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Seeing some of the new threads I think we're in need of some posting guidelines. Since this is a new forum I'd like some community input. Here's what I propose: 1. Content content content. Info and proof-of-concept at the very least. Pictures and videos are preferable. 2. No Gamemode Edits (i.e. DarkDM) unless you have something well-developed and presentable to show. 3. Ideas are fine, just lay them out fully and neatly. If you have nothing to bring to the table (i.e. ideas guy), you should be posting in the requests section - trying to recruit a team to make your idea so you can take credit for it is silly. If anyone has anything to add feel free to share. I'm open to ideas.
What about if someone takes another person's idea? Are we treating it as "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery" or "Intellectual Theft"?
Not sure what would constitute theft. This is stuff the community needs to discuss.
Theft is a hazy thing since it still requires lots of effort to recreate someone else's work. You may be copying someone else to the letter, but it still took your original code to do it, so that's more like competition(even if unethical). Theft to me would be taking released and specific gamemode code to use in your own without permission.
Unless you're flat out copying code or stealing materials/models/maps, it isn't theft. An idea is not physical property, and anyone who gets mad because someone else used their idea is a petty baby who needs to get over themselves. My 2 cents.
Copying is at most stealing intellectual property (i.e, an IDEA.) If you actually write it yourself, and maybe even do a better job, joke's on the person who was copied.
And intellectual property, in the context of gmod gamemodes, is a joke.
Make the thread title relevant to the thread. Preferably the name of your gamemode or a quick description or genre.
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