• Steam Name Reward! Player become not Money
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Hey Guys My Steam Name is: [STCRP] Pala and my Script ´╗┐timer.Simple( 2, function() hook.Add("PlayerLoadout", "CheckSteamName", function(ply) for k, v in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do function CheckNameForString(ply) if (string.find(v:Name(), "[STCRP]")) then ply:AddMoney(50000) end end end end) end) And i want Other Player what use [STCRP]STEAMNAME: Become by Finish Loading 50.000$ for Use [STCRP] My Script is not works Why?! I dont Know
You only define the function and never call it. hook.Add("PlayerLoadout", "CheckSteamName", function(ply) if (string.find(ply:SteamName(), "[STCRP]")) then ply:AddMoney(50000) end end end) Use this instead
> Keep rejoining for money You should set a limit or timestamp with ply:SetPData and ply:GetPData
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