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[IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/345386604526829568/unknown.png[/IMG] Ever since man could peer into the skies, we have always wondered if we were ever truly alone. For hundreds of years, we peered through the stars and galaxies, aimed our radios to the heavens for any indication of life away from Earth. Some warned that contacting any form of life would be dangerous to the welfare of mankind, and that we risk everything in our desperate search for answers. We were better off alone... [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/345340752123133953/unknown.png[/IMG] They came without warning. At first, a signal was intercepted by SETI in 2015. Indecipherable, however indicative of proof that we were not alone, the entire world became abuzz with the news. Media outlets celebrated, skeptics posted their videos on youtube, conspiracy theorists collectively guffawed at this obvious government plot. Then, only a month later, their ships came in the sky. In the first few moments, the citizens of Earth were awestruck at such a sight. Then, came the attack. Buildings obliterated, people slain, many of our world governments fell overnight. What few remained, collectively pooled their armies, navies, air forces for one last desperate defense agaisnt the onslaught. For 6 months, humanity hanged on, fighting off the invaders. We hit them hard, and they hit back harder, but in the end it was all too much. Humanity surrendered. [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/345344349841784836/unknown.png[/IMG] The world is ruled by the new overlords of humanity, who call themselves the Universal Collective. The New Earth Government is ruled by those who willingly surrendered and carry out the will of the alien occupants, and rule they do with an iron fist. New megacities were constructed to herd the survivors into, under the ever watchful eye of surveillance systems and military rule. People work not for humanity, but for the Universal Collective now, mining minerals and resources for use in the aliens machines and foundries as well as supplying manpower for the NEG. Children are being taught the new ways of life of service to the Collective, and are told to shun and fear the old "savage" ways of mankind. Arrests are daily for suspected terrorists and plotters against the new world order. Compliance of citizens is mandatory. [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/345339774174887936/unknown.png[/IMG] The few that have managed to escape the megacities, or have remained hidden from the view of the Collective have done so in the old cities or in the deep countryside. New York, Chicago, Moscow, London, and more lie in ruin and in decay after the initial invasion. Buildings and bridges crumble after decades of idleness and weathering. The old cities also make home to small communities of people, desperately trying to eke out an existance in this ever oppressive world. These abandoned and decaying urban jungles are widely considered as "lawless zones" by the authorities, and few forces lay their forces there, as they are dangerous and treacherous. [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/345352170742349824/unknown.png[/IMG] All is not lost however, as humanity is fierce and determined as they always have been. Resistance movements still exist, however they are fragmented, underequipped, and are always on watch for the authorities, especially those that reside in the megacities. Many cells don't even have knowledge of the others and believe they are truly alone in the fight against the oppressors. Divided, the resistance is only a minor nuisance to the everyday working of the new world order. [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/345375870569021450/unknown.png[/IMG] Some however, have served their own self-interests and have fully committed in helping the aliens rule over mankind. Despised by those who live in the megacities and universally regarded as traitors, collaborators reside in walled off districts of lush apartments and have special priveleges compared to the average citizen. Most collaborators are of the new regime politically, militarally, or have in general aided the cause of the new order. [B]Welcome, to Resistance: An Alien Occupation RP[/B] The year is 2090. [t]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/208609244772040704/345591226847723520/unknown.png[/t] The world has changed. This RP will mix elements of Nation RP with Character RP, as both will