• How to Use The Advanced GyroPod
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For anyone who doesn't know how to use an Advanced Gyropod, this might help you out a bit. I wrote most of this in-game for a friend, and he suggested I share it on Facepunch. What you'll need: -Garry's Mod -A basic knowledge of Wire -A brain The advanced gyropod is basically a replacement for any other propulsion systems. When you have one placed, you don't need to use any other systems, i.e. thrusters, hoverballs, motors, etc, etc. To use it, you simply spawn one, and weld it to your vehicle with the correct orientation. The positioning *DOES* matter, as it rotates based on that. If you don't have the default model, and spawning one gets you a nice, big, red ERROR, you can spawn any model of your choice, and hit reload ('r') to change it to that model. Once you have one spawned, go ahead and link it to a pod by right-clicking the gyro, and then right clicking the pod. You DO need to have the Toolgun for the advanced gyropod out still to do this. This will allow you to move the gyropod with the mouse when inside the vehicle. However, that is somewhat laggy, the y-axis will be inversed, and it is, in general, unwieldy. If that is the route you choose, the controls will be very touchy. The method I prefer is to spawn gyro, spawn a vehicle, spawn an advanced pod controller, (Under 'Wire, I/O'), and link the pod controller to the vehicle. You may then wire the gyropods outputs to the pod controllers inputs, such as 'moveforward -> mouse1', or 'pitchup -> W'. You can use whatever keys you prefer. (The 'pitch' inputs are on the Z axis, up/down, the 'yaw' inputs will turn to the left or right, and the 'roll inputs will, true to name, roll the gyropod and the entities constrained to it, left or right.) It also helps to wire some of the multipliers to constant values, or other modifiable values, so they differ from the clumsy stock values. You can wire them to an increment/decrement gate (Wire, Gates, Arithemetic, Increment/decrement), wire it's 'A' input to the desired constant value, and wire the increment/decrement inputs to buttons, or keys on your advanced pod controller. To make that even fancier, wire a screen's 'A' input to the gate, and put it somewhere where you will be able to see it inside your vehicle. The pitch and roll multipliers should be very low, around decimals, such as '.01'. Much higher, and your props will spaz when you go to move the ship, due to the increased sensitivity of the gyro. The thrust multiplier is probably best left to default, as much higher will, again, cause the props to spaz out with much higher frequency. And remember to set the weight of the gyropod to something very high. The higher the weight, the more stable your contraption should be. Once all this is done, simly wire the gyropod's 'activated' input to any value equal to one (such as a constant value or button, or the 'active' output on the advanced pod controller',) and when it is activated, entering the pod and pushing any of the wired keys should give you your movement. It is also worth noting that whenever the gyropod is activated, particularly when it weighs a lot, it will nearly entirely cancel gravity, and will almost have the effect of freezing any props constrained to it. I don't recommend parenting the gyro, although with the Super Parent Multi tool, should you decide to do so, it shouldn't remove the gyro's properties. If you have any questions, feel free to post on this thread. No, but really. If you read it, reply. Or I'll find you. =D
i did wonder how to use this cheers man :)
I have an issue with this Gyropod Advanced. When I try to spawn the ship in Adv Dup, it says it failed to create gyropod. The thing detaches itself from the ship and falls to the ground. ??
Update SBEP. From SVN. Look up SVN if you do not know what it is. I have not been in GMod since last update, however, so maybe it broke Gyropod, but SBEP thread doesn't say anything, so you are probably on GLua.net or garrysmod.org. Also failbump.
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