• A House Divided - An American Civil War RP
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[t]http://thefederalistpapers.integratedmarket.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/civil_war_soldiers.jpg[/t] [quote] [b]A house divided against itself cannot stand.[/b] The United States is no longer united. The southern states have declared themselves independent, and rally under the flag of the Confederacy. The war of rights, freedom and slavery has begun. It is up to you to decide history![/quote] [quote][b]How this will play[/b] All players will create a fictional general. The classical names of Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant and Sherman have been erased from history, as have the standing armies. Instead, players must create their general, organize their army, and strike at the enemy! Be in at the death![/quote] [quote][b]Army Creation[/b] Union players will be granted $85,000, whilst Confederate players will be granted $75,000. This money will be used to spend on the equipment and soldiers. Battles will gain soldiers more money, as well as cozying up to your nation's government. Spend wisely, and you don't have to spend it all at once, as events may cause you to go sifting through your piggy bank. Bigger is not always better. Small units may lack the raw strength of larger ones, but are easier to manage, maintain, and move. Choose what you think will fit your needs the best.[/quote] - [quote] [b]Infantry[/b] - The stock-standard, shoulder-to-shoulder line infantry of the day. Armed with muzzle loading muskets, be they smoothebore or rifled, these men do a bulk of the fighting and much of the dying. Best used as a bulk of the force [b]Skirmisher[/b] - Using a combination of hit-and-run tactics and breech-loaded firearms, skirmishers can harass enemy units, whittle away at their morale, or even kill officers. Best used in a smaller role, weak in large-scale combat [b]Light Cavalry[/b] - Armed with a carbine and sabre, light cavalry are able to take out the flanks of infantry and break up enemy formations. Best used in hit-and-run roles, weak in frontal charges [b]Heavy Cavalry[/b] - Armed with a carbine, sabre and pistol, heavy cavalry are the hammer of which to strike the anvil. Devastating charges when used properly can smash enemy morale. Best used in decisive blows, weak in frontal charges [b]6pdr/12pdr Gun[/b] - A basic smoothbore field gun of the era. Muzzle-loaded, average accuracy, firing a solid or explosive shot over significant range. Good for whittling down defensive positions or poking a hole in advancing lines. Can fire canister, impact and round shot [b]12pdr Howitzer[/b] - A smoothbore or rifled muzzle-loaded artillery piece. Good accuracy at range, pitiful up close, howitzers are a ferocious enemy to advance against. Can fire impact or round shot effectively, canister poorly. [b]20pdr Rifle[/b] - A rifled, muzzle-loaded artillery piece. Fantastic accuracy at range, average up close, these artillery pieces can fire a variety of shells or shot at the enemy without risking being hit.[/quote] [quote] - [b]Infantry Company[/b] (250) $1,000 [b]Infantry Battalion[/b] (1000) $5,000 [b]Infantry Brigade[/b] (3500) $10,000 - [b]Skirmisher Platoon[/b] (100) $1,000 [b]Skirmisher Company[/b] (250) $3,000 - [b]Light Cavalry Platoon[/b] (100) $5,000 [b]Light Cavalry Battalion[/b] (500) $10,000 - [b]Heavy Cavalry Platoon[/b] (100) $7,500 [b]Heavy Cavalry Battalion[/b] (500) $12,000 - [b]x2 6pdr Gun[/b] (24) $1,500 [b]x6 6pdr Gun[/b] (72) $7,500 [b]x2 12pdr Gun[/b] (24) $1,000 [b]x6 12pdr Gun[/b] (72) $5,500 [b]x2 12pdr Howitzer[/b] (24) $2,500 [b]x6 12pdr Howitzer[/b] (72) $8,500 [b]x2 20pdr Rifle[/b] (24) $4,500 [b]x6 20pdr Rifle[/b] (72) $10,000 [/quote] - [quote][b]The Stars[/b] Each general will