/B] 2 × 2 BL 12 in (305 mm) 35-caliber guns 12 × QF 6 in (152 mm) 40-caliber guns [B]Secondary armament[/B] 10 × 12-pounder 76 mm (3.0 in) quick-firing guns 6 × 3-pounder guns 4 × 18 in (460 mm) torpedo tubes (submerged)[/QUOTE] [B]Crew:[/B] 682 enlisted and officers, all crack trained from the Naval Academy in Pennawd [B]Accompaniment:[/B] 1 patrol skiff, necessary supplies, 40 marines [B]Stats:[/B] Heavy battlecruiser Armor: 7 Hull: 9 Maneuver: 6 Firepower: 12 Technology: 6 Info about Eryri: [QUOTE] Principality of Eryri (Eryric: [I]Tywysogaeth Eryri[/I]) Flag: [IMG]https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a2/Flag_of_Saint_David.svg/150px-Flag_of_Saint_David.svg.png[/IMG] Coat of Arms: [IMG]https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/83/Arms_of_the_Prince_of_Wales_%28Shield_of_Peace%29.svg/100px-Arms_of_the_Prince_of_Wales_%28Shield_of_Peace%29.svg.png[/IMG] Capital: Harddwch Leader: Prince ([I]Tywysog[/I]) Emrys mab Heddwyn (of the Llewellyn dynasty) Religion: Duwwych Language: Eryric ([I]Eryreg[/I]) Military uniforms (ignore purple armbands), naval officer on left and army infantryman on right: [t]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/386277461413068800/392909654193209344/unknown.png[/t][/QUOTE]
Name: Captain [i]Chechie[/i] [b]Spaghetti[/b] Age: 40 Appearance: [t]https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/001/165/255/large/veli-nystrom-afc-august-2015-redesign-gabriel-lms-velinystrom-nologo.jpg?1441376502[/t] Bio: Eurasian, pure goddamn Eurasian. No one knows where exactly Chechie Spaghetti came from. But he sure knew well that finding a lucrative shipping company called Spaghetti Shipyard would be a bright idea, initially. Before that he was the owner of Spaghetti Produce, earning a big share of money selling Italian food and 'survival kits'. Around the city of Genoa he became a famous philanthropist, donating to the poor and being a good self made man. But something happened that shook the Board. One day, Chechie decided to invest in a shipping company and drop Spaghetti Produce. His dream was to explore the sea, not Italia cuisine. He fired everybody and hired anybody for his shipping company, investing in a shipyard while announcing his new vision. A vision on forwarding people's cargo in a cruel world, a harsh one without quick shipping. Spaghetti Shipyard. Unfortunately within the few months the Shipyard is in danger of bankruptcy due to Chechie's own financial decisions. His mind fully driven by desperate measures. Almost as if he had gone mad by his own actions. One of his employees suggested a solution, to find something within The Lost Sea. But his employee warned him of the risks but Chechie waved him off and pointed outward. "Next stop, The Lost Sea!" Skills: Cloudcuckoolander: Chechie is prone to become eccentric, his mind is constantly in the clouds. People around him consider him to be an enigma and a danger to himself almost. But his mind always stands to the challenge. Tough Cookie To Crack: The man is hard to crack under pressure and conditions for he is determined to follow his heart and dreams. Name: [b]Problem Child[/b] [img]https://i.pinimg.com/564x/0b/10/00/0b1000ebe98df9cceebc982322b70917.jpg[/img] Type: (Heavy Freighter)Support Crew: 378 dedicated men and women Accompaniment: Massive cargo load consisting up food supplies, medicine, vehicles and tanks of whale oil Cranes Drilling equipment 278 Crewmen 50 Mercenaries 50 Engineers 10 Patrol skiffs around ship Ship Stats [quote] Support Armor: 9 Hull: 10 Maneuver: 6 Firepower: 5 Technology: 10 [/quote]
Calling a a lot. Gonna make a submersible research vessel. I'll type it up when I get home.
