• [☼ Summer of 2018 ☼] GmodStore Garry's Mod Gamemode Competition
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You're allowed to make whatever ideas you want/have. Just make sure you don't reuse any code or assets you created for the last time.
I'm actually really looking forward to what comes from this. Last year there were some awesome gamemodes that came from it.
I think the competition is about making a gamemode, not about who can push their hosting onto the contestants the most.
We stream regardless of the gmodstore comp gamemodes - I think actual developers would rather their work get used & promoted so hopefully it gains more traction, if they care at all
Please stay on topic. Your streams have nothing to do with the GCC
And there you go, just throwing money and see what comes out of it. That 125 USD looks so tiny in comparison to other donations, dear god..
Just because the competition doesn't start for a couple of weeks, that doesn't mean you can't get your ideas down. I recommend anyone who wants to compete jots all their ideas down, split stuff down into game mechanics, will this mechanic be fun to the player? Will it hold their attention? Does it offer replayability? Etc.. By the end of the grace period you should have a clear idea of what you want to create during the competition span. Good luck to all
Hey, uh... what if I were to work on a library that I would publish publicly before the contest starts. Could I use it then?
what does the library do :s just use ur common sense on if you're obviously trying to circumvent the starting time then just don't
Oi are there any rules regarding using workshop / public content for models? Like, if say I was in need of a "tv" prop and couldn't model for shit, could I use that? (obviously the base game has a tv prop but pretend for a minute it doesn't).
depends entirely on the content's license
So, like, I'm doing a project with NextBots to help other people (and myself) understand and better use them. Raubana's NextBot Demo's The code is public. I was hoping to use what I learn there and apply it to my gamemode.
How are you ensuring nobody begins developing the gamemode before the 3rd June?
we want everyone to use an empty Git repository when the competition starts, I know people could always add in code they've written afterwards, but I'm hoping people will play nice in all honesty I think you're hindering yourself greatly if you start coding now, this grace period is the best time to work on your ideas, you should completely flesh out your idea, know what mechanics you want to implement, think is this fun? no? scrap it, and think of new stuff. if you rush into your code right away, your mechanics and game play will be lacking, so please don't cheat because if you do in fact get caught you will be disqualified immediately not worth the risk rly >_<" watashi
Yeah the grace period is the best for doing shit like me with writing out a word document with all your crazy ideas so you can realize just how many you're coding skill makes unfeasible for you lol.
idk if anyone remembers, but gmod 9 had some of the best gamemodes ever, and they were coded so badly - but it didn't matter because the idea was fun nobody should worry about not being able to create something fun because they're not the best coder, mapper, modeller, etc.. you can always team up with people and for coding help these forums will always have someone willing to help you.
Ok, ok, so for instance, I've been doing some demos where the NextBot can do dynamic obstacle avoidance. The code isn't exactly a library, but it can be very easily copied and reused. The way it's implemented, it could easily be done as a library, even. I'm unsure if using that code would be against the rules or not.
your nextbot stuff is fine
Going to give it a shot this year. Excited to see what the other community talent has to offer as well
Had some questions re: content you're allowed to use in your gamemode. Any content that can be mounted in GMod you can use. And any third party content (maps/models/textures) can be used as long as you have permission to use the assets directly or if the license permits. And obviously any content you create yourself is yours to do freely with.
What about third party addons? Next update for my weather-mod will allow gamemodes to override and control the settings.
I am also curious. I'm working on yet another voxel addon, similar to my old module but in pure lua. Currently it's just a pile of shitcode I've used to test my chunk storage and mesh generation algorithms. I'm honestly not sure if it will even be in a usable state by the time the compo starts. Is this fair game to use or not? If not, no big deal. I have some other ideas and I'm not sure if the thing I want to use it for is even a good idea for a competition.
Signing up even though I'll have just about 2 weeks to work on the thing
... lol
I'd like to use voxels in mine so It'd be pretty nice if there was an updated one
When will we be able to test out the submitted gamemodes?
Once they're complete. Gmodstore have a handy page which lists them here: Gamemode Competition · gmodstore
Goodluck to all who are entering - last years competition was pretty fun to watch and looking forward to seeing the submissions this year!
Prize pool just surpassed $4,225. Thanks to all our new sponsors in the updated OP.
question, can we post our entries on the steam workshop rather than github?
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