• OUTBREAK V3: A Zombie Nation RP
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Welcome to OUTBREAK V3 [B]Now with 100% more nuking of Nigeria[/B] [t]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/209448357461098496/272154765910212618/2000.png[/t] {Credit for map goes to Amfleet} [QUOTE] The clock struck midnight, and with it the dawn of a new millennium. The year is 2000, and hope is bright for the future, as well as uncertainty, as people look for what is to come. Technology is booming, business is good, and the world is stable. The United States stands as the sole superpower, uncontested in military might and logistics as it leads the world to a new age. However, a new threat rises that guns or tanks can't kill... An [B]outbreak[/B] is coming. And it is unlike anything we've ever seen before. [/QUOTE] [B]Turn Structure[/B] [QUOTE] [U]First Turn Only:[/U] Flag: 250x150 Country: {Country you want to play as} [U]Every turn:[/U] Diplomacy - Deals between you and other players External - Deals between you and the NPC nations Internal - Issues involving your nation and your nation alone Military - Non-diplomatic military actions (exercises, commands, etc.) Research - Pick 3 technologies and I will randomly pick 1. {Be realistic and reasonable with these, please!} [/QUOTE] [B]Game Mechanics[/B] Turns will be 6 months each, starting on [B]January 1, 2000[/B] 8 lines + tech per turn please Country information is updated each turn in terms of government type, stability, economy, military, and nuclear capabilities. All this will be in an quote box for your section of the turn. [B]Player list: 8+1/8[/B] [QUOTE] Pez - The Disease [oh fuck oh fuck we're so fucked] Zillamaster55 - North Korea [best korea] Viper123_SWE - South Africa, our name it descriptive Snoberry - Germany & Bretzels kilerabv - 'Straya (cunt) Native Hunter - Singapoor :^) Amfleet - Israel: SHUT IT DOWN Milkdairy - United States of Burgers Ruski v2.0 - United Kingdom [/QUOTE]
Oh man I wonder who came up with this idea Going to be playing as the DPRK
GERMANY STRONK Deutschland stark uber alles!
Claiming Australia
Gimme dat Singapore
Shalom Israel calling [I]goyim[/I]
6/8 slots taken, 2 open slots remain
bls gib rice thanks
bls gib Millionaires thanks
[QUOTE=Zillamaster55;53127706]Oh man I wonder who came up with this idea Going to be playing as the DPRK[/QUOTE] Yeah starting an RP in 2000 what a crazy idea :smug:
[QUOTE=Amfleet;53128969]Yeah starting an RP in 2000 what a crazy idea :smug:[/QUOTE] This is all just a EoH alternate timeline [editline]13th February 2018[/editline] Only 1 spot remains, with Pez taking the role as the outbreak itself
entering as emeriga
All slots have been taken Please send turns by the [highlight][B]17th this week, 11:59pm![/B][/highlight]
Pls buy bretzels to support new reich
[QUOTE=Snoberry Tea;53130052]Pls buy bretzels to support new reich[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=Amfleet;53128320]Shalom Israel calling [I]goyim[/I][/QUOTE] :worried:
turn 1 tracker :dogcited: [B]Need:[/B] deutsche [B]Have:[/B] [B]Done:[/B] Norks Venice of asia apartheid brexit prequel oy vey pez roo fuckers burgers
[QUOTE=Native Hunter;53130065]:worried:[/QUOTE] [img]https://i.imgur.com/qROyBpX.png[/img] Guten Tag
Give me that new apartheid for them smelly folks ye fookin' aidslovas the lot of 'em
back in as the U.K. <3
[QUOTE=Ruski v2.0;53131795]back in as the U.K. <3[/QUOTE] Hey bro! Wanna bring about the UK Anti-Zombie League 2.0? Except this time instead of Oireland it'll be with your bestest friend "Not Nazi Germany"!
Send in your turns you lazy nerds.
“Nnnghrh....development ball” - Kim Jong Il
send turns or i will have pez start off in your countries :^)
I actually just moved to Alaska and was gonna set my computer up tomorrow evening after work is it ok to send the turn tomorrow Josh?
[QUOTE=joshuadim;53129556]All slots have been taken Please send turns by the [highlight][B]17th this week, 11:59pm![/B][/highlight][/QUOTE]
Yes Viper I can read thank you I'm mostly just making sure he knows I'm not fucking around until the last second
I thought anyone that lived in Alaska was iliterate.
[QUOTE=Viper123_SWE;53133271]I thought anyone that lived in Alaska was iliterate.[/QUOTE] :s:
Did you come to that conclusion because they chose to live in a cold region of the world? Because buddy that's a pretty big stone to throw in a nice glass house.
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