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[media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRYbJAKVgCo[/media] [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/nDDopt.png[/img] [thumb]https://i.cubeupload.com/xksjEz.png[/thumb] [thumb]https://i.cubeupload.com/I0jA0k.png[/thumb] [quote]On April 26th 1986, a power plant near Pripyat went critical from an unexpected power surge. 36 hours later, Soviet officials established a 10 km exclusion zone and evacuated over 49 thousand civilians from the area. On the day of April 27th plumes and smoke generated from the reactor. A few hours later, Chernobyl collapsed, igniting an explosion encasing the area 200 meters in diameter, resulting in the death of thousands. Days later authorities are sent down to tackle the situation and treat victims of the blast. Meanwhile, a smog-like substance is spread to the northern hemisphere, scattering throughout the Ukrainian Soviet Republic. Chernobyl would become the worst nuclear reactor incident in history.[/quote] Shortly after these events [b]The world changed forever... [/b] The Cold War is dwindling and the USSR are at its final years, Gathering Ashens is a game about containing the smog titled “Ashens” that mutates everything in its path into monstrosity. Despite the world being at ease, intensity rises as the Iran–Iraq War shows no sign of stopping, and the previous West Berlin discotheque bombing gauges the U.S. to seek revenge. Meanwhile the victims of the Chernobyl disaster are falling ill. And the area, now a crater continues to expand as something worse emerges. As a country in the world you will find any means necessary to combat the horrors from the depths of the plant. You will not be so fortunate, alone... 10 lines, no more than 10. The exception is the OOC section. PM this turn format, not on thread. [quote] *First Turn Flag: 250p x 150 Country Name: * Every other turn Diplomacy: What you want to do with other nations Military: What you plan to do with your military and soldiers. This includes building armies or sending them to other regions. Technology: Things you can research, this is usually flexible so long as it's not borderline Futuristic Domestic: Actions that involve your internal affairs of the nation. Espionage: Whether it can be assassination or spying on others. Remember it’s espionage try not to leak out your own shit. OOC(optional): Notes or pictures you want to show to everyone, bringing detail to your nation. This will not affect gameplay. [/quote] Player List: Soviet Union: Griffster26 People's Republic of China: Zillamaster55 Iran: Native Hunter United States of America: Amfleet Egypt: Snoberry Tea Burkina Faso: RockmanYoshi United Kingdom: Kilerabv Cuba: Emperor Scorpious II
Going as Soviets
People's Republic of China represent
I got really excited thinking reading the OP thinking this was a character RP revolving around going into the exclusion zone or something. [editline]13th July 2017[/editline] I'm gonna take Egypt. Doomevil would you mind changing their color to a slightly brighter orange than Argentina?
Bloody reds fucked up something up didnt they? Going as UK
I'm posting the prologue in the afternoon. Send me your flags ASAP!
Going in as Cuba [img]https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/3e/34/55/3e345579c695b1352d60913110dda894.jpg[/img]
I'll try to get all my info in, stuck on phone
[highlight]NEVER TOO LATE TO JOIN![/highlight] [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGd1Ug-jZrI[/media] [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/TplbZh.png[/img] [thumb]http://i.cubeupload.com/KwZz9W.png[/thumb] [thumb]https://i.cubeupload.com/I0jA0k.png[/thumb] Prologue: [b]Chaos Theory[/b] [i]April 26th – May 3rd, 1986[/i] "It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little..." - Sydney Smith [b]World Events[/b] [quote] - Sweden begins a search after discovering nuclear material affecting parts of Europe. They later release inital evidense that the material is traced back to the Western part of the Soviet Union, Chernobyl. - Radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl site is reported to be near areas of Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. At least 1,098 killed in the explosion, over 472 have experienced acute radiation sickness. - A smog like substance has engulfed the entire power plant. Material identical to veins and tendrils grow at a slow pace. - Victims of Chernobyl treated after the blast have experienced third degree burns. Severe cases show signs of hair loss and skin lesions. [/quote] The world enters a state of uncertanty. With the rise of Gorbachev and the introduction of nuclear forces negotiations, conflict between the US and the USSR seemingly wanes down as these proposals remain true. Then, as the catastrophic Chernobyl meltdown impacted Ukraine, several states