[quote][b]Name[/b]: Captain Olexiy M. Gustav [b]Age[/b]: 55 [b]Appearance[/b]: [Img_thumb]http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large-5/stepan-makarov-russian-navy-commander-science-photo-library.jpg[/Img_thumb] Standing at 5"10 with a very slightly bent posture. Usually seen using crane due to a limp in his left leg. [b]Bio[/b]: Born an only child and into a life of poverty within the Kalevala-Pavlovia port city of St. Molotov. Gustav spent his youth working within the docks of the city before signing onto a whaling ship for five years, shortly after the untimely death of both his parents. Gustav served within the Pavlovia merchant fleet for most of his early years, moving to various vessels over his time within the fleet before being given his first trial by fire in the successful defense against a series of pirates attacks aimed at a joint merchant fleet and escorting back two damaged trade ships to safe harbor. His victory would earn him the chance to enlist in the Pavlovian Naval academy at the age of 19. After graduating, Gustav would go on in serving in the expeditionary fleets for over a decade before being given a vessel of his own, that being a simple torpedo boat. However, Gustav would finally prove himself to his collages in the Pavlovian-Gothia and later, Pavlovian-Teutonia, wars. Sinking numerous warships, including the world's first successful attack using the new 'Whitehead' torpedo, earning a great share of praise from his comrades back home and abroad. Gustav would later Command two more vessels over his two-decade-long service in the navy before retiring back to his hometown after the disastrous Fusang campaign. Working as a foreman in the vast docks of St. Molotov for over seven years while keeping active in local politics. However, Gustav would soon be called to service once more as the land of Kalevala and its neighboring region, Vyriy. Both Nations would be given independence after the end of second Pavlovian civil-war. A new lease of freedom the Pavlovian press called it, a sign of betrayal as the people saw it as Central Pavlovia tired to desperately keep itself from fracturing further as the imminent threat of Ungrian aggression crept ever closer and closer. The old Captain would do his best to aid local militia forces during the early years of the new Kalevala Republic, including acting as a Naval instructor for both the town and nearby militia naval forces, which also sought to protect themselves as a new civil-war arose in the Kalevala state as the Karelo-Vryic sovereigntists would pull both governments into a short and decisive civil war. Eventually, the sovereigntists would lead to winning both Vyriy and then later in Kalevala, establishing the United Karelo-Vryic Sovereignty, a nationalist government with both states retaining some autonomy between them. Gustav would then be mandatory reenlisted by the state to serve in the newly restructured Karelo-Vryic Naval as an academy head for quite some time. Yet, Gustav would return to sea once again as the Captain of KVS Valdemar light cruiser at the dawn of the brief Ungrian-Vryic war and win several major victories for the Karelo-Vryic Sovereignty. Gustav would later be honorably discharged a few years later after the end of hostilities between the warring states. Now, Gustav has been recommissioned to command the newly built and state of the art KVS Valdemar II to take part in the Mannfred Expedition. [b]Skills[/b]: - Jaded: Gustav's long time in the navy has molded him into a stoic and hard man, nothing in this world scares or surprises him anymore. Gustav has seen the horrors of War and Man countless times and will fight through and through to the very end. - Air of Authority: Gustav's has a way with words, for even in the chaos of warfare, his voice shrikes his men as the clear as the sun. His orders always reached the right person and his commands are followed to the letter. Even outside of the battlefield, Gustav's presence will always bring full attention. [/quote] [quote] [b]Name[/b]: VKS Valdemar II [Img_thumb]https://i.pinimg.com/736x/2b/70/e6/2b70e61df4fa6eed9472d79f0f0f3e0d--naval-history-ship-art.jpg[/Img_thumb] [b]Type[/b]: Light