• Vehicle Skin Script
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Hello Guys I want a Script from setvehicle Script i mean Test:SetSkin(Vehicleclass[item].VehicleSkin) Test:Skin( Skin )  local Skin = TestSkin[item].VehicleSkin) Can I use this as a function for all vehicles i mean I mean the player eg. Only 2 skins on the vehicle can use in the form of a table local VehicleSkins = { skin1 = true, skin2 = true, } local TestVehicle = ents.Create( "prop_vehicle_jeep" ) TestVehicle:SetKeyValue( "vehiclescript", Script ) TestVehicle:SetPos( TheVector ) TestVehicle:SetAngles( TheAngle ) TestVehicle:SetRenderMode(RENDERMODE_TRANSADDFRAMEBLEND) TestVehicle:SetModel( Model ) TestVehicle:SetSkin( Skin )  TestVehicle:Spawn() TestVehicle:Activate() TestVehicle:SetHealth( Health )  TestVehicle:SetNWInt( "Owner", ply:EntIndex() ) TestVehicle:keysOwn( ply ) TestVehicle.PhysgunPickup = false I hope you can me help I use LW Cars and TDMCars
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