be integral to the game. You will lead a band of ragtag resistance members desperately trying to fight off the aliens in any way they can, where and how you choose to fight, is up to you entirely, or as a faction of Collaboraters, that seek to expand and further the influence of their alien masters in any way possible. [B]How turns work[/B] 8 line limit for both factions. Turns are a month each. [QUOTE] *For First Turn Only* [B]Leader Name:[/B] [B]Description: [Describe your character and their background.][/B] [B]Faction Name:[/B] [B]Faction Banner: [/B] [250x150 please] [B]Faction Location:[/B] [B]Alleigance: [Resistance or Collaborator][/B] [B]Description: [Describe what your faction is/does.][/B] *Every turn for Resistance* [B]Logistics[/B] Here, this is where you scavenge for supplies, weaponry, etc. to keep your operation going. Be specific about what you look for/where you look [I will discuss this in detail with you based on your location and other factors]. [B]Communications[/B] Here is where you can contact and discuss plans with other resistance groups [when applicable, at the start there is no contact between ANY resistance groups at all]. [B]Internal Affairs[/B] Here is where you go out to attempt to gain new recruits to your cause, whether it be those who live in the old ruins or sneaking into megacities to get people out, the choice is yours. Here is also where you train people and equip them with gear. [B]Operations[/B] Here you conduct actions that directly go agaisnt the new order, such as sabotage, assaulting police forces, raiding depots/outposts, etc. These require operatives and equipment to conduct. [B]Surveillance[/B] This is where you send out members to scout, relay information, gather intel, and do sneaky breeki stuff. Useful for scouting out enemy strength and positions. *Every turn for Collaborators* [B]Orders[/B] Here is where you carry out orders sent by your overlords, whatever they may be. [B]Internal Affairs[/B] Here is where you manage your members as well as recruit to swell your ranks as well as manage equipment, funding, etc. [B]Secrecy[/B] Here is where you do actions, such as dealing with shady figures, reconnaisance, one-up other Collaborator factions, that may or may not be illegal in the eyes of your overlords. [/QUOTE] [B]Rules[/B] [QUOTE] Don't be a dick. Standard FP rules apply. No metagaming. The basis of this RP is one side not knowing what the other side does. RP is encouraged. Have fun! :) [/QUOTE] [B]Megacities[/B] Megacity 1 - Northern America, near the ruins of Philadelphia Megacity 2 - Western Europe, near the ruins of Paris Megacity 3 - India, near the ruins of New Delhi Megacity 4 - East Asia, near the ruins of Shanghai Megacity 5 - North Africa, near the ruins of Cairo Megacity 6 - Western America, near the ruins of Los Angeles Megacity 7 - Eastern Europe, near the ruins of St. Petersburg Megacity 8 - Siberia Megacity 9 - West Africa, near the ruins of Lagos Megacity 10 - The Middle East, near the ruins of Baghdad [B]If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on Facepunch or DM me on discord![/B] [B]Player List[/B] [del]Native Hunter - The Peoples' Vengeance [Resistance][/del] [B][U]TAKEN BY THE ZONE[/U][/B] Gnomical - Resistenza Italiano [Resistance] Milkdairy - 5th Special Forces Group [Resistance] RockManYoshi - Popular Mujahideen for the Liberation of Earth [Resistance] doomevil - Secure Emergent Communications of Missions Initiative [Collaborator][del][B][U]DESTROYED BY LAWSUIT OVER ROBOTS[/U][/B][/del] JK STILL PLAYING Sobotnik - Bravehearters [Resistance] kilerabv - Global Pacification Initiative [Collaborator] Amfleet - Siberian Correctional Machine Works [Collaborator] Snoberry - Basilica of the Reclaimer [Collaborator][del][B][U]RAGE QUIT(?) {SNITCHED BY SNITCH DRONES}[/U][/B][/del]STILL PLAYING NVM Ruski v2.0 - Global Supply Consortium [Collaborator] Black Pete - The Brotherhood [Resistance] [del]Malos - Tian Government of Megacity 4 [Collaborator][/del] [B][U]IMPEACHED[/U][/B] Viper123_SWE - The 13th Company [Resistance? I guess]
So... XCOM + Half Life 2? Can I just play as a resistance fighter/officer in someone's group instead of a full fledged resistance cell?
[QUOTE=Snoberry Tea;52561088]So... XCOM + Half Life 2? Can I just play as a resistance fighter/officer in someone's group instead of a full fledged resistance cell?[/QUOTE] No. You play as the leader/commander of a resistance group/collaborator organization that you manage.
Oh. That sucks. Getting kinda tired of nation games. I want a good character rp.