across the world soon pulled out support of nuclear power, fearing the effects. In addition, the incident gave fuel for the West-German anti-nuclear movement to speak out through protests in the streets. Meanwhile firefighters and helicopters combat the fires with water, clay, and sand. The brave people who beat out the fires would continue for a long while til their backs broke under the pressure. "[I could feel my insides corriding. Like pins and needles piercing through my skin. I felt like I was tasting metal... I can barely move and even if I remain still, it hurts all over.]" - A victim who lived in Priypat, hours after the Chernobyl The nearby town Pripyat was immediately evacuated the day after Chernobyl, with many reported cases of vomiting and severe headaches. Those stubborn enough went against leaving their homes and familes, deciding to stay. What was once a peaceful town would later become a ghosttown from blowout. [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/xxWNc8.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=456754&dateline=1499562942[/img] - The USSR's military remains a high standard as it is unmatched in comparsion to its neighbors. However, its economy could be less said. Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani announced the monarchy will change its oil policy, meaning they stopped protection over oil prices. The main result was the large production of oil and prices collapsing. The Soviet Union was losing money fast and it led to a change of strategy. Just as the Government of the Union began to adjust to their situation, a new disaster arrived in Ukraine. The Soviet Union's responsibilies will largely determine if their system survives, with the Soviet–Afghan War resuming action, the Chernobyl meltdown causing chaos in the borders of Ukraine, and the economy soon to fall if action isn't taken. Time will tell if the Soviets will prevail as Ashens rise, and Humanity falls. [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/uHRAeH.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=440820&dateline=1498054065[/img] - The Iranian Revolution of 1979 gave rise to the Islamic Republic of Iran under the Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini. Far distant from the Chernobyl disaster and averting crisis so far. Iran has other problems on the door step of civilization in the form of the Iran-Iraqi War. When Saddam Hussein offered a brief of friendship between the Iraqi Government and the Republic, Khomeini rejected. Saddam quickly began his actions to overtake Iran while exhaustion from the Revolution still took effect. The Iraqi Army assaulted the borders of Iran and both countries sparked a full out war. By the mid 80s Iran's economy took a dip and manpower suffered. Now with Operation Dawn 8 a success the Republic of Iran would have to carefully plan out their course of battles from here on out or seek aid from foreign states [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/vyCjec.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=671233&dateline=1416610073[/img] - Egypt under Hosni Mubarak contained little political reforms as the President of Egypt had control, Emergency law rule taking effect. Recently readmitted to Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and ally of U.S. Egypt had good things going. Unfortunately stability and protection caused alarm to its tourism and safety. Terrorists in the 80s dramatically increased attacking public buildings and targeting Egypt officials. Even its central security rioted in demand for better conditions and are continuing til their demands are met. Meanwhile, corruption in the Administration is taking a toll on the country with the political system gaining more control. Whether reforms will take place and the situation wanes down remains to be seen. [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/PSWHb1.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=287611&dateline=1497430027[/img] - Since the Falklands, the Conservation Party used the UK's military victory to their advantage in winning the election. The British Isles have worry, attempting to clean up the aftermath of the Miner's Strike. Although their inflation rates have lowered, their unemployment rate is still at 2 Million. The economic boom has improved the day of living for a while but eventually the economic situation will revert back and cause a major problem. Despite this, UK has the support of the United States, meaning they are partners in any unforeseeable event. The call for nuclear disarmament goes strong as Margret Thatcher finds an answer. [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/6iyCUq.