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Sobotnik you're a fuckin riot mate [editline]15th August 2017[/editline] [video]https://youtu.be/KfGCHkHNN_U[/video] [B]Actual footage of a Basilica of the Reclaimer MRC MK II Combat Chassis "Deacon" - Undisclosed resistance base.[/B]
[img]http://data.whicdn.com/images/64230128/large.jpg[/img] Pictured: Official portrait of Tian Xiuying, Emperor of Megacity 4. An intense cult of personality surrounding the Tian family has developed within the confines of Megacity 4, and the image of the current leader is a recurring sight in public spaces.
[i]Introducing [b]13th Company[/b], a band of mercenary scum looking for the next big jackpot.[/i] [t]http://i.imgur.com/5Pg4Kbp.jpg[/t] [quote] [t]http://i.imgur.com/KP7PTac.png[/t] [b]Karl 'Coyote' Stridh[/b] The charismatic leader of the 13th Company, Stridh is not only a tactical genius but also a hardened veteran. At least that's how he describes himself. When he's not busy writing his own biography Stridh leads his team with example and together they've seen their fair share of combat against both the NEG and various resistance cells. [/quote] [quote] [t]http://i.imgur.com/qlaEWfx.png[/t] [b]Michael 'Goldface' Fox[/b] Greedy, witty and cheerful Fox is the CBRN/NBC expert of the group. Much like those people in Isreal he enjoys storing coins of various metals (preferably gold) in inconvenient spots around the camp, inside his own gear and inside Toaster. There's no harm in preparing for the future right? [/quote] [quote] [t]http://i.imgur.com/JVhKYrm.png[/t] [b]Vanessa 'Redline' Redwood[/b] Normally Goldface or Stripes would say something semi-inappropriate when talking about women. Not in Redwood's case. The youngest member of the group is a mech pilot (a damned good one as well) and her skills have saved the team more than once. Sometimes prone to carry out pranks alongside Goldface. [/quote] [quote] [t]http://i.imgur.com/UkrphQi.png[/t] [b]Sergei 'Stripes' Zhaneys[/b] Former Russian sailor/marine. He used to say he'd seen it all but then the world said to him "hold my beer" and turned into somekind of Hollywood shitshow. While some would say that he's too old for this shit Sergei often proves them wrong in one way or more. Secretly a wine-tasting expert when he's not busy filling people with lead. [/quote] [quote] [t]http://i.imgur.com/ikLtFKh.png[/t] [b]'Toaster'[/b] The latest addition to the group, Toaster is somekind of NEG prototype robot originally built for city exploration. At least that's what Redline says. Toaster himself claims to be the "fastest gunslinger in the whole wild West". [/quote]
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[QUOTE=Snoberry Tea;52575105]Tesla Industries would like to kindly inform the GPI that development into artificial intelligence was pioneered by Doctor Pyotr Nikailovych Tesla in 2020.[/QUOTE] Responce from the legal team: We dont care.
