• Hologram Projector STool Idea
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I don't know if this would be possible, but I think it would be really cool to have a STool that spawns a Hologram Projector. The Hologram Projector would have a variety of default images that have the effect of a hologram (including what you see on an existing Camera). The effect actually already exists, you can find it in the Color Tool effects, however it obviously needs to be changed if there's going to be a Hologram Projector. The color of the hologram should also be able to be changed. I think one of the most important things would be to have the ability to add your own images to the Garry's Mod Hologram Projector file, so they would be added to the list of hologram images. I understand how this would be a problem in servers, so the ability to let the admin blacklist an image, or only let some users use the Hologram Projector, should exist if possible. [b]Additional Ideas[/b] -The user should be able to choose if they want to activate the Hologram Projector by pressing the use key, or using a toggle. -This should be able to be welded to the world and other props. -A Projector should be able to have sounds. Possibly even custom sounds. -Projectors should be able to have other props, players, vehicles, entities, etc. be the hologram image. I think this would be useful for many things, but mostly really cool. Constructive criticism and ideas are welcome.
kinda cool idea
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