[QUOTE=Snoberry Tea;52562364]Oh. That sucks. Getting kinda tired of nation games. I want a good character rp.[/QUOTE] This is a mix of character rp and "nation" rp, with elements of both being important to the game as a whole
[B][U]GRAPHICS PREVIEWS [/U][/B] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/271816527026716672/345773675372478475/unknown.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/345608552053866498/unknown.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/263156108699369473/345606358365896714/unknown.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/278209223278723082/345708848968892416/unknown.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/267342223736045568/345682282125852693/unknown.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/280051773673308160/345666785384726529/unknown.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/345639126835396628/345639148494782495/unknown.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/333600165955108876/345607436607946752/unknown.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/319222255295004674/345952148858863616/unknown.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/297869593894977546/345952846249721866/unknown.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/346018202486177793/346018209842855937/unknown.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/292030523247689729/346027088928702466/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] Let me know what you guys think about these!
Looks nice but the text is a little hard to read. Maybe try a different font/color combo?
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[b]Basilica of the Reclaimer Theme[/b] [video]https://youtu.be/GYCmrNSYOxo[/video]
Collaborator theme [video=youtube;0HJq3Rngmek]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HJq3Rngmek[/video]
[B]Resistance theme:[/B] [video=youtube;I_izvAbhExY]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_izvAbhExY[/video]
my theme: [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciPu4DnKBuM[/media] living in 2090 scotland is literally this video but louder
[B]Resistance Groups Backstories[/B] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/345608552053866498/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] The glass crackled under his feet as he made his way through the dark and damp halls of this old building. Wires hang from the ceilings, long unpowered, papers rotting lie strewn everywhere, and the corridors are silent except for him and his small group. Seven years it has been since the US Military, or what remained of it, was utterly destroyed by NEG forces. The last acting president of the United States had given Sgt. Maj. Wyatt Kane the authority to serve as his successor. But successor of what? Ashes and dust? Since then, he and his small squad of elite forces have been traversing the remnants of Old America, looking for a place to call home. He had lost many good friends by the NEG and UC forces during his travels, but now he had finally made it to this hallowed place, a place that once was a seat of great power for the United States of America when it stood strong as a world superpower. From what he heard it once was called... the Pentagon. Kane and his squad make your way into one of the great rooms. Old computers and screens lie broken and scattered as they make their way to the center of the room, dust and cold drops of water drip from the ceiling, giving a damp and musty atmosphere to the room. Kane breathes it in, the smell of history and knowledge... and power. Perhaps there may be things here of use? He turns to his squad, only 5 of them remaining to follow the Acting President of the United States, and smiles deeply. Now is the time to fight for America again. [/QUOTE] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/263156108699369473/345606358365896714/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] Emmanuel. Thinker. Poet. Rebel. Known by many in Megacity 5 as a sort of figure of hope in these dark times through his poems and art, he lead a small but flourishing art scene in the underground of the megacity. However, a couple years ago, a large crackdown of illegal activities led to Emmanuel fleeing to the ruins of Cairo, losing many of his works in the process to the burnings. Many of his friends did not share such a fortunate fate, as they faced the firing squad or transportation to prison camps deep in Siberia. For several years, Emmanuel stayed in what remained of Cairo, alone and having to scrounge a meager living for himself. Being old did not help either, as it become more and more difficult to do so. However, in the last year or so, a person found him. A refugee who had managed to escape Megacity 5. Emmanuel was overjoyed to know that he no longer was alone, after 5 years of solitude in this dead city. Then came more, and more, until he had a dozen people around him. Now, they have found a small, unassuming building to call home within what remains of Cairo to begin their movement once again. [/QUOTE] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/333600165955108876/345607436607946752/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] Giovanni il Salvatore comes from a long line of priests. His father was one, as was his father