have up to 5 stars of 3 categories. Politics, Recruitment and Leadership. [b]Politics[/b] oversees your general's silver tongue in regards to internal diplomacy. A high skill in this allows you to gain more money, access to better equipment, more independence and may even give you future political appointments if your cards are played right. [b]Recruitment[/b] is what allows you to not only bring in new men, but also recover losses. A high skill in this will grant you not only more men at your disposal in the future, but will also grant you trained or veteran soldiers rather than green recruits. [b]Leadership[/b] decides who lives and dies on the battlefield and ont he march. A high skill in this ensures tactical prowess of your officers and high morale for your troops as you help in choosing the fate of America.[/quote] - [quote][b]Sending in your [u]FIRST TURN[/u][/b] [b]General's Name:[/b] Please be historical and not silly. Use fantasynamegenerators.com for some good ideas. You may also have a historical general, but they will not be as easily tailored/flavored as a fictional one [b]Allegiance:[/b] Union or Confederacy [b]Army Name:[/b] You may choose from all existent states. Since all historical armies have been butterflied, you may choose a historical name if you wish (Army of Northern Virginia, etc.). Please avoid silly names [b]Star Choices:[/b] Listed X/X/X for Politics/Recruitment/Leadership. A total of 7 stars may be distributed at the start [b]Starting Location:[/b] Fairly straightforward. However, do not expect to march an army of 10,000 through Arizona [b]Backstory:[/b] Before and after you graduated from West Point, what was your general like? Did they fight in the Mexican-American War? Or did they open a business and make money for themselves? Did they try (and fail) to get into politics? [/quote] - [quote][b]Sending in your [u]MOVEMENT TURN[/u][/b] This is extremely fluid. Please make no more 8 lines (like classical RPs) to dictate your army's movement through territories. Please be feasible. An example [quote]- Send a detachment of infantry over the Potomac to raid enemy encampments[/quote] You will also get 2 extra lines to put into one of the following (if you so wish) [b]Politics[/b] - Attempt to sway, swoon or scare politicians to giving you bonuses such as extra troops, better weaponry, or simply more influence [b]Recruitment[/b] - Swell your ranks with more men, or replace the losses that you have taken [b]Leadership[/b] - Reorganize, regroup and refit your men. This is a war nobody wanted to fight, so make them want to[/quote] [quote][b][u][i]Turns will last 3 months each! At the end of every other turn (6 months), a new star can be awarded to your general![/i][/u][/b][/quote] [b]Players[/b] [quote][B]Confederacy[/B] Amfleet - Israel Greene Joshuadim - Thomas Jackson Griffster26 - Amos Moses Milsap[/quote] [quote][B]Union[/B] JSoldier - Angelo Giovanna Native Hunter - Moses Brown[/quote] [editline]1st March 2017[/editline] [B]MAXIMUM 6 PLAYERS[/B]
Consider this the foundation of the Army of Columbus Under Brigadier General Moses Brown.
Going New York with Angelo Giovanna
Army of the Congaree go "The First Rebels," commanded by General Israel Greene
sign me up fam Thomas Jackson, General of the Tennessee Wolves [Confederacy]
I would like all generals and army builds sent in by sunday. Please declare in the thread if you desire to join
General Amos Moses of the French American Legion of Louisiana reporting in!
Please send your army builds and generals in by tonight
A short reminder: Only you [del]can prevent forest fires[/del] will know the composition of your army. It is possible for you to send out scouts to see what the enemy has, or share your own army with your allies, but otherwise its a secret between you and me.