Cruiser [b]Armament:[/b] - 8x 17.3 cm/L50 Heavy guns in 4 twin-turret mountings - 4x 11 cm/L47 Medium guns in 2 twin-turret mountings - 2x 8 cm/L/56 Dual-Purpose guns in single-turret mountings - 6× 4 cm/L48 Automatic cannons in single-turret mountings - 18× 2.5 cm/20 Automatic Cannons in 9 twin-turret mountings [b]Crew[/b]: 772 [b]Accompaniment:[/b] - 502x [url=http://cdn.history.com/sites/2/2015/03/list-6-naval-mutinies-kiel-E.jpeg]Crewmen[/url] (Gustav included) - 240x [url=i.imgur.com/R8RguSL.png]Guard KVS Naval Infantry (1st Vryic Sea Guard Company)[/url] - 30x [url=http://i.imgur.com/qOjNNGu.png]Imperial Commissary Guard (5th Paranormal Unit)[/url] - 8x Patrol Skiff - 6x Landing Craft - 5x [url=http://www.airwar.ru/image/i/cw1/he12-i.jpg]Lennart-17N Reconnaissance Floatplanes[/url] - 4x [url=http://kiwisinarmour.hobbyvista.com/images/bren1s.jpg]Oslo Mobile Infantry Carrier[/url] - 3x [url=http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww1/germany/photos/Leichtespanzerwagen_LK-II.jpg]Lagus MK2 Armored Infantry Vehicles[/url] - 1x Catapult launcher - Various munitions and arms - Necessary supplies (food & water) - Sizable cargo hold [quote] [I]Weaponry Issued to Crewmen:[/I] 1x [url=https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/guns/images/a/ac/Nagant_M1895.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20070507102630]NM-79[/url] or [url=https://www.eaglegrips.com/3385-tm_thickbox_default/colt-new-service-1917-walnut-panel-grips-smooth.jpg]CM-90[/url] Service pistol w/ ammunition 1x [url=http://modernfirearms.net/userfiles/images/rifle/FR/1343410771.jpg]BM-82 Service rifle w/ ammunition[/url] 1x AM-80 Knife [I]Weaponry Issued to Officers:[/I] 1x [url=https://i.pinimg.com/originals/56/36/2b/56362b9e6960eb346ed1579e2be28aee.jpg]DDM-94[/url] or [url=https://www.eaglegrips.com/3385-tm_thickbox_default/colt-new-service-1917-walnut-panel-grips-smooth.jpg]CM-90[/url] Service pistol w/ ammunition 1x AM-80 Knife [I]Weaponry Issued to Naval Infantrymen:[/I] 1x [url=http://www.libertytreecollectors.com/productcart/pc/catalog/Swis182.JPG]JSM-93[/url] or [url=https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cd/Winchester_Model_1895_Lee.jpg]CM-89[/url] Service rifle w/ ammunition 1x [url=https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c7/1898schwarzlose.jpg]KM-97[/url] or [url=https://www.eaglegrips.com/3385-tm_thickbox_default/colt-new-service-1917-walnut-panel-grips-smooth.jpg]CM-90[/url] Service pistol w/ ammunition 1x AM-80 Knife 1x Grenades [I]Weaponry Issued to Imperial Commissary Guard:[/I] 1x [url=https://ugc.kn3.net/i/760x/http://www.imfdb.org/images/thumb/e/e7/Mauser1916Selbstlader.jpg/800px-Mauser1916Selbstlader.jpg]MX-98[/url] or [url=http://sellantiquearms.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Sell-Antiques-Purple-Moss-Photography-940914-4000x2669.jpg]NM-81[/url] Service rifle w/ ammunition 1x [url=https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c7/1898schwarzlose.jpg]KM-97[/url] or [url=https://i.pinimg.com/originals/56/36/2b/56362b9e6960eb346ed1579e2be28aee.jpg]DDM-94[/url] Service pistol w/ ammunition 1x AM-80 Knife or personal melee weapon 3x Grenades [I]Special Issue: [/I] [url=http://www.jaegerplatoon.net/Mp4344.jpg]SM-97 Sub-Machine Gun[/url] [url=http://media.liveauctiongroup.net/i/9633/10496869_1.jpg?v=8CDC98F3AB00B30] WM-88 Shotgun[/url] [url=https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/guns/images/8/89/Chauchat.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20151030051537]BM-85 Light Machine Gun[/url] [url=https://i.pinimg.com/originals/30/35/3a/30353ac8968f098ce6b3c12495b64166.jpg]SM-96 Light Machine Gun[/url] [url=https://i.pinimg.com/originals/cc/a0/23/cca023c164f03084090dacfc26227270.jpg]LM-93 Medium Machine Gun[/url] [url=http://media.iwm.org.uk/ciim5/453/508/large_000000.jpg]MM-94 Heavy Machine Gun[/url] [/quote] [b]Ship Stats:[/b] - Armor: 8 - Hull: 7 - Maneuver: 10 - Firepower: 7 - Technology: 8 [/quote]