before him, and so on. Giovanni has only known life in the Certosa di Pavia monastary, which is luckier than most within this cruel world. His father's group has managed to evade detection from the authorities ever since the start of the occupation, by hiding in said monastary, which has remarkably remained in decent condition, thanks to its caretakers, the Carthusian Monastic Order. After Giovanni's father passed away, Giovanni became the head of this small, but devout group. Giovanni has made it his personal mission, after receving word from God himself, to liberate the Earth from its alien oppressors and deliver it back to the people of Earth. [/QUOTE] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/345639126835396628/345639148494782495/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] Although religion of any kind has been outlawed by the Universal Collective, many still hold their faith. This is especially true of Muslims that reside in the Middle East. Rashid Misiani is no exception, being raised as a devout follower of Islam in his early years. His parents being black market traders, smuggling goods in and out of Megacties 5 and 10. However, tragedy struck when Rashid, hiding under the floorboards, witnessed his parents being executed for their crimes against the NEG, their bodies left to rot in their own home on the island of Socotra. Rashid swore vengeance against the NEG and the Universal Collective, and having devotedly read the Quran, has started a movement 10 years after the death of his parents. He has declared a jihad against the aliens, and has attracted a small number of Muslims who share his sentiments to his cause, as well as a few Christians, and travelled to the ruins of Tehran, in what used to be Iran. His cause is a holy one, and it shall not be stopped until the greater Islamic world is freed from oppression. [/QUOTE] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/346018202486177793/346018209842855937/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] Have you heard of Grandfather? Of course not. Those who have heard of him don't live long enough to tell anything, especially the authorities. The Bratva, or Brotherhood, have existed even before the alien occupation, and keep their traditions alive in the desolate wasteland of St. Petersburg. Distinctly communist, keeping the ideals of the worker's revolution alive, Дедушка (Grandfather) has made it his mission to liberate the oppressed peoples of Earth to fight as one people's revolution against the imperialists from space. The Bratva have significant influence in Megacity 7, including their drug trafficking as well as arms trafficking, creating headaches for authorities there. The Bratva have a strict code: Collaborators to the Aliens are shot on sight, every Brother must be skilled in fighting as well as a trade, and every man must do their part for the greater good. Ladened in pre-war style tattoos of communist logos and phrases, members of the Brotherhood show no fear in the face of authorities and fight like demons of the old world. Their numbers are small, but that makes their secrecy even stronger. [/QUOTE] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/267342223736045568/345682282125852693/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] A small patrol goes through the ruins of Selkirk, in what used to be Scotland. They hear nothing... they SEE nothing. A thick fog permeates the town. They are NEG troops, undeniably so from their armor and weaponry. A few of them are nervous, this feels like cursed ground, for them especially. This whole damn island IS. Then suddenly, in the distance, a noise sounds. It's a bagpipe. "[B]SCOTLAND FOREVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER[/B]!!!!!" a voice booms as a large group of Scotsmen charge toward the patrol, kilts and longswords brandished. "[B]FREEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM[/B]!!!!" they all shout as they descend upon the unsuspecting patrol. Within minutes, the carnage is over. The entire patrol was massacred, with a couple losses on the Scotsmen's forces. These, are the Bravehearters. Their leader, Big Billy, once was a young lad living in Glasgow, or what remained of it. Glasgow had a moderately sized community in it. However, the authorities overlooked this transgression against their megacity policy as Scotsmen made good mercenaries. Big Billy worked with his pa in a wee little car shop, repairing all sorts of gadgets and vehicles, occasionally going off to work as a mercenary. However, one day only a year ago, these southern lads decided to try to forcefully register them into some wee little database. That didn't sit well with the lads, and a large bar fight ensued. Needless to say, Glasgow's community was destroyed by the ensuing purge and ever since then, Big Billy has used that as an excuse to impale people with his longsword. He found some other lads and lasses that shared his opinions on these bampot, bassa, doaty, dobbery, clipey, erses like a bag o' washin, hackit, howlin, jakey, bowfin, midden, numpty, nyaffin, scabby, walloper aliens. Ever since then, Big Billy has led the Bravehearters on attacks against NEG patrols, insulting them as they died to his large blade. [/QUOTE]