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=520588&dateline=1498005602[/img] - The Reagan Administration has resumed its series of talks with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev after Margret Thatcher served as a broker between the two countries. Several months ago Gorbachev announced a proposal for a ban on all nuclear weapons by 2000. Both countries are expected to talk in a Summit meeting for October 11, 1986. Should the meeting go well agreements in terms of demilitarization will be the first step in improving relations between the United States and the Soviet Union. Meanwhile the Reagan Doctrine raises an increase in military and defense expenditures, pushing for rollbacks against Communism. Although the Armed Forces aren't bigger compared to the Union, their tanks and weaponry are the best bar none in action. Though the US are not without problems. American hostages are held in Lebanon as the Government promises they will do everything in their power to get them out. Secretly, officials brokered arms deals to Iran, in spite of their arms embargo against the country. The actions in these particular incidents would cause a divide between members of the House. [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/qgFHLc.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=467060&dateline=1453573298[/img] - The country under Thomas Sankara led to major reforms and the establishment of organizations such as National Council for the Revolution. Sankara's vision is to change Burkina anti-imperialist state, forgoing any sort of foreign aid. The government placed improvements to cities and made sure to prioritize over citizens. This made Sankara an inspirational model for the poor and caused tension from the middle class through his policies. Despite the campaign for major improvement, Burkina's economy remains average with few natural resources to extract. The soil remains fragile and little to work on as agriculture is still the primary means of production. The power structure suffers from a long history of coups, some glaring daggers towards Thomas Sankara as the next target. Whether the state of Burkina Faso will be kept in check is the major question as the years progress. [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/eawrtf.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=306346&dateline=1492041715[/img] - Deng Xiaopeng's influence have managed to open up relations with the United States, getting recognized by the West. Until the years of 1981-82 where Reagan criticized the government of China. As a result the PRC took this as a form of contempt til relations repaired between the two by 1984. Xiaopeng continued to reform China's economic policies and perfect socialism in their own vision. In addition China's Strike Hard campaigns are successful, punishing criminals through reeducation and labor. Political descent rose as the youth broke away from the Cultural Revolution, wishing political reforms and to remove restriction regarding western pop culture. [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/hWFVhI.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=201103&dateline=1483404876[/img] - With Gorbachev as General Secretary of the Soviet Union, Fidel Castro attempted to keep the status quo of the state. Cuba's economic partners withdrew their associations and Soviet subsidies holding any best amount. Unemployment increased which pressured Castro to send off people to other countries such as the U.S. for opportunities. Later, Ronald Reagan established his attitude against the Regime. Meanwhile its military stands as one of the largest forces second to Brazil. So far relations with the U.S. have destabilized, taking a toll on the political state for Cuba. Desperate, Castro clings on to any sort of last assets and starts a removal of corruption within his sphere. Stability is at risk should Cuba fail to establish sufficiency for its people. [img]http://www.greenberg-art.com/.Illustrations/.Serious/qq1sgChernobyl.gif[/img] [b]Send in as Turn 1, Turn Date is due July 21st, Grace Days are 22-23[/b]
[sp]Im actually going to be Romania instead, dont kill me please [/sp]
Turno sendo [QUOTE]Espionage: Whether it can be assassination or spying on others. Remember it’s espionage try not to leak out your own shit.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE][B]Espionage:[/B] -Order the CIA to distribute more of the crack cocaine it invented to keep the black man down [/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=Native Hunter;52468808][sp]Im actually going to be Romania instead, dont kill me please [/sp][/QUOTE] God damn it
Turn is ready.
Reserving Sweden.
[QUOTE=Viper123_SWE;52475348]Reserving Sweden.[/QUOTE] That's a weird way of saying Western Russia
[QUOTE=Emperor Scorpious II;52476952]That's a weird way of saying Western Russia[/QUOTE] This coming from South Florida :thinking:
[QUOTE=Emperor Scorpious II;52476952]That's a weird way of saying Western Russia[/QUOTE] Du ska fan få se på Västryssland din lilla skitunge.
