• Looking for perp willing to pay!
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Im not sure if this is the right thread to post in, Sorry if Im offending I didnt know. Anyways, Im looking for a working copy of perp for gmod 13, Depending on the content inside, And custom content added will increase/decrease the price, I will be paying AT LEAST $50-$100 for a copy (Half before half after), Most likely more. [url]http://steamcommunity.com/id/Jonny1270/[/url] Add me or reply on here. Thanks! (MUST HAVE PROOF THAT GAMEMODE YOU HAVE WORKS IF YOU CANT FIGURE OUT A WAY TO PROVE IT DONT REPLY)
Please, Stop! Just the word "PERP" is bad now.. It was an over-used gamemode, And i hoped that in GM13 it would stay closed, not more than 5 servers..
lol... Don't ask for that.. make your own.
How about no. Fucking do it yourself.
Just let perp die.....
@NightmareX91, why are you so rude to everyone? :( Too much Gladiatar? :yarr:
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