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Earlier today I got disconnected from the server while playing, with the message "Server closed". When I came back, the signs in my base were gone. Is that a normal occurence?
The server restarts every 24 hours at about 3am my time. The map usually ends up reverting about a minute prior to restart for no particular reason.
If I'm right in saying it usually announces it is going to restart in 60seconds.
So when 1.13 comes out are we getting a map wipe? Ocean generation is completely revamped
No, I refuse to reset the map. I'll probably just end up opening the second server again. Or expanding the map size. Or both.
Hey I remember this server, it's been years. How old is the current map being used? Also could I get a whitelist? I wanna check it out. IGN: Adamhully. Thanks.
This technically isn't the same server as you remember, but it is a continuation of it. The server came up as this thread began (February 2017) and the map is just as old.
*and the map is just great
"wait, i dont have any wood left?" i say, moments before stumbling upon almost 10 stacks of raw wood in one of my chests i have no idea how i managed to forget about all that wood
by the way, did i mention how ive planted over 100 trees right outside my house
Now that I have gloriously returned, I have continued progress on the Columbus Hotel (I actually added a floor to make the massing a bit more pleasing). My next big project is the Blue Line, which is a subway running from Old City, to City Hall, to the World Trade Center, and finally to Drown Town.
By the way, it’s worth noting that as part of my portfolio that I submitted to Drexel University’s architecture program, I submitted a screen cap of one of my buildings in Spawn with shittons of shaders, and I got in lmao
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/2023/7adf9239-2145-4e7b-8e94-89789e19a8a7/image.png progress.
That's pretty damn neat
has the server been set up to restart every hour or something? its gone down two times in two hours, on the hour
I have it where it restarts every 24 hours. It's been working fine so far, but I believe it malfunctioned and is now restarting every hour. It should be fixed now.
The exterior of the Columbus Hotel is finished; I changed the massing a little bit. I've also gone and made the majority of street signs in Spawn glowstone, and did some reworking. Oak Street is now Vokzel Street, and Wildeholt Pike, the road going from Spawn to New Wildeholt, is now also Route 1, which runs all the way from Fulcrumville and beyond to wherever the hell that one guy ended up making the longest road on the server. Also, anyone have end rods I can borrow?
found this in the archives https://i.imgur.com/YVfauwY.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Yo7NWjy.jpg https://i.imgur.com/HpmcooL.jpg
ign For_SCIENCE_
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/174983/348047df-e826-43a3-a4d4-66ce7ac9674e/2-22-17.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/174983/1c335c9e-d885-4331-a21a-d82c87f85463/3-31-18.png Top is 2-22-17, bottom is today
Damn, that forest fire took out a lot of these woods northwest from Spawnville.
Are ICBMs, killer robot mechs or rudimentary weak AI armed with both allowed?
Welp, I'm fixing for some minecraftin' again. Shame the island server didn't work out, but do we have any plans for a new secondary server? Jumping into the main one feels too intimidating for the moment.
Just hop on man the more people the merrier and there's still a lot of land and tech to develop.
The only plan I have for the second server is to make it creative for people to fuck around in. I don't have anything else in mind atm.
I think Islands would work better after 1.13. Also if they weren't evenly arranged on a grid it would give a lot more room for the new ocean stuff
I think separating people so much is what killed it. Islands in the way that I wanted (and how you suggest) won't happen unless we make it a modded server. It's just not going to happen. I thought about (yet again) bringing Max No Relax back. Not sure how to set it up though. I'd also need reliable volunteers to unban people and moderate it since my schedule is so fucked up.
What way did you want it, maybe someone else could find a solution?
Pretty much how Skeltal described it. (Good) islands but not on a grid. I'm honestly not really all that interested in trying it again though.
I think a better concept would be just one fairly large island/continent and the rest of the map endless ocean. Just a thought for the future if you ever change your mind.
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