[highlight]NEVER TOO LATE TO JOIN![/highlight] [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C959v_3SSKo[/media] [thumb]http://i.cubeupload.com/BT59fH.png[/thumb] [thumb]http://i.cubeupload.com/oEUIbq.png[/thumb] Turn 1: [b]Judgement Day[/b] May 3rd, 1986 – October 5th, 1986 [b]World Events[/b] - [highlight]Ukraine Officials reports the Pripyat River is completely contaminated. Citizens are advised to move away from the area.[/highlight] - [highlight]Smog rises to the north, covering 35% of Belarus and soon scattering towards towns and cities. A few days later, communications in Naroulia and Chojniki fell.[/highlight] - [highlight]Low radiation traces of Caesium-137 across Poland are detected by the border. The government of Poland calls for an action of containment, calling upon comrades for help in the effort.[/highlight] - 1986 Fifa World Cup begins in Mexico - SS Admiral Nakhimov collides with the bulk carrier Pyotr Vasev in the Black Sea, killing 398. - Goldwater–Nichols Act was signed by Ronald Reagan. - Ukrainian Government releases a PSA that citizens are advised to stay in homes. As a result public education facilities are closed, and the Government issues GP-5 gas masks to the public. Migrants flee to neighbor countries, wide spread traffic. Smog in the roads causes confusion and large accidents. - [highlight]Egypt declares war on Libya, citing Gaddafi as a dictator.[/highlight] - Soviet Forces pull out of Afghanistan, agreeing to support the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan indirectly. Meanwhile the United States draw down backing of the Mujahedeen. The aftermath of Chernobyl caused a mass panic for Ukraine. Officials attempted to calm down the situation, but several pockets of populace knew better. They left their personal lives in a heartbeat, causing masses of traffic searching for another place called Home. Others flocked to the west for safety such as Romania and West Germany. People who stayed in Ukraine went to fallout shelters for protection. The world finally began to understand the potential this disaster could bring to Europe. The victims of the blast were taken to public hospitals and shelters, overwhelming staff. By August, something had went terribly wrong. The ill turned into something heinous and cruel. [thumb]http://i.cubeupload.com/szS5vu.png[/thumb] [thumb]http://i.cubeupload.com/lQ3cyr.png[/thumb] Just as the Republic were beginning to enact reforms, Wojciech Jaruzelski addressed concerns of the Chernobyl situation which many were beginning to call it “Ashens”. The Head of state assured the people of Poland they were stand strong and remain united, containing Ashen in every step of the way. [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/vyCjec.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=671233&dateline=1416610073[/img] - Although Egypt cannot become a member of NATO due to not fitting the criteria of a European country, the Government instead supports them. By October, NATO identifies Egypt as a full-on ally. The President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak contacted Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Fahd of Saudi Arabia was hesitant and ultimately denied, aspiring to influence the Middle East on its own. Meanwhile Turkey are willing to mend the fence after relations with Egypt have been sour for the past years. Turkey begins sending diplomats for relation meetings. The news came all around the world that the Government of Egypt had declared war upon Libya. The intention under the system was that Muammar Gaddafi's rule was corrupt, unfit to lead. A tyrant. The Egyptian Armed Forces mobilized with the intention of liberating the Libyan people from oppression of Gaddafi. APCs, tanks, and infantry rolled out. - The increasing terrorist groups and unstable security has made the situation among Epygt weary and dangerous. The government have attempted to increase recruitment in the Egyptian Armed Forces encouraging young men to join. Hundreds of abled recruits were sent to military bases for basic training. By the arrival of new recruits, strict and much more effective regimens were placed to raise standards in preparing for Libya. Officers and soldiers received better coordination and protocol. Misconduct results in reasonable punishment. - Science and Technology devised new concepts for better energy to generate for cities.The solution was to come up with a variant of Liquid Metal reactor for high heat capacity. For the next few months engineers assembled a prototype that could serve as a foundation for their reactor. They tested a small prototype in an assembly, generating energy less than a second, powering a building before shutting down from an unknown error. Egypt then searches for less costly methods of Desalination. Researchers chose Vapor compression to work with but without costing too much energy. In September 12, Egypt created the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences. One of the first goals is to invent an Orbital Payload capable of sending satellites and station components in orbit. Engineers and researchers were sent funding by the Government to invent something worthwhile. Project سماء started and proposed a railgun system, porting objects into orbit. Construction begun, half way through by October. - The government of Egypt proposed a law calling for freedom of religion not limited to the Three Abrahamic religions, without repercussion. In addition anyone who dare inflict harm on a practitioner. These laws were passed, resulting in the people having the liberty to practice different religion . Some on the other hand have rebelled, calling for action for changing tradition. [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/CTgZgv.