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This section is for help and discussion involving code or game behaviour. If you are experiencing crashes on Windows, include .mdmp files in your report. These can be found next to hl2.exe/srcds.exe. Rules Standard forum rules and board rules apply. Do not bump threads because you are experiencing the same issue - create a new thread, instead. Do not create multiple threads for the same issue. No help or support for malicious activities. No help or support for paid addons, or posting code belonging to one without author permission. Contact the author of the script, instead. You must make a legitimate attempt to solve the issue yourself first, including checking the wiki - no spoon-feeding. Do not make vague reports - post what you have tried and any errors incurred. Lua resources Official Reference Manual (5.1) - This is the version Garry's Mod utilizes. Official Reference Manual (5.3) - Latest version of Lua. Programming in Lua Book Lua Users Tutorial Programming Gems - Sample Book LuaTut Learn X in Y for Lua Learning Lua and GLua GLua resources Official Garry's Mod Wiki Garry's Mod 12 Wiki - Outdated to current version of Garry's Mod but still has some great tutorials. GLua Developer Discord GLua Docs "Why your scripts are now broken" - For updating Garry's Mod 12 scripts. GMod13 File library changes - For updating Garry's Mod 12 scripts. Youtube tutorials: Goature Chessnut SimonovaSKS - SWEPs & modeling Erigitic - Gamemode Scripting Source Engine resources Valve Developer Wiki Source SDK 2013 Source Engine 2007 branch Source Engine Discord
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