• Gamemode now crashes Garry's Mod when loaded up?
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Okay, so I've made a bunch of threads asking for gamemode creation help and all was going well, until Garry's Mod recently updated. Now launching my Gamemode brings up Hl2.exe errors. I tried using an older version and running it on single player as well as on my comm's development server. Both crash everytime and it's rather annoying. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, what's change and how do I fix it? I've created two basic gamemodes so far and only one of them crashes. The other is still perfectly fine.
You need to post your game mode. I can't read minds and see what you wrote.
[quote]how do I fix it?[/quote] Debug it. 0) Go into init.lua and cl_init.lua, turn everything into a comment (add --[ before the start and ]-- at the end.) 1) Load up the gamemode, does it still crash? Yes) You found your problem. No) uncomment the next couple of lines from either init.lua or cl_init.lua (include more stuff), go to step one.
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