• I'd like to see a Wave Ddefense gamemode exist..
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Here's how it would work: -A map with at least one enemy spawnpoint, defense objective, and path connecting the spawnpoints and defense objectives is loaded in. -Players spawn near the defense objective. -A 30 second preparation phase starts for players to get ready. -Enemies start spawning, with the amount scaling by +110% (additive, not multiplicative) per player, with enemies getting x150% spawnrate/player scaling. -After all enemies die, there is a 10 second intermission between waves. -Another wave begins, getting progressively stronger and longer. -Every third round is a special round, and every fifth round is a boss round. If the two overlap, it'll only be a boss round. -Boss rounds have different scaling, with health scaling by +110% per player, on top of the x300% per-boss round multiplier. Boss-spawned mooks have round-scaling HP that's the same as the boss, but they don't get player-amount scaling. -There is a shop where you can buy new weapons to slay enemies with, ranging from sawblade guns to fancy laser beams to telemagnetic amplifiers. There's also sidearms, knives (cs:go much?), and even magic abilities that players can use.  Players will have a primary weapon, a sidearm, a knife, and a magic tool. The player can have any 3 spells they want equipped, with one bound to LMB, one bound to RMB, and one bound to Reload. The starting primary is a SMG, the starting sidearm is a 9mm pistol, and the free spell you get at the start is a simple bolt of arcane energy that deals average damage. TL;DR: It's a gamemode where you defend an objective from endless waves of enemies, with scaling wave length and strength, with periodic special rounds and boss rounds, and a shop to buy all sorts of weapons and spells.
Nice idea, I wonder what theme will suit this
The enemies for regular rounds would probably be just generic enemy soldiers, like combine, special forces, etc. Some special round ideas could be angry space marines, speedy penguins, space money-worshipping cultists with cool laser guns and square helmets, and many more stuff. Boss ideas could be Gaben, an edgy Sonic OC, and even a giant death robot with giant laser guns, gauss machineguns, ect.
Something similar was already made a long time ago. It was called Onslaught.
Do any servers still run that gamemode?
Not afaik, it was pretty old. Here is a link for it https://garrysmods.org/download/7943/onslaught-evolved-18zip
I worked on something similar, before I lost it. Warfield
Sounds like zombies, maybe I’ll start a server with onslaught 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
How about https://github.com/Zet0rz/nzombies ? Nazi Zombies remake gamemode?
i know this is pretty old but i am working on something similar to this. Invasion RPG
So.. Zombie Survival?
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