• Speeds any better?
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Speeds have gone up from 100kb/s to almost 2mb/s Though, pages do load slower. Only takes about 30 seconds on my better computer... My older one is a different story. It took nearly 15 minutes to load one page... Fix the long load times and it is winsauce.
Oh my god I can't get any downloads to start.
25 minutes to download a 16 mb file. Normally I get 200 KB/sec down, now I get 20 KB/sec, maybe 30 if I'm lucky. Download stopped altogether multiple times and had to be restarted.
Hmmmmmmmmm, the images load slower but connecting is way faster.
I click on it and if it doesn't load in 5 minutes I give up.
loading pages is slow as shit for me and download links dont work, period. i tried every browser available.
yeah its faster.
Nice job, they're way faster now :D
S3 or Cloud Front + S3?
Prior to the update Searching: Fast Downloading: Fast Rarity of the site fucking me around (errors among other things): Almost never After the update Searching: Ungodly slow - Slow Downloading: Fast Rarity of site fucking me around (errors among other things): Almost every page Basically, gmod.org was near perfection for me before this.
it works now.... just that it went from Never down to ALWAYS DOWN!!!! i cant even view a file. well, search for 1...
Download speed -> Slower Browsing files, getting into them -> Very Slow
Better for me :D Edit: This sucks, i can't download my own file D:
Everything is laggy as hell to me, it takes like, 40 seconds to load up the page.
And some times images are just blank white boxes.
Let's just say the Slowskies would think this slowdown is an upgrade. (See comcast commercials) The site feels like it's worse than dial-up. The thumbnails are even breaking apart! Some time I even get: AccessDeniedAccess DeniedA4A2A2384561762CrmR2+z+9cPMKh9XllB+D05SnmevIhvfMQNxK0x+KjZkuZdPbNcZ58edHei+4fvUS
Ok it's going faster.
I get a HTTP 408/HTTP 409* occasionally, but the downloads are great. * = webpage too busy to respond
Im Australia Too... and now Gmod.org is down [img]http://d2k5.com/sa_emots/emot-argh.gif[/img] [b]EDIT: Its back up AND my net usually goes 150kbps and its going like a third of that amount . its either someone playing CS or... THE SITE!![/b]
The downloads are faster...when you can download. The pages takes hours to load, and some downloads are inaccessible. I've seen people complaining about ads, they can install AdBlockPlus for Firefox, or stop complaining if they are using Internet Explorer. So, please Garry, fix the situation or revert to old system. I know it can take time, but can you give us an estimation, when will you fix that.
going to the pages : slow D: downloading : verry fast :D i cant even see the content or downloaders D: in the miroring time it was even slower but its geting better
lol , my SGA star gate adons had a big erorr lol , in like 1 houre it says i had 682 downloads lol , and i am guessing its due to the mioring but hay it was on first page , feel free to download it , it has gate overloader , ori beam canon , naquadah bomb , draka super weapon , and mutch more , stargate is not need i dont think , check out my other things by clicking on my name , i got the real flechet gun , the one that you would have if you had hl2 ep2 , no ep2 needed , and counter strike weapons , thos that you would have if you had css , but i got no models for them lol soz, feel free to make models and reupload them with you models but give me 20 per cent credits and 30 to valve because i riped out source code :D lol look how speaking about gmod slownes took me to talk about my uploads lol my names on gmod.org are : ningaglio dingusnin (the flechet gun and other stuf talked about in this post)
Brilliantly fast. Thanks.
Garrysmod.org is extremly slow!
Images refuse to load no matter what :/
I'm going to add another web server - should speed things up by the end of the day. (It's down right now)
Yea its now much faster. Thanks.
i cant download from it now. and the thing takes 5 minutes just to get to the download screen then it takes another 20 minutes. so sorry its not faster for me.
What about right now?
ok now its doin ok thanks
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