• Changing the color of a vehicle when spawned
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I found a .VMT command that when used properly, makes only certain parts affected by the color tool. Here is an animated Gif to show what i mean: [IMG]http://img22.mediafire.com/59911c33c61426ec17f31d5cad95d071405f7454c442ddc0a83a9466c9d2b1da5g.jpg[/IMG] So here is my request: I would like it so when you spawn the vehicle entity it is a random color. This is my bad attempt: [code] local Category = "Left 4 Dead" local function HandleRollercoasterAnimation( vehicle, player ) return player:SelectWeightedSequence( ACT_GMOD_SIT_ROLLERCOASTER ) end local V = { // Required information Name = "Pickup truck", Class = "prop_vehicle_jeep", Category = Category, // Optional information Author = "HighVoltage", Information = "Pickup truck from L4D2 made drivable.", Model = "models/props_vehicles/pickup_truck.mdl", // My attempts at changing color (one at a time) Color(0,128,0,255), Color (0,128,0,255), Color = (0,128,0,255), Color = "0,128,0,255", KeyValues = { vehiclescript = "scripts/vehicles/L4D2_pickup_truck.txt" } } list.Set( "Vehicles", "Pickup truck", V ) [/code] I am new to lua but I have some experience in Visual Basic.
Hi! Could you give an example of the vmt command you used?
The .vmt command is $blendtintbybasealpha 1. Here is a simple explanation on how to set it up: [QUOTE=Henry Townshend;26908892]It's super easy. Create an alpha channel in the main texture. Black = not affected by color tool. White = affected by color tool. Grey is in between, but in my opinion it looks ugly if you make it grey. Add $blendtintbybasealpha 1 into all the vmts the model uses (except eyes/pupils/things that use transparency, as they're not affected by the color tool anyway)[/QUOTE]
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