[QUOTE][B]Name:[/B] First Mate Yves de La Toison d'Or [B]Age:[/B] 28 [B]Appearance:[/B] [t]https://i.imgur.com/BfZ3erY.jpg[/t] Yves has deep green eyes, an unusual and unnerving trait. [B]Bio:[/B] Yves de La Toison d'Or was born in the town of Pétain, recently annexed by the Kingdom of Brunswick, to members of the local nobility, an old and impoverished line whose fortunes had waned further with the conquest. In his youth, Yves showed considerable talent for sailing and captaincy, and entered into the royal navy by 17. Many years later, Yves was brought to the royal court for his gifts. Though he was an accomplished sailor, Yves was known mainly for his talent in painting and architecture. At court, Yves gained a reputation for unusual behavior. In one instance, he spent a whole day in the kitchens, conversing with the chefs and the scullery maids. The next day, a chef leaped to his death off a castle balcony, having declared himself the "son of a devil, a purveyor of lies and deceit for which only god himself could forgive". In another, Yves locked himself up in his quarters for weeks, taking only water and bread for sustenance while he worked on something unknown. When he emerged, he presented a painting to the King- of his mother, who had died 10 years previously, who Yves had never once met. The portrait was an almost perfect likeness to the woman, and the King declared Yves' art to be 'magnificent'. Through his position, Yves was betrothed to a young noblewomen of a wealthy Brunswicker line, to be married by the first new moon of the next year. When the expedition to the Lost Sea was announced, Yves requested to join Admiral Mannfred, to provide his talents and perhaps document and draw the strange and wonderful things that he thought he may find there. The King accepted his leave, and Yves straight away penned a letter to a man who had not yet joined the expedition, but would soon- Captain Chechie Spaghetti. He claimed that he had dreamed of Chechie the night before, and that fate had told Yves to join his particular ship. Yves stated that he had previous naval experience, and Spaghetti accepted him on as his first mate. [B]Skills:[/B] Jamais Vu: Yves is said to have prophetic dreams, which comes to him largely through arcane symbolism and garbled whispers. Fraternité: Always knowing the right words to say, Yves has great ability to soothe and calm the nerves and hearts of his fellow sailors.[/QUOTE]
[B][U]Hired Help[/U][/B] [t]http://i.cubeupload.com/Pm49TS.png[/t] [B]Name[/B]: Ephraim "Walentyn" Brose [B]Age[/B]: late 30s/early 40s [B]Bio[/B]: The younger of two sons and the one that survived childhood, Ephraim Brose has always been accustomed to the hardships that came with vagrancy. Forced out of their home after it burnt down in a fire, his father and mother, a fisher and an illegally employed miner respectively, were left with no choice but to adopt vagabondism to sustain the barely Sephardic family of three. Following his mother's death in a mining accident, Ephraim and his father were forced to leave the area through their last possession, the fishing dinghy, the [I]Magpisk[/I]. Years later and things haven't improved much for Ephraim, now approaching his 40s. Now the sole owner of the family fishing dinghy, barely aware of his mother's heritage, forced to take odd jobs and live a life of a tramp. While he's had some success, such as briefly working as a phony psychologist/psychiatrist named Walentyn, assisting in keeping the peace in the casual ward he stayed in, or even getting lucky fishing, he never saved the money he made and mainly used it for food and maintaining the dinghy, to the point where he claims that he has "the best dinghy this side of the sea." Unfortunately, his phony work resulted in him getting banned from that district of town, and after being accused of drugging someone, he was banned from the casual ward as well. Now forced to live in his dinghy, no cash to sustain himself (as news of his phony work spread, resulting in him getting kicked out of establishments he's attempted to work at) and no luck catching fish, he was at his wit's end. However, while always having been nervous of the open sea since childhood, the grand expedition led by Admiral Mannfred may help him get out of the rut he was in. He quickly scrambled for the port, looking for someone to hire him and his dinghy, for he knew going solo would be the end of