i dinnae gae a fuck aboot who made whit robots, those tin pieces of shite wouldnae stand up to a single blae o me claymore
Dumb pict, this is 2090. If you don't use vibro-claymores you're liable for a darwin award. [editline]15th August 2017[/editline] bet ur kilts arent even made of nanosilk LOL loser
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[IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/347049631173181440/Beasts_From_Beyond.png[/IMG] (Banner thanks to Milkdairy!) After the invasion, Earth's biosphere unfortunately suffered as well as the aliens had brought on their ships stowaway animals and other things from the other worlds they come from. These alien species range from docile and small to gargantuan and hostile to any forms of life other than themselves. Here are some of the more COMMON life forms encountered in the wilderness of the old world. [B] Bristlebacks[/B] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/346753850532823040/346773698713223169/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] No bigger than a small dog, these animals are some of the most common alien life forms to find on Earth nowadays. They run fast, and reproduce faster, living in tunnel like structures spanning sometimes over a mile in large family groups that scavenge for food. Usually they are not aggressive, as they are afraid of anything larger than them or what poses a threat to them. Threat Classification: MINIMAL [/QUOTE] [B]Skullcrushers[/B] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/346753850532823040/346792934923829249/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] Standing usually at 8 feet tall and with an average length of 18 feet, Skullcrushers are extermely dangerous apex predators that pose a threat to anyone who comes in their path, even those of their own kind. Extremely aggressive and territorial, they will fiercely defend what they call home and have extremely powerful legs for burst speed as well as jaws that can crush metal like paper as well as thick hides that most weapons cannot penetrate. An unusually large Skullcrusher, some say 12 feet in height and 22 feet in length, had been spotted recently in the sewers of Megacity 1, killing a NEG trooper in horrifying fashion. No one dares enter the sewers, not even the authorities. Threat Classification: EXTREMELY DANGEROUS : AVOID IF POSSIBLE [/QUOTE] [B]Longlegs[/B] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]http://www.igorstshirts.com/blog/conceptaliens/2012/ken_barthelmey/ken_b_04.jpg[/IMG] Scale reference to human. [/QUOTE] Standing as tall as buildings, these creatures are found in small herds of 4-5, sometimes more with young during their mating season. They pay little attention to most creatures underneath them, focusing on treetops for the leaves. However, when they feel threatened or attacked, their powerful legs have been known to knock over NEG APC's onto their sides as well as crush humans with ease. Threat Classification: MODERATE : DO NOT AGGREVATE [/QUOTE] [B]Ratchiosus[/B] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]http://pre10.deviantart.net/01ef/th/pre/f/2013/199/8/0/ratchiosus___creature_concept_by_mikecorriero-d6e44t7.jpg[/IMG] [/QUOTE] As tall as a full-grown man, these predators hunt in large packs to take down larger(or smaller) prey. Although what they lack in strength, they make up for in numbers as their claws are sharp and deliver their prey a thousand cuts. Their speed as well make them difficult targets and should be viewed with caution. Threat Classification: HIGH : MAINTAIN CAUTION. [/QUOTE] ...and many more will be added... when they are encountered.
speaking of creepy things... Boi oh boi, sit down lads and let me tell you a story [QUOTE]::>BRIEF FILE - SFGINTELOPS MISSION: OPERATION SAPPER ---> SUBORD. TO ---> OPERATION BLUE PHOENIX BRIEF: OPERATIVES HAVE INTERCEPTED A CALL FOR ASSISTANCE ORIGINATING WITHIN MEGACITY ONE. FIRETEAM PYTHON HAS BEEN COMMISSIONED TO HANDLE THIS MISSION. BRIEF TAKER - 2LT. Lance Raynor Fireteam - Python Sgtmaj. Wyatt Kayne - Python Actual Cpl. Macon Hale - Python 1 Sgt. Alex Lastimosa - Python 2 ::> Ambience - youtu.be/7zRIc1Y7-PQ YouTube ::>START LOG [IMG]https://i.cubeupload.com/pdVeTZ.png[/IMG] ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 1:39 PM The tunnel is wet, damp, and dark. Your beam of flashlight being the only way to see through the darkness that envelopes you. You follow it, as you have been for the past hour. You need to find a way to get into Megacity 1. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 1:40 PM Kayne quietly continues forth through the tunnel. Fixed to his rig, his electric torch illuminates the path infront of him. A bright, fluorescent xenon lamp casts a wide light on the dark, brick tunnel, delineating into darkness ahead of him. The sewer tunnel bellows moistly with each step. The sludge - human faeces, sludge, refuse, and an innumerable amount of other garbage lines the floor, nearly up to the team's ankles. Against his shoulder tightly sits his Mk. 7 Mod 12 E-Chem rifle, trained toward the staring abyss. Behind him, the chemlights of his teammates bounce like stars with their movements. Corporal Hale and Sergeant Lastimosa quietly tail Kayne in the shadows, their M6A6 rifles watching over him. "Python one." Kayne whispers, gripping his PRC-200 handheld. (edited) ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 1:40 PM triple triple ` on both sides ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 1:44 PM The radio crackles and pops. A deep voice billows from the handheld radio. "Python one. Solid copy." Hale tugs around his M6. Water sloshes and crashes against the sewer walls. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 1:47 PM Kayne listens intently, still advancing forward into oblivion. He keys his radio with one hand, the other gripping tightly his rifle. "Need you to swing around and pull rear. That was too hasty an entry, and we don't know what saw us enter the waterworks." He whispers, "I don't want to get DP'd by Civil Protection, much less if a NEG scout platoon saw us." ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 1:50 PM The darkness behind them lingers with hostility. Kayne's right. Hale swivels around and juts his rifle barrel over. Musty, dingy water splashes as his boots wade through. He bends his knees, and keys his radio. "Ten-four." ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 1:54 PM The voices sound almost like echoes in this place. You can feel the vibrations of your movements as if they are a thousand times louder. The squad of three come across a door on the right side of the tunnel. It's rusted, and old. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 2:00 PM Kayne's torch illuminates the door, casting a stark, mysterious atmosphere upon it. He waves down Python Two, who promptly pulls forward ahead and becomes a sentry for the front. Gingerly, Kayne presses his ear to the door, gripping his rifle tightly. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 2:01 PM Silence. You can't hear anything behind the door. You smell the door's odor however and it smells like *shit*. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 2:03 PM Kayne pulls back, unfazed by the foul odor -the sewerway was enough. The Sergeant-Major keyed his radio. "Python One, what's your status?" He says quietly. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 2:05 PM A pause. Something tickles at Hale's boot. It's a dirty, stinky, and downright musty rat. He stops breathing for a moment. The radio crackles in response. "Green. All clear." His voice echoes down the chamber. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 2:07 PM A few seconds go by before Hale's radio responds. The gravelly, vocoded voice of the fireteam leader comes through the line grimier than the sludge beneath their boots. "Good. You were demo in your unit, right?" (edited) ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 2:10 PM Hale trudges over. His rifle dips into the murky depths for a moment. He taps Python Two. A rifle swings over and levels at the chamber's hall behind them. Hale squats, his nose wrinkling at the inhuman mix of shit and god-knows-what. No words are needed, he's already starting to set up. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 2:13 PM "You know the deal - need you to check the doorway for traps. At best, it's a stash or a fallback room if we get cornered. Worst, it's a fuckin' skineater and we're boned." Kayne releases his radio, moving to the back of the formation to take over. He gives the Corporal a pat on the shoulder, crouching into position. (edited) (Picture for flavor) ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 2:17 PM Hale's eye-fucking the door. Hands run lightly across edges, checking for lines and punji-traps. He's done this before; in darker rooms, even. Akin to an artist feeling along the canvas, he continues. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 2:18 PM The door opens the moment you touch it. It creaks open, revealing a dark room. Its groaning echoes throughout the sewer tunnels. (edited) ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 2:22 PM Hale freezes. He bumped the door, and now he stares into an abyss. He scans the bottom of the doorway for any surprises. Hale slowly churns up his rifle, held snug to his chest. At least he's armed. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 2:22 PM It seems clear, however the darkness is uninviting. Water dripping can be heard in the distance. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 2:23 PM Hale's radio lights up with traffic. "All good, Hale?" A familiar voice whispers through the speaker. (edited) ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 2:25 PM Hale's radio crackles again. "Seems clear." He blinks. A light from the end of his rifle slices through the darkness. Deep in the recesses of his mind, he's hoping there's no ghost in there. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 2:26 PM The light pierces the darkness of the room. Corroded pipes line the walls and water lines the floor in many places. The path leads onward to somewhere, but you can't tell where for now. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 2:31 PM Kayne pulls back to the door, giving Hale another pat on the shoulder. "You believe in spirits, Hale?" He asks jokingly. The tone in his voice is grim, however. Almost genuine, like he expects demons to be willed into existence by their mere mention. Promptly, he keys his radio whilst retrieving an unlit chemlight from a loop in his rig. "Pull in, Python Two." He murmurs. The red chemlight ahead of them begins to move toward them, slowly. Lastimosa, looking a bit distraught, comes into the fold of their flashlights. Like a combatant's free arm, Kayne snaps the chemlight by its midriff. From the internal chamber leaks a fluorescent blue light, a component of tritium. He lets the lit tube free, onto the floor near the doorway. (edited) ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 2:35 PM That got Hale spooked. He shivers for a moment. It's unbearable silence, lit by the contrast of red and blue. He steps in, barrel swiping and slicing through at chest-level. Shadows seem to grapple at his feet. Hale hopes it's his mind playing with him. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 2:36 PM As the squad enters the hall, the smell of something rotting hits them. (edited) ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 2:42 PM Hales enters with Kayne and Lastimosa at his tail, the barrels of their rifles giving his frame a wide berth, and then sloping down as they clear him. Together, the fireteam's rifles spread out in a fan, covering half a globe. Each of their torches now illuminates the decaying walls and piping of the room, slowly scanning. The fabric of Kayne's shemagh ruffles quietly as he brings it up over his nose and mouth. "Take it slow." He whispers to the both of them, looking into the electronic optic of his rifle. The scope chirps quietly as he switches to thermal vision, slowly panning over the room. In the back of his head, a fear grips him. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 2:42 PM As the group advances down the hall, they can hear the faint noises of scratching and gnawing, directly down the hall. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 2:45 PM Kayne shudders. He motions forward with his hand, for the team to move into a firing line. Kayne continues to scan the front with his thermals, hoping something pops up. It would do his mind better if something did charge out of the darkness...The unknown gnaws at him. The unknown breaks down his mind. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 2:46 PM Hale swivels his rifle over. He questions his own thoughts at that moment. Whatever was scratching and gnawing, giving rise to the piercingly foul smell; it's direction was lit with a flashlight. He's shaking a little. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 2:47 PM This far into the tunnel, the squad sees that the tunnel turns a sharp left. Natural light can be seen coming from there. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 2:52 PM "...-stay frosty." Hale whispers to himself. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 2:53 PM As the squad converges to the corner, Kayne takes point against the left wall of the tunnel. He signals the other two to cover from the right, reaching around to his back.. From the back of his waist, he retrieves his MP-82 and a small sleeve cover. He withdraws the PDW's suppressor, threading it in. [t]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/346753850532823040/346773314536210433/scifiglock.jpg[/t] ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 2:54 PM As the group turns left, they see a rotting corpse sitting idle on the wall. It is holding something. Next to it are several creatures. As big as a small dog, they are gnawing on the bones of the corpse. They notice the squad and screecch in terror as they flee into small holes in the walls of the tunnel. You recognize these pesky little bastards: bristlebacks. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 2:56 PM Kayne 'slices the pie', taking each degree of the corner at a time. He beckons his men forward, carefully. A light click echoes through the tunnel as he sets the subsonic PDW to full-auto and pushes up. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 2:57 PM Kayne pushes up into the room, his muzzle swinging left as his men move in to fill angles. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 2:58 PM Hale and Lastimosa hold tight. Their rifles train carefully onto the corner. The heavy silence is only broken by the sounds of their boots shuffling. Otherwise, it's just as unbearable and ominous. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 2:58 PM With the bristlebacks gone, the place goes silent. You see the corpse lying there, defiled by the creatures. You also see a ladder leading up, presumabely to the surface. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 3:04 PM Kayne glances briefly at the ladder, and then to the corpse. "Hale, take my E-Chem and hold rear. Lastimosa, pull watch on the manhole." Kayne says, withdrawing his M83 vibrodagger. He moves on the forgotten soul. Without a second thought, he plunges the nanocarbon bayonet into its rotted out skull. Promptly, he withdraws the knife, and goes to gingerly pry the book from its cold, dead hands. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 3:05 PM The corpse collapses to the ground fully once you take the book. It is old, dusty, but surprisingly well preserved, somehow. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 3:09 PM Hale takes it. His eyes squint and scan the rest of the room, his rifle trailing his gaze. The darkness still wrestles with his mind. Shadows pop in and out, figures in mist. He's hoping that the others see them too. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 3:10 PM Dusting off the cover, Kayne comes to a stand. He examines the book quietly for a moment... (edited) ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 3:12 PM The cover of the book display the emblem of some organization within Megacity 1. Collaborator? If so, why is this lad dead in a sewer? ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 3:12 PM Kayne stares quizzically at the book. Can't judge it by its cover, though... He opens the book up, looking through it. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 3:13 PM Hale sniffles. The stench still lingers and crawls at his senses. Sweat beads down his forehead. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 3:14 PM Some of the text makes no sense, refering someone called "Ada" and "Dr. Cho". Other things mention the brain and the mind. The rest is scrawled in alien text until the last page of the book, written in, presumabely, in this man's blood. "ADA MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO-..." and it ends there. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 3:16 PM Kayne pondered for a moment, taking this all in. He shook his head, bringing his pack around. He slipped the book inside, and zipped the pack closed. He glanced back to the mysterious corpse, crouching down to search it for anything of interest or value. All's fair when you're at war.... ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 3:18 PM You find a broken pen, a small money tablet [with 3500 UC Credits on it], and a rusted/stained scalpel. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 3:21 PM Hale's too busy grappling with his own mind in the darkness. Lastimosa taps him, solemn words exchanged to calm each other. Hale gazes over. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 3:21 PM ((lol it took you guys an hour to go through a dark hallway)) ((well, in real time, not in game time)) ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 3:24 PM Kayne pockets the credit tab, coming to a stand. "Let's go." He says. "We're either goin' up, or back forward. You guys make the call." (edited) ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 3:25 PM kek ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 3:26 PM Hale motions forward. He extends the fancy-looking rifle over to Kayne. Back to the abyss. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 3:29 PM Kayne nods. "Right. We'll come back here later." He says, motioning for everyone to move back out to the main tunnel. They do this methodically, careful as they made way in. (edited) ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 3:30 PM The squad heads back out to the main tunnel they originally they were in. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 3:32 PM Back to the wastebin gutter. Shitwater slushes at their boots. Rifles trained, they scan the ends of the corridor. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 3:36 PM Kayne laps up the chemlight he dropped earlier, stuffing it into the pocket of his nanocam trousers. "You good, Hale?" Kayne quietly adds as the two move shoulder to shoulder. Kayne, an adept scout, scans their entry point for any signs of traffic while they were gone. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 3:38 PM As you prepare to move on, you hear something that freezes you. Foreign chatter. You heard those noises before. It's an NEG patrol. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 3:38 PM Hale nods. "Just a bit of superstiti-." He locks in place. (edited) ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 3:39 PM You can hear them far off, from the direction the squad had entered previously. 