• [☼ Summer of 2018 ☼] GmodStore Garry's Mod Gamemode Competition
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It's been almost two years since I first hosted the Winter Gamemode Competition for Garry's Mod - how time flies! I'm back again now with the competition again being hosted by GmodStore. https://media.gmodstore.com/gcc/2018/details.png Prize Pool: $3,500 USD Event Starting Date: June 3rd 2018 Event Ending Date: August 5th 2018 Theme: There will be no theme this year, same as last year! Below are the rules for this year's competition. There will be a few rule changes, so make sure to read up on them just so you may know what's different! There is no maximum team size, however every person may only be a part of one team. Every team may only submit one project - make it the best you can! There are no restrictions on External Libraries unless otherwise stated. All submissions must be publicly available on GitHub licensed under any license that fits the Open Source definition. With the exception of the Sandbox or Base gamemodes you cannot use an already existing gamemode as a base. You may not start working until the competition has officially begun. No cheating! https://media.gmodstore.com/gcc/2018/faq.png Is there a Discord setup for this competition? Yes there is! It's the same as the past two competitions, you can join it by clicking here! How long will we have to work on our gamemodes? You will have the entire time from the starting date of the competition, until the ending date. I am in the Eastern Time Zone, so submissions will not be accepted past 12 AM EST on the end date. How do I enter right now? We have a Google form this year to make entry really easy! You can view the form here. How will judging be handled? Just the same as the previous two competitions we will allow the developers of the gamemode to join us so they can explain their thought process, answer questions, and show off cool things! However unlike the past two competitions we will have two separate teams to handle judging, and based on the amount of submissions we will spread the judging out over a few nights. This is to expedite the entire judging process and make it easier to consume the content for everyone involved. What if I don't have any Lua experience or have no idea how to code a gamemode!? You can still enter! We are not barring entry whatsoever. How do I become a sponsors, and how do I get a banner like I see below? Sponsors should contact me privately with the amount that they wish to donate. If you want your banner to be listed you will need to donate $100 minimum, and to avoid issues like we have had previously we will require the donation money up front. It will be sent as USD, and you'll pay the fees so we can keep the jackpot at the correct amount. The banner's dimensions should be 920x260. What if I have a question that's not here in the FAQ? Ask it here in the thread, and if it's important enough then I can add it to the FAQ. https://media.gmodstore.com/gcc/2018/sponsors.png https://media.gmodstore.com/gcc/2018/moatgaming.png Moat Gaming - $2,500 https://media.gmodstore.com/gcc/2018/gmodstore.png GmodStore - $1,000 https://media.gmodstore.com/gcc/2018/gmchosting.png GMCHosting Solutions - Providing servers for judging
Good luck to everyone - competition is looking interesting. If any teams need a server to collaborate on feel free to contact me
Don't you worry, Nookyava already has some sweet promos ready to be used for the length of the competition. Anybody who is interested should contact Nookyava on Discord. I believe that it's a first come first serve sort of thing.
Literally just run srcds
Holy fuck MG with that 2.5k drop. Bless
Good Luck
Good luck everyone! ❤️
I am so happy this has come back. I wish I had the motivation to join in, but I don't. Sorry ;( I wish you guys and girls all the luck you can have and hopefully some of you produce the next TTT :P But this time without prediction errors and thousands of bugs.
I'm hopeful that you codemonkeys will bring back some missing genres like RTS and Survival to GMod.
I'm directing this at people in locations you guys don't support, don't you worry
If anyone wants a partner let me know! For the past two years my teams have fizzled out, looking for someone with some drive! My
Best of luck to everyone! This year's competition is gonna be awesome
Best of luck to anyone, will be happy to support this.
Damn, just when I thought I had run out of things to do. Message me if you want to team up Steam Community Best of luck to everyone else, hopefully I will be entering this year.
This look sweet. I have an idea I can't wait to get started on, but unfortunately I'll only be doing so when it's already too late - the 2 months period is exactly my university's exam period. Good luck everyone
I might actually enter this. Already have an idea.
Good luck to everyone, I didnt want to enter last years competition because I am a noob. This year I will be entering but I am still a noob.
If time permits, I'll compete again.
Additionally, it's worth noting that the scoring has been completely revised this season. When your gamemode is being scored it will go under 3 different categories with varying degrees of importance. The following is this year's categories and their respective weights: Preliminary: This category is designed to be used as a simple pre-analytical breakdown on your overall presentation to the competition. [Category Weight: 20%] Critical: This category contains a generalized list of topics which every gamemode ought to have a good mastery of in order to be successful. [Category Weight: 50%] General: This category contains a confidential selected list of topics which the panel of judges picked specifically out for this season. The topics in this list may change from each competition and will remain secret until you receive your ballet at the end of the competition. [Category Weight: 30%] To reiterate, the competitor will have 70% of knowledge on how to influence their final score for this season. It is to the best interests of the competitor to show mastery above and beyond the critical category and to show what the source engine is truly capable of.
It was a lot of fun last years and I'd like to participate again, but I don't particularly have any ideas and I'm not sure with time and other projects on top. Is there a deadline to registration or can you still join after the start time?
That's a lot of cash, I feel like an idiot for saying this but I don't know how to use Github and always gave up trying to do so.
A graphical client can be a lot of help, and I'm always willing to shill gitkraken. It isn't a substitute for basic knowledge of git, but at least you don't need to memorize a fuckton of commands. Regarding the competition, I'll probably participate. Whatever I build is probably going to be more on the simple/stupid end of the scale, as I'm still trying to decide what to do with Microcosm.
@DEADMONSTOR can you add me here https://steamcommunity.com/id/NavyCultLeader/ i can't find you on find a friend and i can't log on the web because i broke my phone
Oh boy another thing for me to do instead of sleep Also, a note at everyone, please dont let what I did/had happen that one year with paintballz happen again. Id like to see some people who are infinitely more competent than myself win.
Promote gamemodes that actually have a future in gmod and are fun, not just how good they look.
quick question Last years competition, I had began working on a gamemode, but never completely finished it. Can I completely remake what I had done and make a gamemode with the same concept as last year? I have last years uploaded on github so you guys can compare the code and see that nothing is stolen from last years. Hope you get what I mean
You're allowed to make whatever ideas you want/have. Just make sure you don't reuse any code or assets you created for the last time.
I'm actually really looking forward to what comes from this. Last year there were some awesome gamemodes that came from it.
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