• OnNPCkill problem.
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I placed the NPC to drop crowbar upon death but still they drop the original HL2 weapons + the crowbar i have set. What i am missing? if not SERVER then return end local WeaponList = {     "weapon_crowbar" } hook.Add("OnNPCKilled", "DropWeaponOnNPCKilled", function(npc, killer, weapon)          local weapon = ents.Create(table.Random(WeaponList)) --randomly choose a weapon entity from WeaponList     weapon:SetPos(npc:LocalToWorld(npc:OBBCenter())) -- Set the position to the center of the NPC     weapon:Spawn()      end)
Because by default if a player or npc is killed they will drop their weapons. You could use Player/StripWeapon to remove the NPC weapons so only the crowbar would be dropped.
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