[img]http://img.sharetv.com/shows/characters/thumbnails/samurai_jack.the_scotsman.jpg[/img] [i]rare picture showing the face of Big Billy: 2089, colorized[/i]
[B]Collaborator Faction Backgrounds[/B] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/297869593894977546/345952846249721866/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] Nassim King was once a troublemaker in the eyes of the authorities. Being of the slums of Megacity 9, and his father a well off criminal who made his fortune before the invasion, Nassim created all sorts of noise in the city, being arrested several times throughout his youth and put into "re-education" facilities for the troubled youth of this new world. Eventually, Nassim sought to create his own way in life, except this time it would be within the bounds of the law. He volunteered to enter the African Continental Occupation Force and rose through his ranks through his service in putting down over a dozen major city revolts. From this, he gained a reputation for diligence and service that had not gone unnoticed. With his application approved, Nassim King now leads the newly formed GSC [Global Supply Consortium], to bring humanity to heel and supply the Collective with whatever resources they should require. [/QUOTE] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/292030523247689729/346027088928702466/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] At the end of the invasion, with the collapse of the People's Republic of China, many of the former athiests believe it was divine intervention from the heavens that brought about the downfall of the corrupt regime. Although this sentiment would quickly start to fade, the Universal Collective needed a way to bring the people of East Asia to heel. They found it with a simple farmer who not only was charistmatic, but had a way to inspire people. The Collective brought him to serve as administrator for the newly established Megacity 4. Using his gifts, Tian Gang Fu created a whole cult of worship toward the aliens as a tool to have the people submit. While originally sneered upon by the Universal Collective, they saw its potential future worth in preventing uprising, and stepped in to have it indoctrinate the peoples there. Now, Tian Xiuying has inherited Megacity 4's administrative role from his father's death, and now seeks to carry out the will of the Collective. [/QUOTE] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/280051773673308160/345666785384726529/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] Anton Fitzgerald started as a member of the Global Pacification Initiative before its great purge in the recent months, delivering a stellar service record and managed to stay out of the grasp of the authorities. After the great fall of the GPI however, Anton became disillusioned with it and sought to create his own organization that would live up to the promises of order, security, and welfare to all of mankind. With the application accepted by the High Council of the Collective, Commander Fitzgerald is now the head of his own organization based in Megacity 2, the Secure Emergent Communications of Missions [SECOM] Initiative. Seeking to quell and rebellious dissent in his belief that the Universal Collective is necessary for mankind to finally advance beyond their world, Anton Fitzgerald seeks to carry out the will of the Universal Collective, whenever they need and whatever they require. [/QUOTE] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/278209223278723082/345708848968892416/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] The Global Pacification Initiative (GPI) was the first Universal Collective formed organization to come from the initial invasion. After many world governments fell overnight, many people offered their services to the Collective for use in the fight against the remaining forces of Earth. The battles that the remaining armies faced consisted of the Universal Collective's own war machine as well as denizens of Earth, to the shock of many. Its name would become infamous to all humans, as they would be one of the main reasons Earth would fall in the end. However, decades of ineptitude and corruption after the invasion would lead to its downfall, as a major investigation found nearly 90% of its members complicit in some sort of crime. This resulted in a massive purge against GPI agents, leaving only a few remaining. And from those few, many resigned over the tarnished reputation of the GPI. One of those who remained devout to the organization was Senior Field Agent Bishop Madden, who had survived the purge due to his stellar service record as well as reputation for several prominent anti-resistance raids over the last two decades. With this in mind, this made Bishop an easy choice to become the new commander of the Global Pacification Initiative. Now, leading an organization that is a shell of its former self, Bishop Madden seeks to reclaim the power that the GPI had previously as well as carry out the will of the Universal Collective. [/QUOTE] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/271816527026716672/345773675372478475/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] Megacity 8, the one most notorious for its prisons, has an even more notorious figure behind them. It is said no one knows the identity of this figure, not