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I think that' been suggested before, look through all of the thread.
Then someone contact him and take over the project.
But not many of us can make effects, code LUA or model, especially me.. i tryd LUA and i cannot get my head around it. and i also tryed modeling and sucked ballz at it. i would have no idea how to make an animated effect and the like
Well, guess what: I'm a would-be programmer and I know shit about lua. It's similar to JavaScript, but that's it.
Meh, I'm too lazy to learn Lua, I haven't had that much practice with modelling, but i'm more interested in mapping. The sad thing is, that it's irrelevant to lasers.
Yes, it is... we need more less-busy versions of aVoN xD
...? aVoN did the stargate stuff didn't he? Wait, or was that catdæmon? I'm not very up to date with people. xD
Yes, aVoN is the LUA god who created the stargates and is too busy to do anything except breathe... Catdaemon made the ring transporters for the stargate mod and some other things too
I see. I see alot of people make amazing things, then get banned a while later... Like, Conna, LPine, etc. It's a shame really... lasers.
Yes, just keep mentioning the lasers xD even when it doesnt make sense laser (lol) BLAAAGH
We're probably gonna get banned at this rate... Banned with lasers? Get shoop da woop'd out of the forum? xD
Indeed. If there are any Mods watching over us... it is not our fault, we're just using this to make Majawa go: "WHAT there has been sooo many posts since i abandoned them :(" If there are no mods watching us... then BLAAHHHHHHH
Hello Gen, I'm Valeour. Nice to meet you. I like the laser earrings. x3
What, i dont have Laser earrings... OH SHIT that is just a reflection of Dr. Octaganapus FIRIN' HIS LAZAH AT U BLAHHHHHHHHHH
Haha. There's a mirror behind me! *Dodge*
well, surely if there was a mirror behind you, then you would have no reson to "*dodge*"
Any chance of a version of this with more leveling functionality? Possibly even making it emit a 2D plane instead of a ray. [url]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v90/xnamkcor/zircon-laserball-360-laser-level-2.jpg[/url] Make it more like a classic bubble leveler to make it easier to place.
Does it look like this is being worked on at the moment? xD Also, if i didn't dodge, the laser would hit me then the mirror. D:
Wait he abandoned this? Aww this was the first addon I ever installed.
[Doublepost please ignore]
Wait, he DID abandon this.. Aww looks like it was your first addon D; SO many double posts D:
I don't think he's abandoned it as such... Just not around...
Hmm, perhaps he has given up Gmod all together.... Perhaps he Ascended.. =/
Prehaps he's deceased. Naw.
Hope not... he best not have... if he has.. then i'll.... i'll.. i'll kill him.. TO DEATH
Hey I'm not dead! Or am I? [img]http://sa.tweek.us/emots/images/emot-ghost.gif[/img]
Amagad he is here.... Are you here to stay??? Amagad our plan work'd
AWMG, MADJAWA, make the laser shoot Mad Jawas and Angry Wookies xD.
[QUOTE=Killer_Steel;13239517]AWMG, MADJAWA, make the laser shoot Mad Jawas and Angry Wookies xD.[/QUOTE] Um what?
Nevermind, lets stop being all "WTF" and make some conversation... Madjawa? where did you go all this time?? we thought you had left us...
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