• Looking for partner to startup new DarkRP community
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Hello everyone! I am currently looking to startup a new DarkRP server. But i am gonna need a partner. I will host the server and build a website. Your job is to code the custom jobs, a donator system, and add TDM cars. Donations will go to the server to make it run, and if more earned, we split it 60-40 via paypal. Add me on steam if you wish to here more about this!
So 60% to you for being a part of it?
Why would you get more if you were going to be PARTNERS?
[QUOTE=SatoshiAaron;43114388]Why would you get more if you were going to be PARTNERS?[/QUOTE] Considering all the job is done by the partner.. :v:
I already own a community but could help u with coding.
Then it's not exactly partnership is it...
It's called free labor, and no one's gonna do it for you. I suggest you close this thread and check out [url=coderhire.com]Coderhire[/url] if you actually want someone to make something like this for you. It won't be free.
Your community must be huge if none of your members are lua scripters you can ask for help.
I been apart of a community with a 64/64 server most of the time. Nobody other than the owner and 3 of his friends knew what Derma is :S (Talking my experince on the forums)
Maybe show us some of your work that you've done or list some stuff. That would give us an idea where your at right now.
What he means by 60/40 is that the coder would be 60% :P
tl;dr do everything for me and i get 60%
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