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=440820&dateline=1498054065[/img] - In the Carpathians, a new military facility was being constructed for training new recruits. Romania's terrain couldn't fit up with the military's standards, and so the demand came through. Construction teams were being paid a hefty amount to get started. Near Carpathians would provide little to none interference and was low key enough. Construction is near completion by October, the Military sending in recruits en route. - Austerity policy brought Romania to its knees, holding back progress through shortages and ultimately made living conditions hell. From the cries of the people, the feeling of poverty. Nicolae Ceaușescu wandered, speaking with his party about the future of Romania. Despite his vision, this wasn't what the citizens wanted. Hesitantly, he scheduled for a change in plans… Romania repealed these policies, returning for a slow and steady making sure debt is paid. Although the country came up with several solutions, results go at a slow pace. But, these conditions rise up to be promising one day. Meanwhile the government of Romania has began to legalize small businesses and companies to help out people and stimulate the economy, on the condition to acquire permits. People went to center for permits, and the poor gained jobs. Changing it's command economy, Romania devised a strategy to improve the agricultural sector with combines, pesticides for better output. Costing up to millions, these inventions were put to the test, raising grain and crops larger than past years. It was clear despite the cost, the output was worth it. Later, in order to save money, the budget for the Centrul Civic was halved for others such like better regulations. In return public building improvements were made from the money and used for public access. Citizens voice their opinions the state is receiving better conditions. Systematization began in 1974 to demolish existing communities in the rural side for urban planning. Concerned about specific places, the Government have agreed reluctantly to establish the National Heritage Department which would protect historical, culturally significant, and religious places from demotlition. While lessening capital punishment, several members of the Communist Party who supported Stalinlistic values chastised the Head of State for softening the system. Even reluctant to support his take on changing his stance from Atheism to Secularism. The public runs opposite, members of religious faith such as Orthodox Christian and small figures of Protestant. - Romania purchased blueprints for industrial and agricultural equipment from the Soviet Union so they can produce their own. While not as expensive as buying the equipment. The blueprints took a small toll. - The Government diverted funds to the science, requesting for renewable energy. A director going by the name of Vali Georgesco contracted the Government by October 3rd he and his team produced a portable device, two large retractable panels that could absorb direct sunlight. Georgesco agrees to sell for a hefty price, granting usage throughout the country. [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/6iyCUq.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=520588&dateline=1498005602[/img] - For practicality, the Reagan Administration has recognized the People's Republic of Kampuchea for support, many Cambodians appeared content and the Non-communist resistance gaining confidence. UNITA and RENAMO's civil wars are still going, no end in sight. The Administration contacted these political movements and threatened to pull support if they don't get their acts together. Both RENAMO and UNITA dismissed the United States and continued their goals, justifying their cause under defeating communist FRELIMO. The Mozambican Civil War continued, mass rapes and murder on the rise as both sides create more brutal tactics. In US soil, the Ronald Administration's stance on SALT II agreement changed, preferring to lessen the Cold War. Renewing the agreement, the Administration have pressured the Senate to ratify it. Taking it to the Senate, the Committee on Foreign Relations raised 59 votes, unable to approve without Two-Third majority. Some senators cite the Soviets disloyal to their promise. As the Soviets move out of Afghanistan, the US lowers backing of the Mujahideen. Despite lower aid, Insurgents in Afghan continue to cause terror among the Republic, performing guerrilla operations. - In the Persian Gulf, Freedom of Navigation exercises were coordinated with a Nimitz-Class carrier battlegroup mine sweeping across the lane. In result, several Kuwait tankers were protected from Iranian warships seeking to plunge them into the abyss. Meanwhile the US have plans of their owns to strike upon the Libyan Government. The Armed Forces planned out key coordinated air strikes against the heart of the Libyan Government. The US contacted France for a joint operation which François Mitterrand was reluctant to accept overflight admittance. Getting pressure from United States opinion, he accepted the offer. Operation El Dorado Canyon commenced at 0200 hours. 