[quote] [img]http://i.imgur.com/f7Ey5zi.png[/img] [b]April 13, 1861[/b] [/quote] [quote] - [b]Fort Sumter Bombarded![/b] Confederate troops signal war! Armies mobilize across state lines! - In the south, three major armies are organized, each totalling thousands of men, slightly outnumbering the two Union armies in the north - Dozens of state militias organize and prepare themselves to fight the opposing side, with irregulars numbering in the tens of thousands - European diplomats exit the Confederacy, hoping not to sour relations with the Union, and instead sit idly on the sidelines waiting for one side to be declared victor over the other[/quote] [quote] [img]http://i.imgur.com/Q3oaD1g.png[/img] [quote]Angelo Giovanna has known mostly hardship his entire life. Through grit and grit alone, Giovanna struggled to survive on the streets of New York City, born to a poor Italian immigrant family. Despite his background, however, Giovanna was born with a silver tongue, and rose up the ranks from wardman, to county clerk, and even competed in the race for the governor, despite being blown out at the last minute. With his political background and unique cultural heritage, Giovanna felt the best place to put his skills to work was in the army, where he then graduated from West Point, top of his class. With stripes on his shoulder, Giovanna quickly returned to New York City a hero amongst the Italian-American community. With war on the horizon, and a deep sense of honor burning in his heart, Giovanna set out to organize an army for the Union, the nation that dared consider him an equal amongst equals.[/quote][/quote] [quote] [img]http://i.imgur.com/ewwecna.png[/img] [quote]Son of a minister, Moses Brown spent much of his early life nurturing and hiding runaway slaves and kneeling before the Almighty. Despite humble upbringings, familial connections flung him into the world of military education, where Brown spent his days at West Point, and chose to remain for years afterward, studying and devouring military history. During the Mexican-American War, Brown made his name by saving dozens of wounded soldiers, and fending off hordes of Mexican infantry with what little men he could muster. Brown’s legacy was already set in stone, but his love for the military remained, and he refused to retire after the war, and instead returned to his study. Now, war looms, and the reward of victory is freedom for the enslaved, and the salvation of man. Brown, unwilling to step aside, gladly leads his newly formed army south to fight.[/quote][/quote] --- [quote] [img]http://i.imgur.com/lUAKUfL.png[/img] [quote]Amos Moses Milsap was born to a family of settlers in southern Louisiana, and during his early years, spent much of his days exploring the wilderness. After losing his left arm in an alligator attack, Milsap settled down and opened up a fishing company around the Mississippi delta, where he earned a small fortune by conning buyers into seeing bigger and pricier fish than they looked. With money in his pocket, Milsap joined the US army, and was quickly out of West Point, not too long before fighting in the Yakima war against the natives of the Oregon territory. There, he earned his stripes, and the respect of his men. However, with the secession of Louisiana and the organization of the Confederate States of America, Milsap headed south in order to gather up men to fight. Rather than the regular recruits of his constituents, Milsap instead harbors a legion of Cajun warriors, armed to the teeth and ready to fight.[/quote][/quote] [quote] [img]http://i.imgur.com/WyD93nz.png[/img] [quote]Living through hardship at an early age, Israel’s life was mostly spent struggling to make ends meet on a small tobacco plantation. Despite the help of slaves working the fields, his family made little money, and most of it was spent on just keeping the slaves alive. Luckily for Greene, his neighbors saw their plight, and helped tutor the young boy in the arts, arithmetic and religion until his adult age, where a crop failure forced him off the farm and into the wider world. Though much younger than his constituents, Greene graduated from West Point with flying colors, and was part of the reaction against the violent raid on Harper’s Ferry in 1859. Enraged with the idea of emancipation and the destruction of his old livelihood, Greene quickly came to resent all that the abolitionists, and thus the union, stood for. Gathering troops from the rivers and backwoods territories of the Carolinas, Greene prepares himself for the ultimate struggle against the Union, and the final battle for freedom of the Confederacy[/quote][/quote] [quote] [img]http://i.imgur.com/DMAFKYT.png[/img] [quote]Born to a wealthy family in the city of Nashville, Thomas Thorwald Jackson enjoyed a comfortable life with tutors, servants and European travels. Much of his young adult life was spent in the study, reading the works of Plato, Homer and Machiavelli. Despite his aristocratic and educated background, Jackson took it upon himself to join the military to serve his country. Graduating with honors from West Point, Jackson was thrust into a commanding position during the Mexican-American war. There, at key battles around Texas and Arizona, Jackson earned the title the “Wolf of the South” for his cunning skills and ferocious attitude. Now, with the nation divided, Jackson was once again urged to dawn the general’s uniform, and march under the Stars and Bars. Gifted money, men, and time, the Wolf of the South rides again.[/quote][/quote]
The West Virginia Jaegers will suffer no secession, and will be lead by Sven Bain
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