him - he was snapped up by the [I]Eisenstrasse[/I]. In cases when he meets with people that may have heard of him, he introduces himself using a nickname, usually either Rem, Ray or Free, or his pseudonym Walentyn if they hadn't heard of it. [B]Skills[/B]: - [I]Cruise Control[/I]: in spite of his dislike of the open sea, after many years of handling his dinghy, he is incredibly adept at piloting smaller ships, whether it be by motor, by sail, even by oars. - [I]Felicitous Vagabond[/I]: while his fortunes may not always be prosperous, his gaiety in times of troubles can prove lucky in times of need. [B][U]Ship[/U][/B] [B]Name[/B]: The Magpisk [B]Type[/B]: Dinghy [Support] - it's about as large as a dinghy can get, to the point one could label it a tender or a pinnace; the ship has received many improvements under Ephraim's command, with continuous investments improving its durability and maneuverability, with the additions of a folding mast for his sail, a motor and a pair of oars, as well as general structural improvements, among others. [B]Armament[/B]: Basic fishing rod; anything Ephraim may receive from his employer (a harpoon gun, a Feuerwaffe M1895 w/ ammunition, a Revolver Pistole M1874 w/ ammunition, an Ungrian Knife, a grenade, etc) [B]Crew[/B]: 1 [B]Accompaniment[/B]: wool blanket, dirty scatter cushion, flat cap, dismantlable canopy; anything Ephraim may receive from his employer [B]Ship Stats[/B]: - Armor: 3 - [I]Hull[/I]: 5 - [I]Maneuver[/I]: 5 - Firepower: 1 - Technology: 2
[B]Captain/Commander Name:[/B] Thomas 'Tommy' Christensen, Jr. [B]Age:[/B] 38 [B]Appearance:[/B] [t]https://i.imgur.com/ilkHfLy.png[/t] [B]Bio:[/B] Born into slavery, growing up wasn't easy for Thomas Christensen Jr. Though he did well to serve his landlord, his slave parents created a plan of escape for their son. One coldy winter night, they created a scene of distraction which allowed Thomas to escape. He ran as far as he could away from the plantation and ended up as a begging boy on the streets of a far away city. Being a poor boy shining shoes for a living, no one paid any attention to him until one person whose boots he was polishing noticed something very peculiar about him. Captain Donald Thornhill, wealthy ex-navy captain, talked to the boy and asked some questions in order to pass the time. To his surprise, the boy knew quite a lot about many things, and showed he was quite intelligent. Deciding not to let a great mind like this go to waste being a shoe shiner for the rest of his life, he offered young Thomas to take him on his ship. As the years went by, Thomas showed himself to be very capable, building up a reputation of being an excellent sailor. He was good friends with Captain Thornhill, and even became his first mate. Though as Captain Thornhill grew old, he made preperations of handing off his ship and belongings to Thomas. Now that Thornhill has passed of old age, the Thornhill now belongs to Thomas. For his first voyage, he felt he had to prove himself worthy of Thornill's ship, and decided to partake in the most difficult yet mysterious challenge of them all: The Mannfred Expedition. [B]Skills:[/B] Quick-Witted: Mostly to thank because of his intelligence, Thomas is always able to quickly come up with a good solution. Dead-Eyed: Although not a big fan of firearms, Thomas knows how to handle one while maintaining excellent accuracy. [B] Ship Name:[/B] [B][I]The Thornhill[/I][/B] [t]https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/3/3e/Fo4_Prydwen_concept_art.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/640?cb=20150616173457[/t] [B]Type:[/B] Research Support Airship [B]Armament:[/B] 4 small cannons, 2 on the stern and 2 on the bow, numerous smaller research stations inside the ship [B]Crew:[/B] 132 crew members, functions ranging from mechanics to cooks [B]Accompaniment:[/B] 132 crew members, 60 mercenaries [QUOTE][B]Ship Stats:[/B] Support Armor: 7 Hull: 7 Maneuver: 6 Firepower: 7 Technology: 13 [/QUOTE]
Everything is looking pretty cool guys - though for people still considering joining, no more airships, please. I was planning to cap them at three and they filled up pretty fast, so sorry if this is an issue for you.