25 F-111 bombers alongside 10 SEPECAT Jaguars, the raid happened shortly in 12 minutes. The joint force bombed areas in Tripoli, collapsing multiple buildings. A SAM knocked down at least three American jets and one French jet. During that day, Muammar Gaddafi and his family was nowhere to be found. - The news regarding Chernobyl have caused a moderate scare and continues to make officials weary of its usages. Nevertheless the Administration still sees the potential. The United States launches a Nuclear Safety Program that would encourage safe production of nuclear reactors and give funding to old reactors to reduce risks such as Chernobyl. With funding on the way, reactor crews are given resources to improve better equipment throughout the States, Although dependency on Oil is still marked high, energy output gradually increases. The Government puts better care on crack addicts and contracts construction companies to create re habitation centers, staff applying for jobs in the aftermath. Tough pursuits towards sellers and producers were made during the year, arresting groups associated with crack. But rose a power vacuum among the big exporters, business continuing to expand. Congress pushed for enforcement in the bill called Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986. In response Ronald Reagan vetoed the bill, resulting in many addicts being placed in rehab center rather than getting sentenced for severe offenses. - The Army looks for improvement within the SR-71 Blackbird for better recon. Military R&D collect opinions from the Air Force. With current budgets thanks to the Administration R&D outfits a datalink that can transmit real time communications for Blackbirds. MOPP Gear was overseen by direct military officials, modifying the gear to be more protective and durable from environment. By October, though not much MOPP is reinforced with a long life spanned filters and flexible gloves than rubber. While not much, it proves useful in long usage without conflict. [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/A9hOn2.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=467060&dateline=1453573298[/img] - By August, Thomas Sankara have sent caravans from Faso to help members of the Liptako–Gourma Authority. For a while the country have suggested a union for cooperation between each other. Both member agreed under the cause for helping each nation out. In addition they even managed to send supplies of grain to the people of Ghanaians and Nigerians for good faith. The surplus arrived by morning, earning trust for helping its neighbors. - Faso's military is changed to be more flexible and decentralized, mobilizing on the go during crisis. Recruiting paratroopers, the country hopes despite it's size they will be able to respond rapidly. Camps train recruit into classes, focused on paratrooper tactics. - With subpar agriculture the country looks towards latest developments in America and Europe, studying how first world countries improve their agriculture. Burkina Faso's researchers work together to engineer greater crop output. Scientists after months of progress reach a breakthrough, involving their own crops. A scientist named Sakeem Gibbs modified their share of rice, cotton to speed up growing over 50% and are resistant to pesticides. Purchasing expensive equipment, the country received harvesters and subsoilers to help their source of economy. Putting the equipment to good use, workers use them for their modified rice and cotton, exporting them to local communities. A month later, demand boomed, money coming in. - Faso farmers and teams quickly get to work after several earning breaks in infrastructure, setting up vegetation in poor soil areas. They quickly made a priority, watching progress grow in front of their eyes. Although it shows, these crops still face problems such as insects and mosquitos. Already seeing education as a viable future, Sankara orders the construction of more public schools countryside. Small buildings rose within undeveloped towns and the youth came forward. He later disbands the Popular Revolutionary Tribunal" system believing it became inefficient in the eyes of the public. The public yearns for another alternative, wanting a say in matters. [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/PSWHb1.