• How to restrict server from running scripts on me?
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How to restrict server from sendlua on me using binary modules?
Detour RunString, I think there may be another function as well but you can use the Wiki to find it.
SendLua is server-side only, so I'm gonna say no, but I could be wrong. But why does it matter anyway? Some addons use SendLua to function.
And so does the Sandbox gamemode.
Some bad people want to run 'while true do end' on you. And i am asking how to protect my self from it using binary modules.
Don't go on server where people do that?
Why would you want to be on a server that intentionally crashes their players? Restart the game, join another server and move on. You can't prevent this.
You can't. Unless you're willing to have no clientside lua at all. SendLua / BroadcastLua are used in plenty of legitimate scripts and your attempts to block them would just break your game.
you may be able to detour the usermessage and net receivers so that they are checked for certain strings like "cam.End3D()" or "while true do end" end block em if they do
Thanks! But is there way to track sender of the code? So, if script ran from client - it will not be blocked, but if it ran by server - script will be blocked.
You are still going to break your game if you just block a whole realm of receivers. If you're really having a problem with bad evil villains breaking your game, just don't play on the servers where those people are.
this is my problem to break or not break my game, i want to know how.
test with SendLua("debug.Trace()"), see where it's running from, figure out how to stop it.
So, i blocked it, and my game is not broken. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/313222/838cf789-c313-4caf-a0da-012b44ffae86/image.png
Depends on your definition of broken. Plenty of scripts use those functions legitimately.
This is one of the dumbest threads I've seen. There are a million ways a server can crash you without using SendLua. If you are so scared of bad servers then either make your own or only go on ones you trust. In my almost 4,000 hours of Garry's Mod I've never seen servers intentionally trying to crash people unless they had a shitty back doored addon and even that rarely meant your game crashing.
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