Well someone else made a research ship I guess I'll do.something else. Maybe just a submarine
[t]https://i.cubeupload.com/afPDCS.png[/t] [t]https://i.cubeupload.com/h0RvK5.png[/t] [t]https://i.cubeupload.com/ork8Gm.png[/t] Memeing on the FPRP Discord! For context, I ended up showing my sister my character sheet, and she decided to draw me some art (with Nok'thallak in the background) without me asking for it. What followed are several hours of waiting and memeing, as she drew a few requests and I shared them with the Discord. I paired the images with context-appropriate messages, so you'll have to look for the reactions yourselves unless you can't access it. Here's her [URL="http://diathadevil.tumblr.com/"]Tumblr[/URL] if anyone here wants an overflow of My Hero Academia art at the moment. Maybe even consider "buying her a coffee", since lord knows [URL="https://i.cubeupload.com/Dvwp6O.png"]she needs it[/URL].
[U][B]Some notable characters on the[/B] [I]Dawnbreaker[/I][/U] [QUOTE] [t]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/205466155039719425/393269715755204608/1200px-Edward_Pellew2C_1st_Viscount_Exmouth_by_James_Northcote.png[/t] [I]Chief Officer Edward Nellow, second in command of the Dawnbreaker on this expidition[/I] [t]http://waterloo200.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/8.-1st-Duke-portrait-by-Phillips-1.jpg[/t] [I]Commander Arthur Wollisfend, head of the Marine forces on the Dawnbreaker[/I] [t]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/205466155039719425/393271163213840384/unknown.png[/t] [I]George Collins, Chief Engineer of the Dawnbreaker[/I] [t]https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/88/M_Faraday_Th_Phillips_oil_1842.jpg[/t] [I]Michael Lonstray, Chief Science Officer of the Dawnbreaker's scientific crew[/I] [t]http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/uploads//monthly_08_2008/post-214-1218596954.jpg[/t] [I]Jon Jones, Helmsman of the Dawnbreaker[/I] [/QUOTE]
Notable characters on the Mariner's Boon [quote] [Url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/238807246274822145/393404728354013187/1513865324286989246233.jpg]Doctor Barnabas Marsh[/url] - Ship surgeon and notary - The war left him brooding and introvert after serving at the front, but his talents as a impeccable physician and surgeon remain intact. [Url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/238807246274822145/393405526496641025/1513865505545580139604.jpg]Captain Edward Norrys[/url] - Commander of the mercenary platoon - A impressive service record for a man of his age. Even more impressive is his continued self-employment as a good soldier. Shame the war ended when there was so much spirit left to give. [Url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/238807246274822145/393407008222609411/1513865933368261526542.jpg]Margaret Trevor[/url] - Chief Engineer - The steady and strong daughter of the late Geoffrey Trevor. Her talents for machinery is better put to use in my service than in the foundries or mills. And her pay reflects it. [Url=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/238807246274822145/393410078159667200/Nelson.jpg]Mister Nelson[/url] - Helmsman and enforcer - He has not said a word to me since the first day he set foot on my bridge, but he has proved willing and efficient in the the tasks I have set him to. [I]Brunswick folk tend to look upon Arkham as a black eye on it's prestigious face. However, one can not argue that mariners in the sootsmudged harbour city, even with their rough looks and reprihensible attitudes, are quite skilled in their respective lines of work.[/i][/quote]
