• Remove *Dead* from chat?
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How would i go about removing/disabling the red *Dead* text in chat without having to make a new chat box?
Like that, i guess hook.Add("OnPlayerChat", "Test", function(ply, str, Team) local tbl = {} if Team then table.insert(tbl, Color(30, 160, 40)) table.insert(tbl, "(TEAM) ") end if IsValid(ply) then table.insert(tbl, ply) else table.insert(tbl, "Console") end table.insert(tbl, Color(255, 255, 255)) table.insert(tbl, ": "..str) chat.AddText(unpack(tbl)) return true end)
Thank you! i did not even think about using OnPlayerChat hook, i was thinking there would be something like sv_showdeatreport to disable it XD
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