even the people closest to it, only going to be known as "The Warden". What is known is that the Warden had run the prisons of Megacity 8 for nearly 30 years, and did so in a sadistic and efficient matter. What is also known is that the Warden's father had also run the prisons of Megacity 8, and had run prisons even before the invasion. Perhaps that is where the Warden got the ideas of public prisoner floggings or the removal of tongues from. Under the Warden's rule, there is nothing you can do but hope you aren't targeted next for the flogging block, or worse, the isolation cubes. The Universal Collective had designated these prisons to be run entirely by Collaborators such as the Warden, due to their distaste to such designs. What they are pleased of however, is how the Warden had run things in the prisons of Megacity 8, producing goods and materials at a rate that far outpaced any other Megacity on the Earth. Due to this, the Warden now has a grand design for a mega-prison, the Siberian Correctional Machine Works, to which the Universal Collective has guaranteed the funds and resources for. [/QUOTE] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/319222255295004674/345952148858863616/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] Deep in a laboratory in Megacity 7, Grigori Nikolaivych Tesla worked on one of his volunteers. With the promise of cash, to which he readily agreed as money was hard to come by, Grigori had brought him to his lab and had changed him into... something else. Tesla finished his soldering and said one word: "Rise". The metal chassis of this thing rose from the table and placed its metal legs onto the floor and stood. It towered as tall him Grigori, and turned its eyes to him... One month later, Grigori brought his creation to the High Council of the Universal Collective himself, on behest of Chancellor Smith himself. Some of the High Council were horrified, others were impressed. With the persuasion of the Chancellor, enough votes were gained to approve of Grigori's next venture, to improve upon his creation, and make more to bring order and peace, as the head of the Basilica of the Reclaimer. [/QUOTE]
[img]http://i.imgur.com/uq36KIR.jpg[/img] [B]MRC MK I Prototype[/B] [I]The first in a series of new pacification soldiers for the collective, the MRC or "Manned Robotic Chassis" is Dr. Tesla's solution to his team's inability to improve upon his father's artificial intelligence and robotic autonomy programming. Rather than settle for robots controlled by a hub and shackled to programming, he would bring life to them another way. His method was simple and elegant in design. He would take the nervous system of a volunteer, brain and all, and weave it into the control circuitry of a robotic chassis. After a small amount of physical therapy and "neurological reconditioning" the human mind took surprisingly well to the new form and proved to be a reliable platform for expansion. This was the premise that got him City 7, the Basilica. The robot lifted its, his, head and then torso, sitting up. He swung his legs over the side of the work table and placed them on the floor, standing. He would be shaking if it wasn't for his robotic form. He felt strange and out of place. Cold. He looked down at the smaller goatee'd man before him, a head shorter than his new form, and snapped a picture with his optics as the man beamed up at him as surely as a proud father. He spoke, in his own voice, but tinged with the telltale sounds of synthesis.[/I][b] "Did it work, Doctor? Did the transplant take?" "It did. It worked beautifully. How do you feel?" "Strange, but good. This body listens to me, but my mind does not know if it wants it to." "That will come. Let's get you running through the physical therapy. We want you prepared for the council if we expect them to approve a family for you." "And after, I'll get to work with you, right? Like you promised?" "Of course. You are the first of many, but you'll be my right hand." "Thank you, Father Grigori. But what am I to be called?" "Adam."[/b] [img]http://i.imgur.com/EuvuqWn.jpg[/img] [B]Humanoid Neurological Automaton, Mod 1, "Adam" - Right Hand of Dr. Tesla.[/B]
whats wi' that tinpot lookin piece of shite fer? it looks like a toy robot me nan used to have that doesnae scare me, look at its hands fer fucks sake - it couldnae even wank itself off, great big piece of shite it is. you expect to suppress the world with that? you don't scare me you potato sniffing, body-hairless, alien knee-bendin, guffaw-lookin cunt. I could knock it over just by swinging my cock at it, and that's when its on the soft as well. I mean look at it, it's so shite I wouldnae even consider givin it tae the scrap dealers in glasgae
((Having fun? Orange chassis is used as a laboratory assistant and general use body. Normally doesn't have a person in it just s programmable core mainframe and a basic personality.))
[B]Turn 1 Progress[/B] [U]Completed[/U] (Resistance) Navy Seal Copypastas Cheeki Breekis (Collaborators) Rick's Laboratory [U]To Do[/U] (Resistance) Pizza Resistance Egyptian Scholars Mel Gibson Regiment ISIS (Collaborators) Giant Merchant Conglomerate Not-Dynastic Government of Chyna Machine building Gulag LA Police force Fascist Police organization (Other Things) Character RP scenarios ????
