• New Gmod update made Player Models Invisible
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So, now my player models are invisible and I have no idea why, after I updated everybody is invisible and I set it to print out everyones player model and it prints correctly, the files are there and I have no idea what happened.
You're not the only one having the problem. Just wait for another update.
Ahhhh, alright thank you!
Actually, was something changed? because I don't see others really having any issues with their models.
MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for Humans\Group01\Male_01.mdl Is new since the update and almost all the models are invisible
- BUMP -
This seems to be happening with the vanilla Sandbox mode. v13 licks the big one until the next update. I'm off to play GMod9 again *nostalgia** Edit: It's not just the vanilla Sandbox mode, it's actually a lot of draw functions breaking once in a while. Somebody hinted that it has to do with the new software mirror rendering (some depthbuffer crap probably). I just realized that the HUD dissapearing once in a while in TTT is linked to this...
I have to this invisible bug too, it is really annoying, cause i use third person view a lot in the game. But i'm bit relieved, that it's just a update bug, not anything wrong in my game. ps. ''I really hope this is actually a update bug, because i don't know how to fix it... I hope the next update contains a fix to this''
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