'What the fuck are we doing here anyway Bill? This place stinks like a motherfucker!' 'I don't know, boss said that there was movement here so we gotta check it out.' 'He probably spotted a couple fuckin' bristlebacks scurrying about and thought it was some '''enemy'''. Fuckin' delusional old man.' (edited) 'Let's just do a quick sweep and then get out, I wanna be back in the mess hall BEFORE it gets dark outside, 'kay?' 'Fine, fine. But YOU'RE buying for dragging me into this Bill.' (edited) From what it sounds, it's just a patrol of two coming down. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 3:44 PM Kayne tilts his head. "Lights off. Chemlights away." Kayne commands quietly, gripping his suppressed PDW. He takes a position behind the doorway. Reaching to his temple, he activates his visor's nightvision mode (edited) ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 3:50 PM Hale complies. Without a beat, he's crouched down and tucked into a corner, invisible. His rifle rests next to his nose. Lastimosa does just the same, masked by the shroud of darkness and concrete. The water rests still, the two patrolling guards serving as the only source of distillment. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 3:52 PM The squad take their positions behind the doorway they had entered previously and wait. As the patrol duo approaches closer, you hear one of them whistling loudly. 'Will you stop whistling Bill? It's freaking me out...' 'Jeez, sorry. Didn't know you were that much of a pussy.' ` 'Why the fuck do we even follow orders? The sarge doesn't give a shit about what we do, only if we clock in that we accepted his orders so he meets his quota. We could've gone to the red light district if we wanted to Bill!' 'Look, Dave, I'm just not that kinda guy, I don't wanna piss off someone on the off chance that they're NOT watching our every move.' 'Yeah, yeah Bill. Look, all I'm saying is, why not have the fuckin' drones come down here? Why do we gotta go into this shit?' 'Now that I think about it Dave... why us?' 'Because the Sarge don't like us!' You can hear the two of them very closely now, almost a few feet away. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 3:57 PM Kayne listens intently, his grip on his PDW tightening. Do they have torches btw)) ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 3:58 PM ((you can see their helmet lights moving across the hallway, not directed at the doorway, just forward in general)) ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 4:00 PM 'Is it because we ruined his party that one night?' 'I wouldn't call it ruined but... ok yeah sure Bill.' ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 4:00 PM Kayne chimes into the radio, his voice muffled by his helmet enclosure, and drowned out by the grunts' conversation. "Wait til' they pass the doorway." ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 4:01 PM 'Heh, that was pretty funny what you did...' ` 'It wasn't on purpose you fu-' Suddenly you hear them stop. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 4:01 PM Hale tightens up. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 4:01 PM 'I got movement Bill.' '50 meters ahead.' Ping. Ping. Ping. '30 meters' You hear them starting to back off a little, cocking their weapons. What the fuck is it? How's it moving so fast? '20 meters... what the fuck...' ` Suddenly, an ear piercing roar envelops the tunnel. 'HOLY SHIT!!!!!!' one of them yells. They open fire. Gunfire erupts as suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you see a massive dark figure sweep down toward where the grunts are. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 4:04 PM Kayne sits in silence. He lets go of his PDW, letting it rest on his chest by a three point sling. He goes for his e-chem rifle, flicking the electrocannon to full auto. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 4:04 PM They scream as they fire until they become blood-curling. You hear the ripping of flesh and bone as one of them runs away screaming in terror. The beast roars in triumph and you hear it crunching bone of the now dead trooper. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 4:05 PM Hale's shitting it. The demon's real, and it's here. His rifle shakes with the grip of his palm. Sweat's pouring down his neck and back. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 4:08 PM Kayne shudders. "Hale. Bio clamp. Now." Kayne commands sternly. There's a real tinge of urgency in his voice, like he's *scared.* He unlatches a thermo-bomb from one of his grenade pouches. He unclips the safety pin, holding it with a tight grip. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 4:09 PM Hale snaps right back into it. Withdrawing the lock from his pack, he shakes. His rifle dingles and rests against his midriff. He bears a rather odd-looking handgun in one hand, and a strange device in the other. He moves towards the door. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 4:10 PM The monster slowly turns its head... to Hale. It heard him. It's yellow eyes pierce the darkness to stare right into his. It's a Skullcrusher. A very large one at that too. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 4:12 PM Kayne dispatches the thermo-grenade ahead of Hale, buying precious seconds. It explodes in a great firestorm, right at the monster's feet. He swings around the corner, ready to cover Hale's retreat to the side-hallway. (edited) ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 4:14 PM Hale freezes up. This is it. Memories, experiences, training, all of it. It's culminated to this point. Failing that physics test was much better than this. He screeches as the grenade busts the creature's dick off. The door swings open and he, in a rushed panic, motions the men in. "AAAAAAH!" ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 4:14 PM The Skullcrusher roars as it is enveloped in a firestorm. But it maintains its composure. It stares directly back at the squad and roars again. The fire only singed it. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 4:14 PM Kayne grabs the door, slamming it closed. "Get that bio-lock on, now!" ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 4:15 PM The creature charges at the door way, hitting it full force. The wall foundation around the doorway begins to crack and shake. You hear the creature moving backwards, preparing to ram the doorway, and the area around it, again. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 4:16 PM Kayne begins to move back. "Fuck it, let's go!" he screams through his maskke. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 4:17 PM He wastes no time affixing the device on. Beep boop, skitter skitter. It's locked in place. It's too bad the creature doesn't rightly appreciate the biolock or the doorway. Hale grips his rifle tight now, bolting back. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 4:17 PM The squad runs down the hallway, and make it halfway before the creature breaks down the doorway. With a mighty roar, it begins to charge at the group, however it did not account for the biolock placed. It activates, grabbing itself onto the creature's leg. It howls in anger as it furiously bites at it. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 4:19 PM Hale unloads onto the creature. Hopefully his rounds do a number to stunt it. Gritting his teeth, lead and fire peel out of his rifle barrel. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 4:20 PM As Hale unloads into the creature, the bullets ricochet and bounce off of the creature's thick hide. Ordinary weapons will not do harm to this matter of monster. The Skullcrusher continues to bite at the biolock, it looks as if it won't hold it much longer. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 4:24 PM "Double time!" Kayne shouts as he beckons his men up the ladder. He shoulders his E-Chem firmly. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 4:26 PM Lastimosa's the first to go up. The ladder rattles and shakes as Hale trails him. The creature's roar only serves to activate maximum overdrive in his legs and body. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 4:28 PM Both Lastimosa and and Hale make it up as the creature frees itself from the biolock. It charges down the hallway to Kayne in a furious anger. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 4:31 PM ::> SFGINTELOPS - ARMORY BRIEF [t]http://i.imgur.com/W5IzxtP.jpg[/t] MK 7 DUAL STAGE LINEAR MOTOR RIFLE DESIGN DATE: 2071 CALIBER: 8.75x52MM MUZZLE ENERGY: 18 KILOJOULES ACTION: ELECTROMAG FRICTION PISTON RELATION COMPARISON: BROWNING M2 .50 CALIBER MACHINE GUN MUZZLE ENERGY: 18 KILOJOULES WITH 647 GRAIN SPEER, FMJ ::> Kayne sights the beast in, its frame glowing in the dark backdrop of his thermal scope. He lets loose, firing a controlled burst of supersonic rapejectiles at the beast. More than likely enough to kill it, but to buy a little time would suffice. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 4:34 PM Lastimosa scans the area topside. Hale gazes down the hole, screeching. "Come on!" ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 4:35 PM You fire 10 rounds into the beast, you hear it roar in agony as the rounds shred through it. It's knocked backwards, confused as to what had wounded it. (edited) ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 4:39 PM Kayne lowers his rifle, the barrel sighing a whisp of steam. He turns and bolts for the fucking ladder. ---------------------------------------- zodofisur - Today at 4:40 PM Kayne makes it up the ladder, but not before hearing one last roar from the creature. As he emerges topside, he takes a good look around. He is well past the outer walls of the megacity, inside a decrepit area. Possibly a slum or a wasteyard. ---------------------------------------- stimpy™ - Today at 4:41 PM Hale exhales. Sweet relief. A rifle slides back up to level with the area around him. Nothing much more is heard from him. ---------------------------------------- Yung Lad - Today at 4:41 PM Rushing up the ladder, he keys his temple, causing his facemask to open up. "...Fuck." He exhales. ----------------------------------------[/QUOTE]