The following is a PSA sponsored by the G.P.I. [QUOTE]Good day people of Megacity 6. Now, you may have noticed something new flying through the skies of out wonderfull city. Dont worry. Those are just the G.P.I.'s newest addition to your safety. We call them the SNITCH drones. Now I hear you asking. "What are the SNITCH drones?" [T]https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/004/536/577/large/tristan-siodlak-13012017-mid.jpg?1484398632[/T][T]https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/004/536/578/large/tristan-siodlak-13012017-open-front-2.jpg?1484398635[/T] Verry good question. SNITCH stands for : Surveillance Networking Inteligence Treatment Computer Helper Now that is a nice name and all, but what makes these drones better than other surveillance systems you ask. Well you see these handy little guys are just that, little guys. As in, actual sentient beings. Let me show you. This is my partner and friend, Chester. Say hi to the nice people, Chester. HELLO! He's verry upbeat. Now, Chester. Can you give us a rundown on how you work. Certainly! I volunteered to serve a higher cause after my unfortunate demise some time ago. My body was damaged badly you see, but my brain could be saved! So they picked it up ad put it in this mechanical body, so I can be of use. You see an organic mind is surprisingly more clever than a cold calculating machine, so me and my friends are perfect for this kind of job as it requires us to think outside the box a lot of the time and to spot nasty people who threaten our way of life. My job, to put it simply, is flying arround and lookin for any trouble. If I spot something suspicious, I send an allert to my HQ and if they confirm that it's bad news, I get a nice little boost of dopamine release as a reward for my hard work! So if you see me or any of my palls flying arround, dont be shy, give a nice hello and we'll try to respond back if we see you! And if you so happen to be one of those weirdos oposing the law [B][I][U]BZZZZZZZZT- KISS YOUR ASS GOODBYE, CREEP! [/U][/I][/B] Ohohohohho, Chester you're such a scamp! Thanks for being here with us for this PSA. No problem! Always happy to help! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a job to do. BYE![/QUOTE]
Too late to join?
Kiler that whole "brain in a robot" thing sounds pretty familiar. Where'd you come up with a radical idea like that? It's really cool I think I might use it
[IMG]http://static3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110501150844/fallout/images/thumb/8/8e/Yes_Man.png/500px-Yes_Man.png[/IMG] new SNITCH drones of the GPI, circa 2090
Wait there was a human brain in that stupid thing?
The GPI legal team would like to point out that development of the SNITCH started in the late 2030s and it was patented 2033.
An hour of photoshop later... [IMG]https://i.cubeupload.com/pdVeTZ.png[/IMG] [B]Fireteam Python Infiltrating Megacity One[/B] [I]Left to right: Corporal Macon Hale; Sergeant Alex Lastimosa; Sergeant Major Wyatt Kayne[/I]
[QUOTE=kilerabv;52574585]The GPI legal team would like to point out that development of the SNITCH started in the late 2030s and it was patented 2033.[/QUOTE] Tesla Industries would like to kindly inform the GPI that development into artificial intelligence was pioneered by Doctor Pyotr Nikailovych Tesla in 2020.
[I]Pictured: Doctor Tesla puts his creations to the test against 5SFG Operators.[/I] [video=youtube;rMhhUsxf67Q]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMhhUsxf67Q[/video]
How cute the humans can take down a training dummy with stolen and modified alien tech
"stolen and modified?" aw yea youse be thinkin "look at how cute the humans take down our dollies with stolen tech" whit aboot the fuckin planet youse stole? this is my hame, my fuckin chippy, my fuckin corner shop, my fuckin life in my shitey council estate in craigmillar i'm gonna steal aw the shit you like, even the shit i dinnae like cos as a scotsman i dinnae mind if am miserable, just if a'body else is miserable o'wise we'a gan have a fuckin problem ya cunt [editline]15th August 2017[/editline] [media]https://twitter.com/Tamarionette/status/891007847571632128[/media] look at what they did to the fuckin kebab shop with the modified alien technology an aw
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