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[release][img]http://www.fortfn.co.uk/wiki/images/Logo1.png[/img] [b]PCMod Release V1.0.1[/b] Yes, the release is finally here![/release] [b]History[/b] The idea started off when someone (not me) decided to make a PC entity which can be networked. This picked up alot of interest - people will remember the thread called 'Computers in computers'. So the idea is his, not mine. He then said that he will not release anything due to various reasons. I decided to pick up the project. I worked from scratch, and out came PCMod Beta v1. From there, I released betas up to v13 - getting more and more stable, and gaining more and more features. [b]Features[/b] - Fully functional PCs, with programs and a start menu - Network routers, and satellite modems - Laptops, and wireless connections - Pong minigame (apparently it's hard) - Servers that support WireMod, and chat rooms - Speakers, and a music player program - Different PC themes to choose from - Standalone addon, doesn't rely on any other addon to work. - And much more! [b]Media[/b] [img]http://www.garrysmod.org/img/dl/55680_1.jpg[/img] [release][b]Download[/b] Please read the file that happens to be called 'readme' for instructions on how to install. In fact, you must read it - or the addon will NOT work. [url=http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=56604][img]http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=56604[/img][/url] [b]SVN (Now Fixed)[/b] [url]http://pcmod.googlecode.com/svn/trunk[/url] Create a folder called PCMod in your addons folder, right click on it, goto SVN Checkout and enter the url above.[/release] [b]Change Log[/b] [code] - 15th November 2008 - (Release V1.0.1) FIX - Splitter not registering that the speakers are removed when they get removed. FIX - Sound still coming out of a removed speaker. ADD - Currently playing label on the MusicX program. FIX - 2 router bugs, in the form of typos. Networks should be more stable now. (Thanks to gmt2001 and Entuser!) ADD - Feature so that if a player with V13 downloaded into their folder joins, it gives a big warning in red text. FIX - Bunch of other bugs which I can't remember. - 1st November 2008 - (Release V1.0.0) ADD - Speaker entity. Emits any kind of sound you want. ADD - Splitter entity. Allows multiple speakers to be connected to 1 input. ADD - Speaker Linker toolmode. ADD - MusicX program. ADD - FileViewer program. (Installed by default). Currently does not show files or let you save any files, but this is planned feature. Does show folder structure though. CHANGE - Moved most entities across from SetNWVar library to my own beamvars library. CHANGE - Cleaned up all of the code. Now is easy to read and find functions. CHANGE - Moved toolmodes to a new tab. CHANGE - Moved sweps to a new tab. CHANGE - Rebuilt the server entity. Now much more stable, using serverapps. BUG - Sometimes no list appears on the Server Spawner toolmode. To fix this, type 'retry' in console. ADD - Icons for the sweps. ADD - Desktop icons. BUG - Clicking an icon with a program up will make the icons show infront of the program. How to get round it: Don't click icons with a program up. FIX - Letters show up better now when you open them. In PrinterSoft, use # to signify a new line. NOTE - To fix wires getting 'stuck' in walls, type 'rope_collision 0' in console.[/code] [b]Contact[/b] Don't add me to steam friends. Instead, PM me here on FP, or on fortfn, or join the PCMod development group and try to contact me over there. Don't expect any response when I'm ingame. [b]Please Read:[/b] [url]http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showthread.php?t=640661[/url] [b]Credits[/b] GraffitiRTST - Speaker models Jonney934 - Video pdkm931 - Extra frame textures and beta tester Computer22 - Testing Server josh - Testing Server Freakshow - Beta Tester Bromvlieg - Beta Tester, Video L337N008 - Laptop model reskin <Unknown> - Laptop model (please PM me if you made the model) TheLinxV3 - Install disk pack, System tray icons Robotboy655 - Help with the STools WireMod Team - Code for ghosted entity when aiming with toolgun gmt2001 & Entuser - Help with bug in router entity slayer3032 - High res images Everyone - For their support and ideas If you feel you belong on this list, please PM me.
Nice :D
SANDWICH MAKES ME STRONG. But very good job otherwise.
Yay, an update :D Very good job.
username and pasword for svn?
Great job looks brilliant.
Nice! I can't wait to try this tomorrow!
Screw my homework! I am testing this now! Very well done, and best wishes for next weeks exams, Thomas! Hey, in fact, don't kill me for this, but I've never Lua king'd you - even though I've been with PCMod since beta 5! Here's one from me. [b]Edit:[/b] [QUOTE=Selrak]username and pasword for svn?[/QUOTE] Anonsvn for user and pass? Or maybe just anon, thats what it usually is. [b]Edit:[/b] Does the CD addon still work?