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=287611&dateline=1497430027[/img] - Since the victory of the Falklands War, the Ministry of Thatcher have an excuse to increase their military recruits, serving as a shining example of the Armed Forces. People have signed documents for training, but with no action for the UK as of right now recruitment have gone slow. - The United Kingdom start focusing on the development of computer technology. Universities across the isles study possible breakthroughs including coming up with faster software. UK contacted with ARM Holdings to seek help in progressing the computer industry. The Ministry diverted funding to the teams responsible, waiting to see the results. By October 5, members of the Government observed a microprocessor of what they call, a 64 bit design. The teams are asked to report this invention to the public. Meanwhile the UK have also made development priority in the Military but results in a dead end. - To combat the high unemployment rate, Margret Thatcher have made a public appearance to address the public's fears. The Prime Minister have encouraged UK's citizens to seek employment is less busy areas. The people look in confusion, picking jobs that are low skilled and little qualifications. Margret continues her policies in the name of Thatcherism, unemployment still rising. [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/tGKUHQ.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=201103&dateline=1483404876[/img] - For 10 months the Regime will be beginning to withdraw military forces from Angola. Throughout the months, forces gradually return to Cuba. The Armed Forces finally home, seeing beloved families and focus on their homeland for the time being. Castro focuses on his own turf, trying to get navy to defend the homeland without stretching resources thin. As a solution, he arranges for patrols around the island and makes sure to divert his armies from Angola to keep on watch. - The situation among the Cuban people proves dire and potentially catastrophic. The Castro Regime have scheduled meetings to discuss the problems, searching for solutions. A day later, they enacted a food policy that would make sure 10% of all farmland would be used for food crops. The Regime also planned to construct many electric substations and modernize old ones to new standards. Constructors and Engineers everywhere started construction but with the current economy, wages and budget stretched. Educational institutes began construction while Cuba offers generous pay for European professors to teach. - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted Sandinista Nicaragua and offered a direct alliance with Cuba, hoping should anything happen they will protect each other. Having strong ties against capitalist nations such as America, but the Sandinistas reported they were largely in debt, and war exhaustion took in as thousands of men are killed in battle. Hoping for the betterment of their cause, they accept Cuba's alliance offer, expecting them in times of threat. - To better defend the homeland of Cuba, the Cuban forces have devoted moderate amount of resources to develop man portable air defenses. Equipped with a laser guide and lightweight to the user, these MANPADS are expected to be use during attack. [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/7uvtM4.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=456754&dateline=1499562942[/img] - As the United States work on lessening conflict from the Cold War, the USSR also agrees with its promises. Soviet officials ease conflict with the US by negotiating for nuclear arm treaties. With shocking news across the world, the USSR has planned its withdraw from Afghanistan. Despite a swift move, the USSR addresses they will continue to support the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, their future methods unknown as of now. - Per agreement to pull out of Afghanistan, Soviet armed forces are to be gradually pulled out from Afghanistan and supports the new government put in place. Military units equipped with NBC and flamethrowers are sent in the exclusion zone in Ukraine. Arriving in trucks, their mission is to contain the spread of the smog and search for survivors in sight. A unit dwelled deeper within the zone, immediately lost communication with the rest, the fallen unit was presumed dead a day later. Units strayed from the smog and are advised to keep caution, burning the veins spreading among the field. - Soviet engineers and scientists in institutions work together to come up with a weapon capable of a laser vehicle, a dubious concept at best but as an anti-aircraft role can provide a foundation to greater inventions. The project would be titled 1k18 Perun. By October, the vehicle was put to the test military officer observing, in a straight range the Perun targeted a run down truck, firing a miniscule laser, continuing for three minutes until the truck combusted, firing spreading. Though incredibly slow the concept proved promising in the future. - In response to the Chernobyl disaster the Capital of the Ukrainian SSR was moved to Cherkasy. In addition, the Soviet Union from the following events created the Committee for National Security. From the major fires and radiation the organization was created