Introducing my unofficial, player-made faction graphic: [IMG]http://i.cubeupload.com/pBil1a.png[/IMG]
Btw I am now closing the roster and locking it. I will be accepting no more players for now. [editline]15th August 2017[/editline] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/292951456670154752/347143354708000770/unknown.png[/IMG]
[IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/347049631173181440/Beasts_From_Beyond.png[/IMG] [highlight][B][U]UPDATE[/U][/B][/highlight] [B]Skineaters[/B] [QUOTE] [QUOTE] [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/347395404381552640/unknown.png[/IMG] [/QUOTE] SADrkljewrsdlkfqw4908dspofdj;lzxfcx;fsld'flwe;rpuweirpoas8rpq3io34jrmdfklhyf98wqu4iowajkdxcl;l;'qweadsjifdpkjsdkltrjewuoiprwusdjfklvdnmnvxcvm,dngsjkrewhrjdfhlouey4o8235iuwreoijlkfiowleurkjfsdnlkjdfskc,vmsnf,mwen542pi3u4wjklernsxcnsdkjfsdvfdnfxcvbxzlkfuse985oiwu4asldfjs;ea;dlefruiewjfsdkdSFSERPISUGVJKMBDFVRkelfsfhywsiocklvjweERTEWSDFJG:dkesdlfvngrelfwjasd;lsakdcvklfjfdopsieqkw'rpoiwpsdfliewp5rpweiofkglhe4wgHGWSDVBJDGWEJGe4wopir5w3ipoerafssedfsweopriweporifopkjsdl;gjsdkgeulrsjgpsofitsdfk;orelsidkfdo;sflkirodp;itkds;otiertyoerittod;ufgjtrdiflkgrdfvlkx.jdfgfkgjldfkgjdflkgjdgfklgjdfjlkgklfgkldfklgdfjlgklrgrlekjgerlkjgklrejtlerkjterlkjtrelktrjerlktrejltkrjetjlkertlktejltkrjtlrkjterdgoilksdm,c.dnvkjelasfewaklerjqwpoe;likjwqo;elrkeselrjriewlthewfnsaklgldsnkfdslkgjesnfslkdzfjesoiflsjdlfkjsl [FILE CORRUPTED] Threat Classification: RUN [/QUOTE]
Outbreak 2: Alien Invasion Boogaloo
[QUOTE=joshuadim;52579854][img]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/347395404381552640/unknown.png[/img][/QUOTE] looks like saebody frae aberdeen
[quote][b]SKINEATERS[/b][/quote] Fuck these things
[QUOTE=joshuadim;52579854][IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/347049631173181440/Beasts_From_Beyond.png[/IMG] [highlight][B][U]UPDATE[/U][/B][/highlight] [B]Skineaters[/B][/QUOTE] [QUOTE]"You know the deal - need you to check the doorway for traps. At best, it's a stash or a fallback room if we get cornered. [B]Worst, it's a fuckin' skineater and we're boned[/B]." Kayne releases his radio, moving to the back of the formation to take over. He gives the Corporal a pat on the shoulder, crouching into position.[/QUOTE] be careful what you pull from your ass in rp dialogue
Fucking thanks for that Mork. Encountered one earlier today and it was a goddamn nightmare.
To keep things spicy, the rifle that Corporal Hale and Sergeant Lastimosa used during the Megacity One Infiltration. The last standard issue rifle of the United States Armed Forces, still used by certain divisions of the NEG armed forces and innumerable gangsters, freedom fighters, and old-city bandits: [IMG]http://i.cubeupload.com/l0kfIn.png[/IMG] [editline]20th August 2017[/editline] In addition, the caseless, deconstructible, integrally suppressed MP-82 - used primarily by German special forces before the fall of Earth. Now used primarily by Sergeant Major Wyatt Kayne, and anyone who's a big enough tool to use a glock-18 with a stock attached to it. [IMG]http://i.cubeupload.com/amRuU9.png[/IMG]
[QUOTE=Milkdairy;52594639][IMG]http://i.cubeupload.com/amRuU9.png[/IMG][/QUOTE] that looks like a piece of shite, all offense intended
Offense completely taken. Watch your head, pict scum. [editline]20th August 2017[/editline] Now that you mention it I really should make a proper picture for the MP-82. I just pulled that out my pics folder. [editline]20th August 2017[/editline] ok i made a new one mp-82 [IMG]http://i.cubeupload.com/pKwMXu.png[/IMG]
[video=youtube_share;NlzNFELNtak]http://youtu.be/NlzNFELNtak[/video] CHEEKI BREEKI
Are we showing off gubz now? [T]https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d4/4b/f0/d44bf03db104571bf8a4b7ff6b4e6d7f.jpg[/T] Various configurations of a Basilica Tesla gun.
[url=http://i.imgur.com/FDJG0s8.gifv][i]City 7 Resident prior to volunteering for the Basilica Reclaimer program.[/i][/url]
Meanwhile in Megacity 6 [video]https://youtu.be/P35eZvHwDs8[/video] [editline]22nd August 2017[/editline] Dont stay out after curfew, kids!
I love how the turn isn't even done yet this thread has gone well into its 2nd page love you all <3
Love you too Josh. Now get the fucking turn out!
[QUOTE=kilerabv;52601443]Love you too Josh. Now get the fucking turn out![/QUOTE] turn delayed for another week anyone else wanna talk smack?
[QUOTE=joshuadim;52601464]turn delayed for another week anyone else wanna talk smack?[/QUOTE] 0/10 worst gm gibe turn nao
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