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[I]A letter from Mikhail Frunze to Vladimir Lenin, shortly after the successive bolshevik victories in Petrograd and Moscow.[/I] [QUOTE]To my dear comrades in Petrograd, and the most glorious leader of this revolution! Good news and tidings from Moscow. The Kremlin is officially and effectively in our hands, and as I write this, I have just received news of your success in Petrograd. It seems that our efforts have born real fruit, and we are going from strength to strength! Please, offer the workers and soldiers of the revolution situated with you my congratulations! As we experience our victories however, I feel like I have to offer my views on a certain question; that of the Mesheviks, and other non-Bolshevik leftists. Whether you and I believe what we do is right is of little matter right now. We're the enfant terrible of not merely Europe, but the world at large. Any nation with money to spare spares it to the Whites. We're fighting our own ethnic kin, and although I have no doubt we will be triumphant in the end, we must consider making allies where they are offered. The simple fact that these other leftists have offered their hand and arms in the revolution is nothing short of a miracle, and it'd be folly to simply ignore it. I cannot dictate your policy or views, and let it be known that my duty to the revolution will fade only in death, but I strongly urge you, great leader, to consider compromising and working with the Mensheviks, even if it's only for as long as we need to. Once Russia is under our total control and the proletariat are free, we will be able to judge more freely how these half-hearted and uncommitted fellows should be treated. Long live the Bolsheviks, the Union, and the Proletariat. Mikhail Frunze. [/QUOTE]
After Action Report regarding rebel raid on Vladivostok docks, early November, 1917 [quote] Over the course of a few nights, Bladed Rebellion fighters regularly infiltrated the docks of Vladivostok's military ports and began smuggling arms, munitions and food away from White forces. Roughly 3 days had passed before the militiamen were caught. A firefight ensued around midnight, November 11. [b][u]Order of Battle[/u][/b] [b]Rebels[/b] • 15~ Infantrymen armed with rifles/pistols [b]Loyalists[/b] • 19~ Infantrymen armed with rifles • 1 Maxim Machine Gun [b][u]23:40-2:15, November 11-12, 1917[/u][/b] Taken by surprise, the rebel militiamen were fired upon by loyalist guards, killing one and wounding another. The rebels, carrying boxes of food meant for the naval forces still near the port, took cover near a storage shed. A firefight began, and the loyalists attempted to overcome the rebels that they had surrounded. With the cover of night, the rebels were able to avoid being seen and flee the docks with some contraband. A handful of rebels remained to cover their escape. However, those that stayed behind were engaged by a Maxim gun that had been wheeled towards the firefight, and were killed quickly. Sporadic gunfire continued for hours, but most of the rebels had managed to escape. [b][u]Casualties[/u][/b] [b]Rebels[/b]: 7 killed, 2 wounded [b]Loyalists[/b]: 2 killed, 5 wounded [b][u]Captured Contraband[/u][/b] • x6 Mosin-Nagant Rifles • x750 7.62x54 • x10 Model 1914 hand grenades • x2 Boxes of rations[/quote]
[img]https://i.imgur.com/eTbW4g8.png[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/JDGKMQD.png[/img] [i]Some of the last soldiers of the Russian army, holding out against the German Empire.[/i] [quote]Viipurilehti (Viborg paper) 1/11/1917 (November 14, 1917 New Style) Bolshevik control spreads as loyalists flee. With the failure of General Krasnov (now captured and held by the Bolsheviks) to retake Petrograd, much of the rest of the country is quickly being swallowed up as Red Guards and other sympathetic parties (including Ukrainians) move rapidly. Loyalists of the regime (now nicknamed whites at times) flee from all of the major cities as they fall to Bolshevik rule and are now starting to organise themselves in the countryside. Many of them (such as Denikin and Kornilov) are former Russian generals, who are rounding up supporters as they head for areas considered more hospitable to the old regime. Tashkent fell to the Bolsheviks today, while now a major offensive on the newly declared Crimean Republic is underway by an allied force of Ukrainians and Bolsheviks. While many generals of the Russian army have joined the Whites, several of them have chosen to side with the new regime – most notably Wrangel (who now leads the Russian Free Corps in a major assault on the Crimean peninsula). The Chita Republic has been expanding rapidly – buoyed by earlier success – as they use the railways to move westwards. Today they reached Irkutsk and laid siege to the city, in addition also cutting off the railways into the city. The Bolshevik Red Guards (lacking military experience and equipment) have telegraphed for help and have conscripted locals to build defences, but with supplies limited it remains to be seen for how long they can hold out. Semyonov reportedly threatened to invade Mongolia and has ordered Sternberg to mass a number of troops on the border. The Bogd Khan was reportedly shaken by the show of force and asked to open negotiations with Semyonov. The Republic of China has declared that they will intervene and Duan Qirui promised to show force, but with the Republic dealing with warlordism it is unlikely it can follow up on this offer anytime soon. Ukraine continues their bloody war for independence as it attempts to seize Bessarabia and Crimea from their respective fledgling independence movements. After a failed assault on Bessarabia, the Ukrainian government declared it would end the offensive and “recognise” Bessarabia. Such leniency was not shown to Crimea however, as thousands of Ukrainian patriots broke through Crimean lines and began marching for the capital. The new government is already in panic and has telegrammed the western powers for assistance, but to no avail. By the end of the day, most of Crimea was being subdued by Wrangels cavalrymen. In a further boost to morale the Ukrainian government was officially recognised by the Bolsheviks as being independent today by diplomatic secretary Trotsky, and later on Vynnychenko held a speech in which he announced the creation of a draft constitution (to come to effect in February) and elections planned for April soon after (although the borders of the new state are very much in question and considerably fluid). Having now concluded the matter at hand, he ordered “return to order” as soon as possible and immediately asked the western militia forces to march north on Minsk where they will meet up with the Bolsheviks for a coordinated assault on the city.[/quote]
Sobotnik has asked me to post this on behalf of him. [img]http://xenohistorian.faithweb.com/russia/Russian_Civil_War_Illustration.jpg[/img] [i]Red and White forces skirmish to the north of Minsk[/i] [quote]Петрогра́д газета (Petrograd paper) 2/11/1917 (November 15, 1917 New Style) The new regime triumphant! It pains us to inform our readers that due to our criticism of the Bolshevik regime, that recently our editor was arrested and put on trial, with a potential for life imprisonment. However, at the last moment the trial was ended due to overreach by one of the commissars and our editor was released! Since then we have been advised to write on activities which showcase the positive aspects of the new regime and the dangers of the counter-revolution which threatens Soviet power. At present Ukrainian militias are boldly seizing back control of Crimea from the Whites, who have lost complete control of the peninsula and are now under siege in Sevastopol. Ukrainian forces, while steady and victorious, have been slow to capture the rest of the peninsula due to lack of manpower (all able-bodied men are being encouraged to enlist as we speak). Talk of sympathetic rebellion in Novorissiysk has been heard, with partisans organised by Bolsheviks attempting to seize local facilities. The remainder of the Ukrainian and allied Bolshevik forces now march north, where a grand parade is being organised in Kiev to celebrate victory for independence (rumours of desertion due to exhaustion are patently false). The Russian Free Corps is not party to these celebrations, and is instead heading west with stated goals of “recovering Minsk”. Many brave Red Guards are now taking up positions to the north and east of the city, where (supported by Latvian and Estonian rifles) they prepare to close off avenues of escape and to break the last major resistance in the west. Due to a shortage of reporters, time, and sundry matters unrelated to the authorities but more the counter-revolution, we have been unable to report much more on ongoing events.[/quote]
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