Notable characters on the Eisenstrasse (besides Ephraim Brose.) [QUOTE][B]First Lieutenant Luna von Strauss[/B] - [I]First Officer aboard the Eisenstrasse[/I] [t]http://puu.sh/yKS0w/787509da3e.png[/t] Strauss comes from a line of Zeppelin mechanics and captains, and proved herself during the Ungrian-Pavlovian War with her own zeppelin, which made her an excellent choice for a position aboard the newly built Eisenstrasse. She makes sure things get done aboard the zeppelin, and takes over command of the zeppelin should Captain Krantz be needed elsewhere. [B]Second Lieutenant Sándor Váradi[/B] - [I]Troop Commander[/I] [t]http://puu.sh/yKVUV/2e3c497ad5.png[/t] Another veteran of the Ungrian-Pavlovian War, Sándor took part in several key battles of the war as a commander in the Pracht Empire's esteemed Sturmsoldat Battalion. The Empire offered his services to Captain Krantz, which Krantz accepted graciously. Now he leads the soldiers and storm troopers aboard the Eisenstrasse, should they need to defend the zeppelin or attack something else. [URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/t4siatnuuednons/Pracht_Empire.txt?dl=0"]Also, some information about the Pracht Empire.[/URL][/QUOTE]
[quote] [b]Notable Crew of the Blixtvåg[/b] [t]https://i.imgur.com/Muvvsoe.png[/t] [i]First Mate Gustav Högborg[/i] A veteran soldier and friend of Admiral Lars Jäger, Gustav Högborg is the First Mate/second in command onboard the NECS Blixtvåg. Formerly a marine Högborg eventually retired to desk duty. That is untill Jäger recruited him for the crew on Blixtvåg. Now he's serving faithfully once more. While he intends to help the entire crew he's secretly made a vow to make sure that Wilhelm gets home no matter the cost. [t]https://i.imgur.com/DA60uet.png[/t] [i]Chief Mechanic Linda Fyrgårdh[/i] Fyrgårdh is an experienced mechanic and engineer from the Västholm dry docks. She's worked on dozens of vessels and personally oversaw the construction of the Blixtvåg. Curious by nature Linda is excited to leave Gothia for the first time, despite being in the company of grizzled soldiers expecting the very worst to happen during the expedition... [t]https://i.imgur.com/msax9QN.png[/t] [i]Marine Officer Sari Kahleen[/i] One of the few Zamerians onboard the Blixtvåg, Sari Kahleen commands the marine contingent onboard. Having faced Pavlovians in battle during smaller border skirmishes she, alongside her soldiers, have much valuable combat experience. While she stands out among crowds of people Sari still posses the unnatural ability to blend in out in the wilds like all Zamerians. [t]https://i.imgur.com/Kcb9Avq.jpg[/t] [i]Doctor Sandrina Wahlbäck[/i] The onboard doctor, Sandrina Wahlbäck is an experienced physician from the Gothian navy. Having treated hundreds of injured soldiers and studied on the psychological effects of war she is more than well-equipped for the task of ensuring that the crew of the Blixtvåg remain healthy and sane. [t]https://i.imgur.com/5pgHNdu.png[/t] [i]Helmsman Klas Smedberg[/i] Smedberg is infamous for bad temper and generous use of bad words when piloting vessels at sea. While not very experienced with surface vessels he is indeed a veteran submarine helmsman, his experience is valued highly by Captain Jäger. [url=https://www.dropbox.com/s/lzd228dmeh3ylft/Gothia.txt?dl=0]Gothia[/url] [url=https://www.dropbox.com/s/gf8ffs0uq0zl7q7/Zameri.txt?dl=0]Zamerians[/url] (I will update this post from time to time...) [/quote]
[b]Notable Crew of Problem Child[/b] Alf [img]http://cdn.hitfix.com/photos/4457486/filch_featured_photo_gallery.jpg[/img] "Whar ta heck tar wij even going. Ik getenket wij were whaling somewhere else, nicht ta lost siej. Wass ta hell ist ovir ter?"
