• How to make such a money system?
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I need to write how much money was added or taken away Screenshot: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/159605/cf940345-ff5a-42ad-ba55-6e408ad78684/Снимок.JPG
I suppose you do. Good luck!
Is this the job income for darkrp/other "rp" gamemodes or is it when you say, pick up a wad of cash, to shows that for 2 seconds and then fades? Either way you're looking at editing/creating a hud. If you don't know how to code this is an opportunity to learn how to. For convenience start simple, find a hud to edit and add stuff to it. Once you're more competent/confident you can make a hud from scratch no problemo.
I can't figure out how to portray this kind of code (
Unfortunately nothing
Okay, I just wrote this. draw.DrawText( vRounded.."+"..salary.."₽", "MoneyFont52", 100, ScrH() - 21, Color( 100, 200, 100, 255 )) -- Деньги
Please dont tell me your HUD has 52 different fonts?
There is only 2
Alright, weird Font name then...but whatever, about your answer to moat, as he asked you what you tried so far and you said nothing: Did you really not try ANYTHING out at all about this, so the first thing you instantly do is coming here and asking?
I have long thought about how to implement it, but nothing happened
"Thinking" is not trying. Go to the Gmod wiki, try to find hooks that work with that, functions, anything. Try to find your own way (thats what literally every lua coder does). Because if you just thought around a bit, without actually trying something, and after said thinking but no said trying coming here and asking...eh
I searched but found nothing...
ok fine. Since its about DarkRP i suggest you to go to the DarkRP forum, because there you will get the best answers for darkrp lua stuff. Im sure there is no hook to call for "got money" or "lost money" but i dont know the darkrp hooks. So you either can look i nthe DarkRP wiki instead of the gmod wiki, or ask in the darkrp forum
I don't know about other people but I personally always end my font names with the size of it, so I guess his font size is 52.
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