in an effort to manage the crisis and report on Chernobyl-related activity. Civilian centers near the ash cloud are evacuated immediately. Civilians were treated for signs of illness, sick were quarantined in contained sections of hospitals with full vising from doctors clad in protection. NBC suits were given out to teams sent down to either, tend to survivors, burn dead bodies, or tear down obstacles. All to the point another exclusion zone was set up in an advance from the coming contamination. With nearby water contaminated the Committee are forced to request bottled water and rations to the people. [quote] [img]http://footage.framepool.com/shotimg/qf/563413031-chemical-weapon-attack-nbc-suit-explosive-ordnance-disposal-biological-warfare.jpg[/img][img]http://footage.framepool.com/shotimg/qf/905299545-chemical-weapon-attack-nbc-suit-explosive-ordnance-disposal-biological-warfare.jpg[/img] Military Units preparing for the exclusion zone. [/quote] [img]http://i.cubeupload.com/47uusW.png[/img][img]https://facepunch.com/image.php?u=415940&dateline=1500837217[/img] - Detente became the standard strategy between the Soviet Union and the United States. After tracing radiation back to Chernobyl and the overall attitude among the Cold War Sweden stepped in. Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson took Palme's place and addressed both superpowers. The Prime Minister encouraged both to reason with each other. Carlsson then advocated for an end of the Cold War quickly before it took further casualities into the mix. Meanwhile the Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Finland and Denmark are being approached by diplomats to improve relations. After witnessing the tension of the Cold War's effects the countries agree to exchange talks with Sweden, not wanting to be stand alone. - Because of the Cold War conscription Sweden continues to recruit fresh blood in the Armed Forces, training new recruits for threat of invasion and defense. The government renewed contracts with Bofors in order to build more Strv-103s to hit the enemy hard. - Defence Materiel Administration works with local companies to reach for protection regarding radiation. As Ashens gets closer to the west, teams develop a concept CBRN suit that could stand up up to radiation up to several weeks rather than days. As a whole this prototype can benefit the wearer on longevity and comfort. - Citizens in Sweden grow weary of the situation in Ukraine and some stocking up supplies for the inevitable nuclear war. A month after the incident the Swedish Government released a public announcement through TV and newspapers that signs of radiative waste must be reported to the government agencies. [thumb]https://uprise-art.s3.amazonaws.com/artwork_detail_images/jesse-weiss_chernobyl-cosmonaut-detail.jpg[/thumb] [b]Send in as Turn 2, Due Date is August 2nd, Grace Day is 3rd. I will be sending espionage reports tomorrow.[/b] Player List: Soviet Union: Griffster26 People's Republic of China: Zillamaster55 Romania: Native Hunter United States of America: Amfleet Egypt: Snoberry Tea Burkina Faso: RockmanYoshi United Kingdom: Kilerabv Cuba: Emperor Scorpious II Sweden: Viper123_SWE
If anyone is interested in a Student Exchange Program let me know
[QUOTE=Native Hunter;52506970]If anyone is interested in a Student Exchange Program let me know[/QUOTE] I would love to but you're in the Warsaw pact :(
[QUOTE=Snoberry Tea;52507059]I would love to but you're in the Warsaw pact :([/QUOTE] But we're Romania. We're the Cool Communists :cool:
Accepting romanian scientists :^) [editline]25th July 2017[/editline] wait that's an oxymoron
[QUOTE=RockmanYoshi;52507145]Accepting romanian scientists :^) [editline]25th July 2017[/editline] wait that's an oxymoron[/QUOTE] just like a stable african state
[QUOTE=Native Hunter;52507368]just like a stable african state[/QUOTE] or a prosperous romania
Someone call the Fire Department.
[img]http://i.cubeupload.com/yqFIz6.png[/img] Operation Eldorado Canyon [quote] 6:42 PM(EST): 25 F-111 bombers alongside 10 SEPECAT Jaguars mobilized, taking off from an English Air Force Base. 6:54 PM: The F-111s began their electronic jamming against Libyan radars and communications, making sure they don't detect them far. 7:00 PM: NATO aircraft commence their assault, bombing a large area of Tripoli specifically Aziziyah barracks and the Sidi Bilal terrorist training camp. 7: 15 PM: SEPECAT Jaguars conduct carpet bombing, destroying a nearby military airport. 7: 36 PM: Libyan SAMs knocked down two American jets. 7: 38 PM: Libyan defenses take down one American F-111 and a Jaguar. 7: 58 PM: All NATO aircraft returns to their respective carriers. 8: 02 PM: Gaddafi and his family are nowhere to be found. 8: 37 PM: Over 66 directly killed and 91 wounded. 10: 19 PM: Gaddafi was found severely injured, sent to a nearby hospital. His sons Saif al-Arab and Khamis were killed during the bombing. [/quote]
Look at this blatant American Imperialism ! Hampering down the good and just nation of Libya, and their righteous leader Muammar Gaddafi. [i]spits[/i]
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