I couldn't figure out the user and pass for the above svn. What I did was go to the wiki [url]http://www.fortfn.co.uk/wiki[/url]. Then under PCMod for Dummies you can find the svn link, which you click on and copy.
Doh. I entered MY svn link, not the public one. Will update the main post now.
hmm think ill finally kick myself in the but and post what i think is needed. Ok first off i like this mod a lot and there's a lot of cool stuff, so ill just post a few suggestions. Why not allow pc -> splitter -> splitter -> speaker, since unlike networking it's a one way thing, of course i don't know how it currently works, but i think iut shouldnt be too hard. Another thing is having *tabs to gmod and counts* 7 spawners and another 6 linkers, since you already have the tools check if your clicking a valid entity why not make it choose the link depending on what you click, and if there's no valid combo tell the user to go screw himself on a tree. also for the spawners you could merge the pc and laptop and simply have a selection pc/laptop and (if you want to) make the "wireless?" ignored on pcs. you could also add the laptop to the model selection. another thing is routers / modems. i don't know how much difference there is between them but you could either have a checkbox "satelite connection" on the router or a dropdown to select between them. i don't know what your plans for file viewer are, btu printsoft needs a save and load. also print soft needs to have a newline on enter. damn i forgot to finish writing this and started playing lol
Next time take better screenshots. What do you have? A 6600GT? My FX5200 can even run the game on High with a little lag!
He probably would if he had the time. Thanks Thomas and again, good luck with the exams.
Horay! Now all I have to do is finish my Internet programs :D The actual networking support is finished, but I'm making a chat server program.
I am getting errors whenever i try to turn the standard pc on, it says something about desktop (or around that area) and it won`t turn on. EDIT: ok i fixed the first problem but now whenever i try to load a program off the install disc (say pong) it will say failed to load program (program name) or something along the lines of that. anyone know how to fix this?
FUCK! I have been waiting for this for so long. I hope it doesn't rape my computer like the old WirePC/OS
Good job, I'm going to test this.
Awesome, but it needs more Apps.
Should suggestions go in this thread, or the original thread?
I looked at your code for program loading, well done. Just some things I'd like to point out: Instead of using file.Find( "../lua/programs/*" ), use file.FindInLua( "programs/" ). You can also load it merged on the server and client, rather than run the same loop on both ends. Other than those two things, excellent job.
It's... beautiful.
I've waited for music so long!! :D Thanks! But, before i try it out.. What do I do to get my own music to it? I'll Lua King you for whatever I got :D Great work!
Rock and roll, good job thomas!
All replies should be made in this thread, rather than the old one. The music player has all of the hl2 songs in, as well as portal's still alive. You can play any music through it by opening the MusicX program, opening the console (not console program, source console) and putting in 'pc_command prog_command play <soundname>'. And Rocket Man, try deleting the PCMod folder and re-extracting it. If that fails, go into your "Cache" folder and then delete the "Dua" folder inside that.
Aight then, I suggest that the MusicX program can have songs be repeatable and also play all the songs in order and loop around. I suggest making the printersoft print messages the way they were typed, so we can have 'friendly letters'. I suggest a paint program and be able to print the picture. I suggest a picture program which looks into your garrysmod/screenshots folder and displays the pictures and allows you to print them or edit them in the paint program.
It's done? Wait, its DONE! Downloading now!
Here you go thomas. ;) [img]http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/1821/gmconstruct0000qw3.jpg[/img] [img]http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/205/gmconstruct0001zr0.jpg[/img] [img]http://img262.imageshack.us/img262/2697/gmconstruct0002rn3.jpg[/img] Also I'm getting some unhandled usermessages and you left the color Debug Prints in the console for changing the color of the screen. It fills the console pretty quick. [b]Edit:[/b] The Music program has too much bass. Pong also moves way too fast. Otherwise this has done pretty well. Good Job. :clint:
Currently, TortiseSVN is checking out. Gratz man. [b]Edit:[/b] Console (when using laptop case): [code]KeyValues Error: RecursiveLoadFromBuffer: got EOF instead of keyname in file models/laptop/laptop.mdl mdlkeyvalue, (*prop_data*), [/code]
[QUOTE=zzzzac1]Currently, TortiseSVN is checking out. Gratz man. [b]Edit:[/b] Console (when using laptop case): [code]KeyValues Error: RecursiveLoadFromBuffer: got EOF instead of keyname in file models/laptop/laptop.mdl mdlkeyvalue, (*prop_data*), [/code][/QUOTE] That's the model. The speakers do it too. I need a decent modeller to tell me what it means and how to fix it. What unhandled usermessages? When setting desktop colour, the actual colour circle derma control prints out those debug commands. I could disable them but I would have to override the entire control, as it is built into the GCF.
Can some one make a Stargate program for these? And an Asgard teleporter program.
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