• Need help with hud coding
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So i want my hud beable to display hunger at the moment it shows my health and armor and i did that by local health = LocalPlayer():Health() local armor  = LocalPlayer():Armor() cannot find the hunger one anyone suggestions?
https://wiki.darkrp.com/index.php/Functions/Player/Shared/getDarkRPVar I believe hunger is energy
Hunger: local hunger = getDarkRPVar("Energy") Job: local job = getDarkRPVar("job") Salary: local salary = getDarkRPVar("salary") Its pretty simple. Functions/Player/Shared/getDarkRPVar shows you a list of everything darkrp stuff you can get for a hud or anything else. HasGunLicense was before with a capital L, but it is now with a small one. I just noticed they changed it after i showed them that its wrong..so its working now. small l
It's not simple
..it really is...you make DarkRPVar("something") and it gives you what the string says..super simple?
you need to reffer to getDarkRPVar as a player method, not a function
i fixed it guys thanks
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