[I][B]Notable crew members on the Thornhill[/B][/I] [QUOTE][B]First Mate:[/B] [I]Elizabeth Beauclaire[/I] [t]https://i.imgur.com/4UgIANP.png[/t] Elizabeth is a fairly new and unknown face to the outside world. She is however a well known member amongst the crew, as she earned her spot, first mate, by working her way up.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE][B]Chief of Research:[/B] [I]Antonio Espera[/I] [t]https://i.imgur.com/wRCEwlq.png[/t] Antonio is a well respected researcher, using his own wealth to improve the way of life and science. He provided most of the newer equipment on the Thornhill.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE][B]Chief of Engineering and Mechanics:[/B] [I]William Leon Mallard[/I] [t]https://i.imgur.com/UWi8fH7.png[/t] William worked in his father's store and eventually took it over. After a long period of hard work he funded his own well renowned superstore.[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE][B]Notable crew on the "Eye of Horus"[/B] Second in command: [URL="https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/207230677228191745/393395222085763072/c16cbf25013563c63992f090c5c426cc.png"]Karam Vaikar[/URL] -Loyal till his debt is paid -Despises me -Despises Albion even more. Secretary/quartermaster: [URL="https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/340518955661787136/393742164204453888/15139457484042023431252.jpg"]Mallery Bellsey[/URL] -Good mind for details, almost nothing escapes her when it comes to supplies -Loyal to the company first, then me -Might consider throwing her overboard if I hear "The company expects you to..." again. -I'm serious Mallery, I know you're going through my notes! Chief engineer: [URL="https://i.imgur.com/5w8M1cP.png"]Edgar Luvel[/URL] -Keeps his men in line -Knows his place -Don't trust him, too honest, position helps me keep an eye on him Ship surgeon: [URL="https://i.imgur.com/ZVV2B8a.png"]Leopold Snitskei[/URL] -War-time friend, know each other well enough -With the company about as long as I have -Too important to piss off, so don't! Various: [URL="https://i.imgur.com/RFxWQ5L.png"]'Smiling' Jack[/URL], [URL="https://i.imgur.com/ZsyTjks.jpg"]The twins[/URL] and [URL="https://i.imgur.com/XgUe07T.jpg"]Mr. Graves[/URL] -Ship enforcers -Loyal to me and to the company -For the love of all that is holy, do not call Jack stupid![/QUOTE]
[quote][b]Notable crew aboard the Zuflucht:[/b] [img]https://i.imgur.com/f9sSNSc.png[/img] First Officer: Sebastian Ackermann -Age 32 -Honest, level-headed and indifferent to matters of social status -Son of a Pavlovian mother and Teutonic father -Served in the Pavlovian Foreign Legion in action against the Pracht Empire -More respected by the crew than the captain [img]https://i.imgur.com/vd2BBpF.png[/img] Chief Engineer: Silke Neustadt -Age 26 -Admirer of, and fiercely loyal to, Captain Fallensteller -Bubbly, cheerful personality, somewhat naive -Life of the party, weak sense of discipline -Highly superstitious[/quote]
[quote][media]https://youtu.be/A_sQrXKlqzc[/media][/quote] In the back of the long bridge, Captain William Tobey sat at his desk with a glass of Brandy, huddled over his journal. [I]We're on our 2 day of travel, sailing along the coast towards the capital. This undertaking will be no light task I'm sure, but the discoveries could surpass the wildest imaginations. Bennett informs me that the crew is fit for the task as he has spent the last two weeks weeding out the unfit and assigning them to other ships. Norrys is also eager to get underway. I have no doubt that a expedition of this caliber will be of benefit to his reputation, perhaps even enough to gain entry into more influential circles. Barnabas speaks ill of the lost sea and the expedition as a whole but I have re-assured him that we are well prepared and will take sufficient safety measures while conducting our exploration.[/i] Closing the journal, Tobey got up from his chair and with glass in hand he walked over to the front desk. He nodded with acknowledgement towards Mister Nelson at the helm and then activated a tiny lever next to a brass funnel. A low, quick signal sounded from a megaphone on the deck. "Bennett to the bridge." Tobeys metallic voice echoed out over the calm water, melting away into the sounds of splashing waves against the hull and the chatter of seagulls.
Piles of blankets ruffled as Bennett rose from his bed, rubbing his eyes after a long nap. The Captain summoned him again. Perhaps one of the crew is in dire need of disciplining again. He combed his hair and his chops before making his way to the bridge. The door to the bridge groaned open as he pushed inside. “First Mate reporting.” he growled. Bennett cracked his knuckles. ”Who’s stepped out of line this time, Captain?”
Tobey swirled the drink around in his tumbler. "I wouldn't say that there is any need for discipline. But you could rotate Masterson off the morning watch. The man seems awfully fatigued in the early hours." Walking back to his desk in the back, he sat down in his chair. "We're set to make port sometime in the evening. I merely wanted to inquire if our supplies are sufficient and accounted for."
“Enough supplies in the hold to last us for years, Captain. Even longer if we’re forced to start rationing. We have adequate supplies of food, water, oil, medicine, other necessities, and even weapons. Anything else, Captain?”
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